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  1. I can do $25 picked up 33 shipped.
  2. Still left Shimano 5000. $ 35 shipped .
  3. It’s yours, please look at the cosmetics. I’ll pm you.
  4. Not sure which one , bought a few years back and hasn’t been used for two seasons. It probably just needs grease and a cleaning. Spinning fine and anti reverse work. The Shimano is in 100% working order and is smooth like a new reel.
  5. The line on the reels is about $25(both have PP)Thank you for the offer.
  6. Shimano Sedona 5000 and a Okuma Salina 65. The Shimano is in very good condition to like new condition , used a few times. The Okuma works but is in rough condition. take both for 50+5 shipping . Thank you.
  7. Seconds
  8. This guy didn’t have the wrong intention. Everyone can agree Tolls/Gas and waiting on lines for hours suck. So for all the internet shoppers that are jealous they were not the first “I’ll take em”. Have fun waiting on those long lines and put your time in.
  9. Berkley Whiplash looks super interesting.Going to buy some this week. Has it held up for you over time ?
  10. Looking for something around 30lb range with the smallest diameter.
  11. Does anyone have any suggestions for braid that is tough yet has a small diameter. I used maxquattro for a while but don’t like it’s durabillity. I want to keep the diameter small for blackfishing shallow water and off jetties. Any suggestions would be of help. Thank you
  12. Sorry for your loss and cancer seems to take the best of them.
  13. None , daiwa backbay. If your set on it though, mh if your using it for stripers also.
  14. Great gesture and I am in.
  15. Second on swimmers