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  1. You just described every fair in America. My town (Marshfield) has one every August. My wife and I play “find the worst tattoo of the fair” every year while the kids ride.
  2. Dear God, It was a good run but despite your best efforts I’m pretty sure we peaked as a species and unfortunately have reverted into a species no longer worthy of inhabiting your miracle that is Earth. Know that some of us tried but failed and now we awaiti the smiting to begin. sincerely, the human race
  3. I’m such a ginzo I’d rock these way before the hobo shoes.
  4. I was laughing my ass off.
  5. I’m pretty sure those machine are made for adult sized men, no? The power thatcher is much harder on you than the aerator Rocky.
  6. Hobo-chic
  7. I told my Mrs when lockdown started that it would either make us a better couple or make us get a divorce. Glad to say we made it but it was a tad bumpy at times.
  8. Her t shirt is great
  9. I’d love to try growing a few of these seeds if you can’t find 55555’s I’ll pay for shipping and whatnot.
  10. I love me some wild mushrooms but that bottom one could taste like pumpkin pie and I’d never be brave enough to find out
  11. All the kids should just skip the class. A couple of days with no class to teach should do it. Have the students claim it’s nipples are causing anxiety issues of some other pc jibber jabber. Todays world requires you to fight stupid with stupid.
  12. What is this place Chunkah? I think I’m pretty close to you in Marshfield.
  13. It’s what separates the ones you use for the night from the ones that you want to spend time with.
  14. I think the worst, absolutely most unattractive trait a woman can have is to be a shallow c u n *.
  15. Here is a dumb question. We’re you tempted, in the tundra with no one around, to drop a caribou with your rifle by the road on the way back knowing that it wasn’t gonna happen. I’ll be honest and say it would cross my mind. I’d resist but it would definitely cross my mind.
  16. Hey happy birthday boB!
  17. Sorry about your Pop, Snyper. You definitely get a pass for a while.
  18. I have rec lobstered for 40 years starting as a little kid with my dad. 3 pounders are my favorite. One and done and not rubbery if not over cooked. Only problem is not catching many large that aren’t berried up or notched.
  19. Fify
  20. Right. I’ve been wondering what all these jamokes are talking about. Even recs have to have the link tied in
  21. I remember as a kid in Maine we would buy Humpty Dumpty chips. They had oddball flavors like ketchup and dill pickle way before funky flavors were around mainstream America. Always like their plain and bbq flavors though.
  22. Definitely Covid
  23. My kids just made me watch all the marvel movies. They are not my cup of tea but they like them. After watching the video above I’m definitely team Thanos.
  24. So did they say it was Covid that got her?
  25. You could not be more wrong. Jersey lobsters taste like Snooki’s vag.