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  1. I’ll take the yellow pike for $25
  2. Last try on these reels before closing $75 picked up all 3.
  3. $30 picked up any reel.
  4. Let’s try 90 for all 3
  5. 57shipped?
  6. 40 and its yours
  7. $100 shipped for all 3
  8. 1.The Mitchell is in the original box and seems to be brand new. $50 2.Penn comes with box and grease and paperwork. $50 3.President Shakespeare $30
  9. Nice , that’s good to know will put them up for sale tonight.
  10. Found a few items at a garage sale and wanted know if there any value to them? Thank you guys.
  11. Offer 60 for the lot .
  12. Can’t say I am a fan of this idea. How one life can be more valuable than another is very hard to comprehend. I once walked over the restricted area of beach in my teen years trying to get access to a spot I really enjoyed fishing. I got surrounded by atleast 8 parks officers. They were all yelling freeze, don’t take another step. I thought I was going to fall in a sink hole or something. Well after the 1hr talk with the officers about the Plovers. I further understood the importance of not walking in the area.
  13. Sounds good. Thank you . Will PM you
  14. Offer $80 for the two poppers