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  1. I’m guessing the majority of those that are in the senior years of their life would.
  2. Perfectly said but unfortunately it will fall on deaf ears on this board.
  3. Or only 2-3 fish out of 2000 need to be revived. I Like Jason, I’ve fished with him. But that is smoke being blown up your azz.
  4. I’d even venture to say somebody that goes into these fights with super light tackle with the intention of landing a slob to the benefit of only their ego are the worst of the bunch. Let me go torture a fish so I can prove to my Facebook fans that I’m a great angler. Wow impressive. At least I am eating the ones I kill. Those fish are goners and no amount of good wishes is going to make it different.
  5. There is no reason to shut threads down because you don’t like what others opinions may be. Like it or not if you pull on stripers with a sharp pointy object, exhaust it then hold it out of the water while you pull the hook from its face, you are gonna kill some. I’d like to see a commercial and recreational slot 34-38”. I fish for meat and sport and loathe the holier than thou attitude of some of these guys. I see charter capts pounding on these fish day after day and crying on social media about meat fishermen. They’re profiting on dead bass too but the only ones they’re feeding are the crabs.
  6. Bjs in Plymouth used to have the phone app self scan like wegmans has and it was great. Self scan the items using your phone, coupons automatically deducted and just scan the bar code from your phone into the self checkout kiosk. Saved you a good 10 minutes. Even with a person checking your cart against your receipt on the way out they still got rid of it all because people were stealing too much. People just suck.
  7. Not me, let the broad rot there.
  8. So your mom left her 12 yo with a pocket full of cash home alone with a crackhead?
  9. Alcohol may have been involved.
  10. Beat me to it.
  11. Good luck Tom, what’s the target species?
  12. Till you do
  13. I don’t know if it applies but I still think a single man with cats is probably the weirdest thing ever.
  14. Sad that justice was served by another criminal and not the court system
  15. I have to admit I’ve been guilty of eating the leftover tuna baits provided they were of decent size. I like macs, whiting and red hake as long as you cook them fresh.