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  1. If the dog didn’t stop to sh”” we’d have rabbit stew.
  2. Happy Anniversary
  3. Wrong
  4. I’ve been reading it for a couple days now and don’t find that to be the case. I am pro-Trump but I hate my news tainted with opinion. I like it and think guys labeling it as q anon trash haven’t actually checked out their app.
  5. In my search of a decent news app that reports actual news and not spew trash and getting annoyed with Fox and nbc I’ve come to like this OAN network. I know they lean conservative but so far most of the stories seem to be without much opinion injected. Any thoughts?
  6. Just get it done
  7. The teachers unions in Massachusetts are an abomination. Boston just now getting back to school.
  8. Never went to college as my parents were blue collar Italian immigrants and uneducated. Hard work made them property owners and fairly successful. They taught me hard work and smart choices still make this country great. I’ll send my girls to school and pay for it but they will also learn that work is what makes successful people not free handouts.
  9. I told both my girls I’d pay for their college but only if it’s for a valid degree. No way I’m shelling out a half a million for a bullsh”” degree.
  10. Happy Easter! God bless your family.
  11. It kinda looks like mr T. You should name it BA Baracus.
  12. It has chosen you. Just let it in.
  13. Not sure about cavaricci but Girbaud straight pockets were the best. I’d wear them now, most comfortable jean ever
  14. I know a couple of downeast lobster fishermen that swear by crocs because it helps dry out their feet after marinating in deck boots all day. They aren’t my cup of tea but I see the purpose.
  15. Sorry to hear, Hd. My condolences