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  1. Hey SOL, Im headed down to the Bradenton area in May. Ill have the 13th to myself and maybe the morning of the 14th before I head South for a wedding. Looking to see if any one here will be in the area and wants to show me the ropes. I am happy to return the favor up here in MA (Cape Cod, Canal, Martha's Vineyard). I am planning to bring a 7' travel rod with a 4 or 5k reel. Just looking to do some shore fishing and don't want to waste the day looking for fish, besides its more fun with someone else. Don't worry I fish a lot so you wont be tying my knots or untangling line. I also DO NOT vlog/blog/tweet or whatever so no spot burns, if you gopro everything that's also fine with me. I prefer to throw artificials with spin gear. I might have a flyrod if it will fit in my golf bag case. Not opposed to live lining. Not a fan of chunking. Shoot me a message or respond here, Thanks.
  2. Looking to see if anyone has the bottom half of the 10'6" TFO surf rod (blue). I broke the bottom of mine, hoping someone else sent one in for warranty when their top broke and has an extra bottom laying around. Thanks for looking.
  3. Great product, great service, great guy. Ive been throwing his tails for years and love them...Now stop spreading the word on how good they are so its not so damn hard to find my favorite tails on a tackle shop shelf anymore! I had to start ordering direct from him because the shops were always sold out. Couldn't ask for better service or faster shipping.
  4. One of the only times I ever went out without a popper was a mile and a half walk from the truck. We had been getting fish almost every cast when we went out for several weeks on SS darters. This night not a bump until my line got fouled on a hook and I cranked it in as fast as I could on top of the water and got smashed. The rest of the night it was fish every cast while cranking the darters across the surface as fast as we could. I even tried to swim it a few more times throughout the night and nothing. This happened two more times that year in different locations in the middle of the night.
  5. Broke my old 10'6" last week, sending it in for replacement tomorrow. If you can wait a week or two until the new one comes I'll do the trade. You would get a brand new rod in the box. Let me know, I live on cape but get off pretty often.
  6. Did you get a chance to dig yours out? I'm in the market for a pair as well.
  7. If you can find a place to stay near down town Edgartown you can walk to albies in a few spots around the harbor. The lighthouse is a good place to start and usually hold bait/fish. There's a spot burn for the one person that didn't already know that. If you get a spot in Oak Bluffs you could get a shot at them from shore near the ferry pier or new fish pier...I don't recommend casting to albies from the fish pier because they will run your line through the pilings very very quick. If you are in Oak Bluffs swing by Dicks Bait and Tackle, Edgartown go check out Larry's or Coops. They will all steer you in a good direction and you should be able to overhear some decent reports because everyone on the island will be fishing the derby. Bring the family to check out the weigh in at the harbor in Edgartown from 8-10am and 8-10pm. Dogs are welcome. If its a good boating day, especially on the weekends, the best time to see fish is around 8pm. Tight lines
  8. Guys above stole my advise... YouTube John Skinner vids. He does a great job explaining different techniques. The SP minnow is my go to "fish finder" lure. If they are there, they will hit it. Then sometimes I'll switch it up to another plug to see if anything bigger is around. The SP will still catch big fish, my biggest on an SP was 41#. If you have 50# mono on that reel get rid of it. 40-50# braid if perfect. You will gain at least 30 yards on your cast and have an easier time setting hooks and feeling the slightest of bumps. Get a couple tins (shiny metal) deadly dicks, crippled herring, cast masters etc. They are great for blues, albies, and daytime bass. YouTube how to make a leader aka shock leader. Make sure you have a swivel if you are throwing tins or you will have a nightmare of "windknots" due to your main line getting twisted up. Looks like you are fishing a lot of harbors, If they have a good water flow in and out, try the entrance/exit of the harbor. I usually do well about an hour after the high tide when the water and bait starts to flow out. This will create a good place for bigger fish to hang out and wait for their meals. Cast all directions, but most fish will be hanging out on the edge of the rip that forms between the fast water coming out and the slow water. If fishing a beach, look for any change in water. Could be a rip coming off a small point or a submerged rock or even a slight drop off near a sand bar. Any disruption in water creates a potential ambush point for bigger fish. Watch other people fishing, if they are catching watch what they are doing, not just what they are using. Many times it isn't what they are using but the technique they are using. If no one is catching anything, do something different. No sense in having a beach full of people doing the same thing and catching nothing. Many times I have showed up to a beach full of people all doing the same thing and no one catching fish, I walk up and throw something else and immediately start catching fish. Bass fishing in general is better from dusk to dawn. Once its dark slow your retrieve. As long as you have some moving water you can reel as slow as possible. I like to take three casts with one retrieve speed, if no fish i'll take three more with a different speed or with a pause here and there, maybe a twitch. Just don't get stuck fishing the same technique all night if you aren't catching. Don't be afraid to move to another rip or structure close by. Sometimes moving 20 yards makes all the difference. The next two months should start getting good for fishing down your way. Summer is slow. Most importantly don't get discouraged if you don't catch anything, learn from it and you will get better each time you go. Send me a PM, I have some tackle set aside for giving to kids getting into fishing.
  9. I have a 9' Mojo I might trade. Only used it a couple times.
  10. Oh and don't forget to take a leak (not in the suit) just before you head into the water.
  11. I prefer to go all natural in the wet suit, but if I had to wear something I would go with the lycra. I only wear waders now on sandy beaches where I'm only in to my knees at best. Wet suit is much much safer for the rocky areas and gets you to rocks you couldn't get to in waders. A little more of a pain to get in/out but the pros outweigh the cons. I get knocked off rocks all the time and just stand back up and keep going. Try that with waders...once may be all you get. A lightweight, low profile life jacket is a good idea. Even the inflatable ones are great because you don't even know they are there until you need them. on the other hand a regular PFD will help you bob around looking for your secret sunken rock. Footwear I suggest wading boots for rocky areas and dive booties for sandier areas and places that are shorter walks. Only down side to the wading boots is they fill up with sand in sandy areas. Dive booties are miserable walking on rocky beaches for any distance. Cleated Boots are the best. I use an anti-chafe lotion in the ol' crack, really makes a difference. Nothing worse than starting a chafe just as you get to your spot and having to fish all night then make the walk back...especially when you have nothing under the suit. Neoprene hood for chilly nights will hold your body heat in. Neoprene socks will keep the feet much warmer. Get good ones not the cheapo's that fit like a crusty tube sock. Good luck and tight lines.
  12. Leatherback turtle