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  1. Offer $100
  2. Offer $40 on the mullet.
  3. I practice catch and release. Unless I am hungry that night.
  4. Gibbs makes bottle
  5. If I didn’t spend so much on a few GRS I would have . $100 is best I can do . Maybe I can pick them up , I am in queens; how far are you?
  6. Offer $100 on Halloween set. Thank you for considering
  7. He has the right to sell these plugs at the price he values them. If you fish them or don’t is not his issue. We also have the right to make respectful offers. Thank you for considering.
  8. Offer $100 for bottom
  9. Changing spots is not always a good thing. Different tides produce different outcomes. I like to cast out far once arriving if the tide is still moving in, then I work my way in.
  10. Offer $50 for halloween darter.
  11. Thank you. Will hold off for now.
  12. Offer 22 for the bottle
  13. $11 a dozen cleaned. $9 a dozen in shell
  14. I apologize. I am all in at $65. Thank you for your consideration
  15. $65 for chartreuse? Wouldn’t mind trying to fish one.