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  1. The more chicks the more nests next year and with them beach access will be gone. I get the feeling we lost a resource for good here and don’t see it coming back anytime soon.
  2. I think that plug is awesome, I for one don’t think plugs are display items and should proudly show the scars they earned doing what Mr Pond originally carved it up to do.
  3. I hate to run in the fog but sometimes you just don’t have a choice. Even with the radar running I don’t feel better till I can see the dock
  4. They are not fun. They roll up in your gear, they fight like a 10 pound sponge and they ruin prime baits. Not fun.
  5. That’s a cat!
  6. Or you could just tell the wife HELL NO they are never coming here again. You will feel better
  7. Sorry Tim, prayers for you and your family will be sent.
  8. This equation only works if you think that there aren’t at least 6 times more 7 pound bass than there is 50 pounders. I’d say that it is closer to 50-100 more 28 inch 7 pound bass to every 50 pounder. 50 28 inch bass produce 25,000,000 eggs combined annually and spread genetics across a broader scale. 1@36 coast wide.
  9. Nice fish bud, congratulations
  10. By that chart it states that recreational anglers are responsible for 9 times the amount of fish killed than commercial fishermen. I believe that recreational anglers are responsible for many many dead bass but 9x......, not so much.
  11. The bars in the chart represent only fish killed in that year. The 48% is based on 9% rec release mortality in the overall number of fish caught in 2017.
  12. The study was performed by Paul Diodati, former Ma fisheries director. I believe the release mortality averaged 8 percent with a large increase in mortality with increased water temperature. Google it. It is a very interesting read.
  13. Sorry I disagree with you is this where you get all huffy and call me a racist?
  14. Thank you both for showing why Massachusetts is the liberal cluster fuq we have today. In past threads i have I suggested a small license increase to fund more enforcement of the laws that are already on the books. What I don’t want is to give more money to a state that doesn’t give me a return value for my increased taxes. I would like to see crack downs on the folks who abuse the system without harassing those that do it right I am not anti tax but to say the government is under funded is ridiculous and false, they are just allocating funds to the wrong places.
  15. I’ve got 3 trees my pop planted a few years before he died, they are fairly grown now but are afflicted by some kind of black growth that I keep cutting off them. I need to research more and try to save them if it’s not too late.