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  1. For those that Prime and are into good ole Guts/Glory/Country stuff, binge away ! 8 episodes, great plot, not too many actors that most folx are tired of. And it does look like a nice $$$$ production, not your typical lo budget N*tflix crapola
  2. BTW, right now the birds are going insane ! Snappahz ?
  3. https://thesurfersview.com/cams/monmouth-beach/monmouth-beach-embed.php For that last sec check before you head out for out-front launch
  4. Hi/lo+ egg sinker with Gulp worms is a killer, catches pretty much anything out there.
  5. Ospreys are enjoying a very nice revival. Fishing around Amboys this past Sun, there were times when 3 beautiful big birds were in the air by me.
  6. And many folx walk in and say "I saw this Elias guy's fishing vids on 'em tubes and want a kayak just like his, with 'em pedals !" The sales dude lights up a big ear-to-ear grin and sez "Oh, yessir, Elias is indeedy one of Hobies' biggest fans !"
  7. ^^^^ what he sez. Was about to post same advice
  8. 2500 size is new, specifically at req of inshore yak crowd. IPX5 - meaning you can hose these down w/o fear of driving salt/grit into the innards. Momentary shallow submersion should be OK too (?). But, if you drop one into few feet of water as you flip launching into a surf and recover it 10 mins later, the water/salt WILL get in, meaning the reel is caput. Not sure what's a better approach for most of us: buy (4 of) $40 reels and throw them away when/if they are destroyed by salt. Or buy one of these ? My setup is a $20 rod + $40 reel. If I loose one (2 so far, over 5 years), no sweat. Loosing a $150 reel would hurt
  9. Plenty of times, I have see boaters literally chase whales around, staying right on top where they could surface. Snapping pics all along. 0 f**ks given Not sure if that was the case this time, but glad noone was hurt
  10. Yeah, surf would hit the spot for me too . Will wait till beaches are closed .
  11. Ouch, I sez, ouch ! I hope that Elias, having gotten it all out, feels better now. I hope mmiller comes in and does the only thing that is right: apologies on behalf. I will certainly get misty eyed observing that kumbayah here. How will kross react to all of that, knows only kross
  12. For all the bad weather we've had, these 3 days starting to lookup spect-a-culah here around Nu Yok/ Nu Joyzee. Should know more by mid-week, but who is rollin how ?
  13. Damn, son ! Elias on a "do not do business with” list ?!!?!?! The cat who is, de-facto, the face of Hobie fishing on youtubes ? A very worrying sign of a deeply personal vendetta. They better make him happy and soon, I see him switching vendors as soon as first viable alternative becomes available... lots of pentup hurt I sense
  14. IIRC, H*** felt that Elias was operating recreational kayak in a commercial fleet capacity - ie w wear and tear that it was not designed for. So they excersized their right to decline unwritten wty. Yes, may be, but still not smart, as they got $$$$$ of free product promotions out of Elias' vids. PWPF methinks. I'd bend over backwards to keep that cat happy and have the happiness show in em vids. more $ales ! As with many privately held Cos, they are treating these cases way too personally. On the other side, it is this personal involvement that produces gems like MD in the first place. But, the field is getting more crowded, so there might HAVE to be changes.