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  1. Come on seriously, this pass went on sale like a month ago. If you have seen the past you would know this sells out usually in first two days. Good luck next time, fish rockaway instead.
  2. Original package and hooks for darter ?New?
  3. Sad thing is all they had to do is have someone capable of troubleshooting it correct in the first place.
  4. Shimano ultegra FC 2021 is also out, looks sweet. So many options out there again. I have tried a lot of Penn reels and never submerged them but they always get this gearing sounds after a year or two. I am not super hard on my reels but when I tog from the surf I do like to keep them out of those rocks. My Nasci has taken it for 3years but my penn reels don’t make it through a season. Also happened to my Daiwa saltist backbay(that was disappointing at $220 price point). I think I need a workhorse reel that can crank some power.
  5. I have been looking at reviews and a lot of people have similar likes and dislikes about most reels. I would like to see what you would vote to be your best 3000-5000 size reel. I am rating on casting/durability/under pressure and overall performance.$100-$250 price range. I am hearing some great things about the new Penn DX Battle but have not tried one out yet. I would say my Gossa is #1 in that price range.#2 Nasci is just a workhorse and best value for me. #3 Stradic is a great reel and smooth as butter. Thank you for your input.
  6. Sold and closed thank you all
  7. Happy to see someone catching something on a plug that just sat there. Nice Read
  8. Middle village or Howard beach
  9. $37 shipped $28 picked up
  10. $40 shipped Like new to used condition paypal or queens pick up $30cash
  11. Everything is good no cracks and has been stored on a hanger.
  12. Free pick up Queens Ny I will ship for $14.95 jacket hood 7.95
  13. Price drop $100 jacket $30 Patagonia hood
  14. Aquaskinz Nor’easter jacket in great shape. The size is XL and size chart below. Purchased it from tackle direct for about $275 if I recall and not getting any use. I would like to get $120 Patagonia wetsuit hood with tags never used. Size large $35