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  1. I used to put 17 on my 710z. It would hold up and get you some extra distance over the 20. i think it was 17 but could have been 15.
  2. Congratulations HD, it seems like you nailed it bud. I will look to your story as inspiration in patenting as a dysfunctional adult. My little one is graduating kindergarten and my oldest going into 4th grade. Time flies but all the sacrifices are worth it happy Father’s Day
  3. So true, it was good great even, when it was fresh. Leave it on for a month and the memory was terrible. I would change it out every 2-3 weeks when fishing a lot. When you use it for leaders it straightens out good when you pull it tighten and stretch it slightly on a cleat.
  4. You are the man if you are catching 30000 bass a year.
  5. I still use Ande for alot of my leader material. Before braid all my z’s had ande pink. Mono still has it’s place where you want some stretch in the line for its cushion effect. When fishing deep for soft mouthed fish such as haddock, I like a 25 foot leader tied to braid to get the soft cushion while cranking them up. It keeps them attached way better than straight braid while only sacrificing a small amount of sensitivity.
  6. I enjoy eating them but definitely release 85% of my catch. Anything not eaten fresh gets vacuum sealed and never goes to waste. Even the racks get used and turned into lobsters. If you catch and release all the time you are still killing some that feed the crabs. Don’t look down on someone keeping a few for the table because if you fish, you definitely have blood on your hands too. I think it’s much more irresponsible to hammer on a school of smalls when you know that’s all that is going to be caught. I’d argue that guys that do this kill way more fish than the guy fishing big live baits on circle hooks and keeping one for the table.
  7. Not needing to whip out your smart phone to take pictures of schoolies to validate yourself to social media.
  8. Congratulations on the nice new home. It’s gonna feel good pulling into your own driveway after a long day.
  9. Get them every year laying eggs in my lawn. True dinosaurs.
  10. Acadian redfish. They are delicious little guys just be careful of the spines.
  11. I’ll also add that on a very successful bottom fishing trip on the Viking starship my dad and I had filled the cooler with cod, haddock and redfish and decided that we didn’t need any more meat so the galley mate took one of our reds and scaled and gutted it and fried that fish whole. No breading no seasoning other than salt and we ate that fish to the bones, so delicious. It’s one of my favorite memories of fishing with my late father. We had a really successful day and enjoyed the fruits of our labor while still 20 miles offshore.
  12. Sorry I just noticed the black one on the end has the bigger senator holes I’ll offer 20 for the two on the left
  13. I’ll take the two on the left for 20 sorry for confusion. 02050
  14. Fresh fried cod fillets asian ginger and scallion bsb Tie : grilled cajun swordfish pan seared tuna (bft)with mango salsa Honorable mention for fried smelts and calamari
  15. I keep a first gen 9 foot tfo in my truck where my kids bash it around and beat on it on a daily basis and I’m amazed at the durability this rod has shown me. I’ve caught probably 300 fish on it and it never lets me down. Throws sps great up to 3 ounce jigs with no compromise. It is fast but I like it a lot and it doesn’t owe me a penny. I really can’t believe the abuse it has taken and still fishes great whenever I decide to pull over and fire off a few casts