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  1. No you still suck.
  2. This made me laugh. on.
  3. I’ve never wanted to suck a dick thanks but I have tried cold brew. Like others said it’s a pain and uses way too many grinds but it does make a good iced coffee. I drink way too much and like coffee strong and black so in the event I have some left over it just goes in the fridge.
  4. It uses way too much coffee per pot. Not worth it in my opinion.
  5. I saw a Rogan stand up show In Boston probably 20 years ago. He was really good. I don’t remember many specific parts of that night but I remember laughing my ass off.
  6. I’d vote for the McHaney gent any day.
  7. Good to hear optimism for a change.
  8. My kids are pretty resilient and they seem to be doing okay provided we keep some structure to their daily routine. I love my girls more than anything but I resist the urge to strangle them while I play school teacher every day. I can’t wait till this is over and hordes of children go back and show their teachers how much easier math is when you ditch the common core nonsense. Carry the one If I hear they are going to delay school opening in September I’m not gonna be good with that decision.
  9. It’s bull**** get back to work.
  10. I am a Vintage Penn fan, My favorites are the narrow jigmasters and surfmasters. They are my favorite reels even compared to newer and better conventional reels and I still use them to this day. Some of my reels are over 60 years old and you can still get parts not that you’ll need them often.
  11. It’s the civilian Sporting version. Still in production I believe.
  12. Thanks guys, you all are my cheap therapists. I appreciate it.
  13. When did The Michigan/Minnesota area become the fourth Reich?
  14. Funny memory. My uncle Mario was a tack driver for a marksman..........on targets and small game. Put hair and a white tail on it and it was as safe a baby in a blanket. He would get so excited he’d be spraying the general direction with 30/06 pills from his Browning BAR. Funny thing is he tagged out most years thanks to my pop lol. He never did find a cure for the buck fever but he would sit on a stand until he either froze or someone picked him up.