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  1. Good morning everyone, I recently saw a picture of a mini bottle plug (less than 5”). I want one, I want to make one for the back bay channels. I’d love to replicate them in resin. Can anyone give me any ideas on how to do this? I don’t have one to replicate and no lathe to create one. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance! ***edit: it was a Gibbs bottle, would love to replicate Gibbs’ line of mini lures that I can’t find anywhere***
  2. Spec on the vapor trail? Color of the blank? Do you have phtos? and finally, price?? sorry for all the questions lol
  3. speed isn't too much of a concern, but i would like to make it in a decent amount of time lol. With the paddling, I could see myself getting tired getting back from the middle of the sound and getting back into a harbor. Never attempted it before because i dont want to get stuck
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone! i'm 6'00" 250. I've been kayaking fishing since I was 12 (13 years now). from the cheapo closed top in the bay snapper fishing to the medium priced sit on top that i have now fishing north and south shore sound and bays. I like my current Field and Stream Eagle Talon 12, I just have a tough time trolling, setting up over structure, and also get fatigued paddling. I'd much rather have the peddles to do all that with.
  5. Okay, so I'm looking to purchase my first Hobie. Mostly want to fish the bays of the north and south shore of Long Island, also the faster moving water near the inlets. Besides that, would want to fish the ocean. Putting the price to the side, which kayak between the pro angler and the outback would be more suited for this use? any and all input is appreciated!!
  6. I'm looking to install an ARB Awning on my 2015 Jeep Patriot. I looked on youtube and a few other websites and was unable to get a good view of how this awning is installed. Also, my Jeep is leased so I cant really alter the physical truck but I do have aftermarket crossbars that can be altered. Anybody think that I would be able to install it on the crossbars or does anyone have any past experience with this awning? Thanks in advance, picture of the awning is below for reference.
  7. saw a bald eagle at connetquot, was the first time seeing one
  8. Yeah it was drying in my shed which is not heated....kinda feel like a moron now lol I'll have to try cleaning the plug prior as well
  9. So I've been spraying a Pikie everyday for the past 3-4 days (1 very very light coat every day and 24 hours between every coat). On my last coat the pair felt dry and didn't smudge and wasn't tacky. I dropped it after spraying it and got **** all over it and thought I could just rinse it off quick and re spray. Well for some reason all the coats washed off including the primer!!!! Any reason why this happened??!!! Using rattle cans of rust oleum
  10. I'll take em Hemi. Can I pick up on Friday?
  11. Hemi would you do $110 for 5th lot?? Also do you happen to know the weights?
  12. Thank you everyone!! Lots of awesome input that's greatly appreciated! I no way am I looking to mass produce for sale lol but I do think I would enjoy building plugs from start to finish rather than just painting them. Again thank you everyone for the input, think I'll go with the HF and see how that goes!!
  13. I want to start turning my own plugs. Been buying pre-turned plugs from Salty's (happy with the product just feel want to make the plug from start to finish). While looking into wood lathes, automatically get swamped with hundreds of options. Right now, I'm thinking about the Craftsman 1/2 hp 12"x16" Midi Lathe or, one from Harbor Freight seeing as I'm just starting out. Read a few bad reviews about a couple Harbor Freight lathes but a majority of reviews were positive. Anyone have any experience with any Harbor Freight lathes? Should I just spend the few extra $$ and go with craftsman?? Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance!!
  14. Respectfully decline. Thank you for the consideration though
  15. Would you take $65 shipped?