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    Continuing the search for the last remaining herd of Eastern Wood Buffalo.
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  1. Did anyone note the source of the original graph? It's funny that someone didn't immediately ask, or that it was not referenced in the original post. It's just good practice. Come on, guys....this is how people ended up voting Santos into office!
  2. These are excellent posts, by the way. I've often told people that fishermen and hunters understand rivers, woods and Nature in a way that most people never will. Is there any clear link between these population changes and climate change/global warming? We are going through some unusual shifts in fish population here on the Chesapeake. It's becoming very obvious that southern species are coming north, and are here to stay.
  3. Lumpfish. Longnose gar. Redfin pickerel. Many, many weird things in Florida...cowfish, Bermuda chub, leatherjack, etc
  4. Absolutely a good site, with dedicated members. Unfortunately, the admin appears to be taken over by absentee blumpkins (see above). That won't stop me from putting on my waders, stringing up my new spey rod, and making a fool of myself in the river this winter.
  5. At least now we know what happened to all the stripers...
  6. Bizarre. So it's ultimately controlled by some old Indian-Canadian multinational billionaire dude, who's holdings recently grew to include Toys'R'Us and Blackberry. OK, that makes sense. Wait... No it doesn't. I hate this world!
  7. Is anyone here familiar with the Spey Pages website? The admin seems to be lost in space. I've been "Banned For Life" just by trying to register, accused of being a SPAM engine (?!?). I am caught in a Monty Python skit, sitting on a park bench, bothering random people about salmon fishing and bloody favoritism on obscure websites!
  8. Oh, and one more big, big thing....Strip setting! Strip until your line is flat tight, yank hard with the line hand until you feel the solid bite of the hook, then raise your rod and clear your line. Bang! The race is on! If he bumps it and crunches without a hookset, just keep up the 6-inch stripping, he'll come back. Don't do a "trout set". It's really hard to follow through on this if you're an experienced fisherman, and you get excited. You will have memorable failures. Have fun!
  9. Practice casting. Get a really good pair of sunglasses. Make sure your wading shoes will work properly. You will be scanning the water for endless hours and days, until you're seeing bonefish in your sleep. Seeing and stalking fish are the toughest part. Don't worry too much about flies, but tie up some Veverkas Mantis Shrimp for sure. Watch out for stingrays and stray dogs. And be prepared to make lots and lots of spectacular mistakes!
  10. Dorski: thanks, this is very good information. I will try to get a certificate here as well, for the same reasons. It helps that I work in a biochemistry lab, and have lots of decon experience. Of course, I will need our vet to supervise and sign off on it. I think the DIY ideas for Iceland look difficult only if you have unrealistic dreams of heroic salmon fishing. I'm looking at char rivers, maybe closer to estuaries. Char seem to be taken for granted in Iceland since they are so common, and that might work in our favor (same thing in the Florida Keys with Spanish mackerel...30" rocket fish that were ignored by local guides). However, my brother and I are going to try for at least one shot on a "minor" salmon river, or we couldn't live with ourselves. I' ll tell you one thing...If I spend $3500, I better be fishing right next to Eric Clapton and the rest of Blind Faith.
  11. Thanks everybody (Dorski, your English is better than mine, no worries). At the end of this, at the very least I hope to have learned to Spey cast, and to tie salmon flies. I will probably do both rather awkwardly. I will practice by fishing for shad in the Potomac River this spring, and mumbling Icelandic words to myself.
  12. Yup, DIY is tough to set up in Iceland. It's definitely not Montana, or even the Bahamas, fer chrys sake. But I'm beginning to understand the culture a bit, and the history, so it really does make sense. Anyway, I am talking to lots of "farmers" and flyshops in Iceland these days. Frustrating but really fun.
  13. It's been a while since I've posted, but SOL guys have never let me down in the past. Does anyone have experience in Iceland, especially attempting a DIY flyfishing trip? Any advice is helpful. And no, I can't Spey cast yet.
  14. I just picked up a used (good shape) Van Staal VS200. I'm already in love with this reel, despite possible drag adjustment issues. What rod would you match it with? I figure it deserves a better rod than a St Croix Triumph or Tica , just on general principle, right? I'll mostly be throwing 2-3 oz. topwater plugs off jetties for rockfish, maybe tossing 1-2 oz. Stingsilvers at Spanish mackerel/blues.
  15. Wild brookies from mountain streams are still one of the best reasons to flyfish, and I hate to hear them derided as "easy trout". Maybe they're easy like bonefish: sure, if you can fly to the Bahamas, bump across impossible jungle paths, stalk through razor coral and mangroves to the flats ahead of a thunderstorm, make peace with sharks and stingrays, and then put your Gotcha perfectly in front of a moving shadow at 70 feet...it's quite simple, really.