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  1. Got one last year for my daughter with a custom spiral wrapped jigging rod. It’s a nasty little setup.
  2. Second if this falls through
  3. I’m in thank you, I love fishing books
  4. I’ve done some stupid things in my day. I saw the video it wasn’t his best moment but the kid deserves a second chance.
  5. I’m in thanks
  6. If you’re losing a lure a night due to knot failures the line is not the biggest culprit. Tie a Palomar correctly and any braid will be a chore to break off a snag.
  7. I should also note I’m almost always using a 3-4 foot fluorocarbon leader. The fluoro I use over mono is mostly due to the experience I have fishing for gbft and I really think it ups your odds when going after pelagics in gin clear water. Bass not so much maybe, but I use it anyway.
  8. I think they see it I just don’t think it makes a difference. I think I’ve used every color that is made and I’ve never noticed any difference in strikes. Some people are finicky and if you believe it makes a difference and it puts the odds in your favor then go with whatever you have the most confidence in.
  9. Finally some reason. The picture comment is spot on. I get sick watching these morons snapping six pictures of a schoolie with their van stall in the background just to post online.
  10. Bumping this up as a reminder, the week will go fast
  11. If you are only fishing one rod I don’t see much of a difference. The reason I use the higher visible lines are for trolling so I can make sure lines don’t cross and see the angles in which the baits are running. I also like different colors when bottom fishing so tangles are much easier undone.
  12. I don’t like the idea of government telling me how to fish. I don’t want tags and I see nothing wrong with gaffing a fish that you know will end up as food. Why can’t folks just use that squash between their ears. I use circles but not inlines and very rarely kill a fish that is going back. Don’t gaff a fish that’s close, if you can’t tell if it’s a keeper easily just lip it. If you can’t do something as easy as that then you probably can’t use a gaff anyway. Let’s enforce the laws already on the books and make the fines REALLY hurt. The extra revenue generated can go back for more enforcement, common sense and accountability is dead in this country lately.
  13. CS, well done brother, and congratulations on beating the big c.
  14. Seriously though it sounds like someone’s dog
  15. What does the fox say??? ding ding ding ding da ding