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  1. Send me a plug and I will appreciate you.
  2. Houlton was a big success for my family. Totality was biblical. Wind picked up, darkness overcame the world, birds were acting crazy. When the moment came that you could see the corona without the glasses the whole trip was worth it and my whole family would agree.
  3. Right just scroll on by.
  4. Don’t you have a like forty threads talking about all that expensive gear that supposedly shows the world how much of a better angler you are than the rest of us. Don’t like this thread, leave.
  5. Have fun Ditch, I headed up to NE Maine late last night effen snow and rain all ride. Got about 6 inches left in the yard. Headed more north on Monday where they probably have 14 inches on the ground. Seeing lots of snowmobiles on trailers were people are trying to get one last ride in on a disappointing year
  6. The cpap machine was a Godsend. I get 7-8 great hours now. Before the machine I was lucky to get 4-5 interrupted hours
  7. Every Hamas fighter they kill is one less that hates America and Israel. I feel bad for innocent people dying but they started it. And now its time to pay for it.
  8. I will mind my business and let them take care of theirs.
  9. If the attack that started this war was on American soil, nobody here would say boo about any of this crap.
  10. When you’re the best people will always try to tear you down. Don’t listen to the haters
  11. Trail of ice cream cones ought to do it
  12. Just trade it in and get a honda or a Toyota. Is this really worth your aggravation. Ag doesn’t give a rats ass about your car and neither does hyundai.
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