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  1. I love watching the sun rise while fishing.
  2. I’m in Thanks - E
  3. I’m in
  4. Count me in thanks!
  5. I still use 2 Penn 550ssgs from time to time; great reel. Easy to take apart, clean, and parts are readily available. Penn reels in general DO NOT like to be spooled close to the lip, and the line lay on the SSG is not the greatest. But, once you get the amount of line dialed in and you are not focused on "perfect" line lay; the reel will perform just fine. What I find helpful is to spool the reel with the drag tight; I have found this helps the initial line lay. Also, after you cast, look down at the reel to ensure there are not loose loops and as a personal preference I manually flip the bail at the end of the cast and pull a little line before I start to retrieve. If all else fails, get a Penn SSVI 4500.....but don't spool it too high!
  6. Forget channel 7, I'm getting my weather from SOL.
  7. I completely agree with the above sentiment and something that I started practicing this year; 1 treble belly hook with crushed barbs. Ill most likely never go back. Benefits include WAY easier/quicker release for you and the fish, less damage to the fish, lower risk of significant injury to me if I did get hooked, no change in "dropped" fish (maybe 3 from the 175 fish I have caught this year), and saving money as you don't have to buy as many hooks. When I was using 2 hooks, the belly hook was always in the stripers mouth, and the back treble was stuck on the side of the fish's face near the gill.
  8. I have found that with continued use, even without chaffed line, the knot starts to get brittle and becomes your weak point. Specially the knot at the lure or clip for me. I tie a leader just long enough that it doesn’t pass through the first guide when casting. That being said a connection knot passed through the guides will only decrease the reliability. I go max 3 trips using the same leader, but my trips are only ~2 hours with a freshwater rinse. Considering the cost of a spool of 30lb mono vs losing a lure/clip or fish, it’s best to change out more often than knot....(see what I did there).
  9. Point Jude is my guess
  10. Fisherman that are disrespecting the shoreline are probably contributors or lurkers to this site. can we request that some ad space on this site be dedicated towards the effort to pick up trash. Maybe include multiple languages.
  11. can you guys exchange phone numbers and take it offline?
  12. When casting sabikis, I cut the sabiki in half (3 hooks) and throw a tiny metal on the end and crush all barbs. Keep tension on the line when you have a strike and you should be ok. Might lose a couple with crushed barbs but makes unhooking the fish (or yourself) easier. Also, when 1 hits, leave it there for a second and reel slowly, the hooked mackerel attracts more mackerel.
  13. Don't Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste. Why they placed restrictions just on Commercial is surprising, thought they would have lumped everyone in. As someone mentioned, they have been cataloging issues and will most likely be expanding restrictions. Not everyone abused the resource, but those who did were young, old, local, outsider, spoke English, didn't speak English, shore, boat, youtuber, SOL'er...... Let me throw a log on the fire out of jest: I feel bad for the "canal guys" who are actually going to have to learn how to fish once recreational fisherman are banned and they can no longer fish in an aquarium.
  14. There is an FAQ on that answers the question: 12. Can I still snag menhaden for bait? Yes, but once you’ve snagged a menhaden (generally using a treble hook), you’ll need to transfer it to a circle hook to be used as bait to target striped bass. Once on a circle hook, you can fish the menhaden by live-lining it or as chunk bait. The technique known as "snag and drop" when you snag a menhaden then immediately live line it on the treble hook is now prohibited.
  15. I am going to guess that they are understaffed and employees are wearing multiple hats and trying their best to keep up with inventory management. They are also most likely getting mixed messages and promises from their wholesalers and distributor networks. I agree that setting expectations would help alleviate frustrations and maybe extend the customer service hotline hours. I ordered from them a couple weeks ago. Everything that was tagged in stock arrived on time, things in the warehouse took 2 weeks. The remaining items (hooks, swivels) were marked as back-ordered and will be shipped within 30 days, and will be cancelled after 30 days. With those items most likely coming from overseas (China) I am not holding my breath. I was only charged for what was delivered. This was my first time ordering from TD.