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  1. When casting sabikis, I cut the sabiki in half (3 hooks) and throw a tiny metal on the end and crush all barbs. Keep tension on the line when you have a strike and you should be ok. Might lose a couple with crushed barbs but makes unhooking the fish (or yourself) easier. Also, when 1 hits, leave it there for a second and reel slowly, the hooked mackerel attracts more mackerel.
  2. Don't Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste. Why they placed restrictions just on Commercial is surprising, thought they would have lumped everyone in. As someone mentioned, they have been cataloging issues and will most likely be expanding restrictions. Not everyone abused the resource, but those who did were young, old, local, outsider, spoke English, didn't speak English, shore, boat, youtuber, SOL'er...... Let me throw a log on the fire out of jest: I feel bad for the "canal guys" who are actually going to have to learn how to fish once recreational fisherman are banned and they can no longer fish in an aquarium.
  3. There is an FAQ on that answers the question: 12. Can I still snag menhaden for bait? Yes, but once you’ve snagged a menhaden (generally using a treble hook), you’ll need to transfer it to a circle hook to be used as bait to target striped bass. Once on a circle hook, you can fish the menhaden by live-lining it or as chunk bait. The technique known as "snag and drop" when you snag a menhaden then immediately live line it on the treble hook is now prohibited.
  4. I am going to guess that they are understaffed and employees are wearing multiple hats and trying their best to keep up with inventory management. They are also most likely getting mixed messages and promises from their wholesalers and distributor networks. I agree that setting expectations would help alleviate frustrations and maybe extend the customer service hotline hours. I ordered from them a couple weeks ago. Everything that was tagged in stock arrived on time, things in the warehouse took 2 weeks. The remaining items (hooks, swivels) were marked as back-ordered and will be shipped within 30 days, and will be cancelled after 30 days. With those items most likely coming from overseas (China) I am not holding my breath. I was only charged for what was delivered. This was my first time ordering from TD.
  5. Trim tab stuck (visual inspection from a dock or under water) or bad trim tab switch (listen to see if the hydraulics are working when you depress the button)
  6. nice work! what kind of plug did you end up grabbing her on?
  7. If you have budget constraints you may also want to consider Daiwa J-Braid.
  8. Just ran into this news story:
  9. Ill take a stab, no pun intended. Red shirt knocked out of work and lands a fish in the canal wearing Building 19 rubber boots, gets hooked while trying to removing plug with pliers that were dangling at his feet, falls in the water from a combination of shock and the pliers being twisted around his ankles, is moving swiftly out the canal, and the only buddy who he is with (who can not swim), decides to cast his plug towards him, hooking his other arm, and reels him back into safety, grabs some painter tape from his shady white van and secures rusty hooks in his arm, Red Shirt then request that before a trip to the clinic is made for some local anesthetic and a tetanus shot, his hair be fixed and a picture must be taken so he can maybe win a new VS or pair of sunglasses, proceeds to find a strong Italian guy to hold up his fish and request his friend who can not swim snap a picture making sure that Striper Cup logo on his shirt is legible...... In all seriousness, I am glad he made it out alive and it wasn't a schoolie.
  10. I too had a run in with the goop. Also saw an article on it
  11. I liked the Joined date on profiles when someone posted.
  12. These kind of stories always make me laugh. The details are what make it. Thanks for sharing.
  13. The open beach doesn't have a ton of structure so I feel that bait (worms, mackerel, clams) produce well as they give off a lot of scent. I have done well with worms and a fish finder rig with a 2 oz pyramid. Will can chime in and provide further guidance and/or links to previous post that he has authored that go into detail about this method. I believe he uses a float 3-4 inches above the hook. There are 2 bait shops Chevy's and Saco Bay Tackle. Chevy's is a phone booth but carries the essentials to chunk (my personal favorite) while Saco Bay Tackle is a traditional tackle store. Both sides of the Jetty produce along with the river and open ocean. Have fun, should be a great weekend. Use Google Maps, Satellite to scope out spots. Don't forget to pick up some circle hooks, as that it the law up there. 5/0 for worms 7-9/0 for bigger bait.
  14. Larry is a favorite of mine. Can't put a number on it, its just a feeling you get.
  15. Shoot me a PM if you need company, I am in the Marblehead area. Thanks for the update!