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  1. At one time I ran my line thru a rag wet with armour all . It def made a difference in casting distance . I don't have to deal with sand but I did have to deal woith the line not holding a knot. I fish a mono leader and albright knot would pull out on braid coated with armour all so I had to add super glue to the leader knot. I had trouble with line breakdown also on fireline only. I fish light weights , 3/8-1/2 and sometimes 3/4 oz so I looked for anything to give me a distance advantage. Braid lasted longer and cast farther but I hated having to superglue my leader knots so I stopped with the armour all. You can also fall victim to a not so tight line wrap when you change your line . After a few long casts or a fight with a fish , the line packs down on the spool causing more drag on the spool lip . I over fill my spool , tie it off to a tree with a swivel and walk off with the bail closed and pull against the drag . That pre packs the line down on the spool and sets it down below the spool lip . A drag burning fish will do the same thing and if you spooled your reel low now you are too low after the fish runs so you can fix that ahead of time by over filling pre packing the line .
  2. I did this several years ago and the number one thing for your tank on threadfins is a good filtering system . I used foam cushion rubber to filter out the poop and scales. When at the lake I would pump fresh water in the tank on the boat and that kept them lively. You have to keep the water clean by filtration or exchange with fresh water or they will die in short order. Gizzard shad are easier to keep and are half as nasty as threadifns and better bait in my opinion for large fish. . The toughest and easiest to keep live bait I used were Red horse suckers. They would live in city water in a bucket and were excellent striper bait because they are very lively . When I got to the lake I would exchange the water in the tank and my pump was on a timer which would add water every 15 minutes and I also had a scupper that would pick up fresh water while I was running and the old water went out an over flow. Check your local laws and if legal Bluegills are also good baits and are a lot easier to keep alive than threadfins As for catching the threadifins , I would approach a school on top and throw a 20ft cast net over them or at a dam net them at retaining walls . Red horse suckers, I cast netted in creeks on shallow shoals and caught bluegills on crickets or with a fly rod. On typing this I know now why I started fishing from shore with plastic swim baits and hair jigs .
  3. 18" to real seat center 1.5" delrin butt cap not included in the 18" measurement . K guides 25 16 8H and 8,s out to the end . I wrapped the blank at the extension with kevlar fly tying thread before epoxying the extension in place with about 5" inside the original blank . I used the 27x system to find the choke point . Carbon fiber tubing for the butt . Hope you have good luck with the rebuild I fish mostly 3/8--3/4 oz swim baits and jigs due to shallow water on the Coosa river system so an extra 70 feet on the 3/4 swim bait was a nice surprise. I use salmon steelhead rods in medium light and 3/8- 1 oz when they are running one turbine . I extend the butts to 16" which will make a 10.6" rod into an 11 foot rod. Just extending the butts on those light rods also makes a big difference in your leverage point and ability to load the blank , which adds distance to the cast.
  4. Stopped using petroleum base grease years ago. Synthetic grease never dries out and has superior roll pressure and wear qualities . You can buy a quart of high quality synthetic oil in 0w-5wt and it works great on level winds , spinning reel pivot points , line roller bearings and you have quite a few years supply of oil . The Super lube suggestion is excellent as well.
  5. I have read quite a few posts about people having to grease carbon fiber drag washers for smooth operation. . if you are having to do that your metal washers are not flat, they have high and low places on them . When you add grease this fills in the low spots on the metal washer. If your metal washers are flat you should be able to run your carbon washers dry with a light film of graphite. I posted a tutorial on here a few years ago on lapping metal washers for smooth drag operation. My two stx 70,s had bad drag adjustment and other than smooth start up . I lapped the metal washers , cleaned the carbon washers and the drag was smooth as silk after doing that . In reference to your question on mixing felt with carbon , if it works smooth with good drag adjustment then go with the idea. It doesn't have to work for anyone else as long as it works for you.
  6. I recently converted a cone of flight build to a k guide set up , extended the butt , moved the reel seat and turned a 10ft 1/2-2oz rod into a 11 ft rod. I am impressed with the difference in casting performance . I built another rod from a blank with the exact set up . These are the old green cabelas IM6 graphite blanks . This was well worth the effort to gain 70ft casting distance . The rods load completely different .I caught a couple 20s last year by reaching fish I could previously not hit. I would never build another cone of flight set up unless I was going to sell it to someone i didn't like
  7. One thing to "not do" is fill in behind the wall with dirt . use #4 slag rock or stone similar regardless if you build with splitface blocks and concrete foundation or the stackable blocks. Dirt will evntually settle and push the wall over. slope behind the first few courses for drainage .
  8. The procyon seemed to be an excellent reel with aluminum body , spool and butter smooth operation , Too bad the spool was too small for my builds. Thanks to Olvart and inshore for posting
  9. That chart is close the procyon 4000 spool measured 50mm dia . I will take a screen shot an save --thanks for posting
  10. Ok thanks for responding
  11. I recently ordered aa procyon 4000 d-c thinking the spool diameter would be the same as a daiwa legalis since it has a 4000H designation spool . Not even close to the same diameter the procyon is much smaller. I was going to try a shimano Ultegra in either 4000 or 5000 . I am looking for a spool diameter around 58mm to stay in touch with two of my 27x builds --thanks in advance
  12. Worked in a chemical research department with a trans person that had the entire make over, tree cut down and the stump split . A really intelligent person . I have actually given this some thought after the person told me they feel trapped in the wrong gender pretty much after puberty hits. It's more of a genetic mix up than a mental issue even though the mind does play a part in the persons idea of who they really are. They also have it rough from friends and sometimes family so it's kinda sad.
  13. I fished red horse suckers quite a bit on back water lakes. They were hardy ,lively and caught fish like crazy. Free lined them on 6lb clear silver thread line on some of these ultra clear water lakes. I would sometimes catch three spotted bass on one sucker .
  14. Nice, big fish little fish medium size fish and a Bigfoot den