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  1. I click this thread more than the fish threads.... I’m so curious what Bob will think. I know people who love, and others who loathe... I’ll just give you a couple cans to try unless you really want to see the place first.
  2. It’s yours Paul. Thanks. Yea, I’ll be in the area, number is the same. Yours the same as well?
  3. Thank you for the offer, and I realize your travel as well. Small reduction, and I’m going to stay firm at $400. I believe there’s a lot of value here. Thanks - John
  4. Thanks. I have to be in the CC area starting May 19.
  5. I’m outside of Rochester, NY
  6. I’m selling a Jet mini lathe, variable speed, JML 1014VS, together with a Vega midi duplicator, and a passed down set of turning tools. The duplicator has an East End Lu custom diamond tool holder. There’s also some cutters, and centers. All together, no separation please. $430. I’m not looking to ship, so since I’m already bringing a rod I sold to the Cape Cod area, I figured maybe a new plug builder was interested in it, and we could meet up. Happy to answer any questions or provide more pics. - John.
  7. Wow. RIP John. He was always a riot, on many occasions.
  8. Great, thank you. I’ll PM you later this eve.
  9. I’m selling a CMS built Rainshadow SU 1418F spinner. 2 Piece 50/50. Rated 2-6oz. New in 2013, used very lightly for a season, and now it just sits there. I remember trimming an inch or so off the butt. I don’t remember, but it measures 26” to center of reel seat, 11”9 total. I’ll be around upper Cape Cod around May 19. Im throwing in a Tsunami Classic 701H conventional rod. It’s a one piece, 7’0 rod rated 3/4-2 oz, I used it maybe once, like new. I just don’t fish conventional anymore, and figured it would sweeten the deal. I’d like to just bring them with me, and meet up somewhere along rt495, or on Cape. If you’re not in that area and want them shipped, I can see if I have a tube somewhere, and you can pay for shipping. If you’re interested, and want close up pics of anything, I’ll take and send. $150.00 Thanks
  10. Ok. Thanks Dave. You replied first, and since you'll take all of them, they're yours. PM to come in the morn. Thanks again - John
  11. Thanks JD. I'd say it depends on the type of cooking you do. Off the top of my head I'd say a large Chef knife and a good paring knife would round out the above group for speed, efficiency, volume etc... the small chefs knife for me was when I didn't want to wield the big mama, the boning was good for breaking down larger cuts of meat. Santoku for slower more deliberate cutting, and the slicer for turkeys, roasts etc... Everyone is different in the kitchen. It's about comfort, and design also. There is no casein them, but I'll wrap them good for shipping. Thanks again, let me know - John
  12. Will certainly consider Dave. Thanks Highlander1, I see what you mean. I think it's the pic. Here's a shot of it. I see a more subtle one, but it's not as abrupt at the tip, as the pic might seem like. Maybe the light?
  13. For sale: JA Henckles Professional 'S' : - 7" Santoku - 5.5" boning - 6 inch Chef/utility Wüsthof Classic 9" Slicer Various ages, no edge damage, normal use until last 3 years, then none really. I realized I don't cook as much and therefore don't use them. Replacement cost put all 4 over $400. These are for sale for $150
  14. Yeah. The boot size is 3. My boy was 7 when we went away that week.