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  1. After you smoke them, let them rest overnight in the fridge then vacuum seal portions to freeze. After a night defrosting in the fridge they taste like you just did them. They hold up really well but again they don’t last long because they are too delicious to leave alone. I won’t freeze fresh filets but do cook up a few smaller ones on shingled potatoes ala Pops OTW cookbook recipe. That recipe is the bomb and I’ve changed quite a few people’s opinion on eating blue fish.
  2. Wow he was kind of sensitive huh? He understood he was in the tavern, no?
  3. I enjoyed it although my immediate reaction was whoa Tim’s not gonna be happy lol then I quickly screen shot it lol
  4. We get it Scally, blaming the whole church for the guy who touched your pee pee is like hating SOL for letting CnR post. The church has helped millions of people and I don’t like the way they covered up inappropriate an unlawful actions, but condoning burning churches is over the line. More people get help from the catholic charities than I can explain. Grow the **** up or keep your nonsense to yourself. Happy Easter
  5. Everyone loves fish on this Good Friday
  6. The guys is definitely on the spectrum, his range of knowledge is very impressive and I’ve enjoyed his strategy. I hope he beats every jeopardy record.
  7. I don’t know, I kind of like it. I think the darkness sets the mood.
  8. Welcome Tony I liked the joke.
  9. We used to get pheasants all the time in my back yard in South Boston in the eighties back when 1st street used to be miles of tall marsh grass. I have some fond memories of my childhood getting in the wagon and driving to a wma with my pop and shooting a few every Saturday then my mom would turn them into cacciatore. Good stuff but I always wondered why the state spent money on birds that only a few manage to survive winter when the natural grouse population always sucked in Massachusetts.
  10. Not reading all that but can ultimately come to the conclusion that if something is 1. Against mainstream acceptance and practice and 2. Allows Belmo to use it as an excuse to not do physical work then he will extoll his virtue to the world
  11. I smoke mine in a Orion cooker they are done in a hour and 15 minutes and then I sauce and char on my gas Weber. I’ll put them against anybody’s conventional smoker. That Orion is the bomb for ribs and fish. Gonna try smoking eight rainbow trout I butterflied and have in the brine now after I let them dry out
  12. Wait I thought lucky was are token black guy. I’m confused
  13. Hey Jase, thanks for the offer to repost that shrimp and grits recipe but I can definitely find that one. How bout posting the dough recipe for that pizza dough above and I promise I’ll never criticize your use of scallions on anything again.