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  1. There is fog and there's the phenomenon we observed this past Sun in the Raritan bay. Wuz like milk, toward half&half consistency. Boaters were on their better behavior. When fog got the thickest, they wisely and completely disappeared. Thank god you could kind of see the sun, that's how I managed to avoid sailing toward Portugal and came back to launch point . Even sound that normally carries far over water, was muted.
  2. On use of Hobie MD: yes it fits and yes it works 100% (watch Aliex on tubes). Speed difference between Pelicans' "own" drive and MD180 is negligible IMEO (.4 miles ) . You're not gonna gun that thing for more than 5 secs - only if challenged by a Hobie owner to a race. For me, 2 minor annoyances. #1 - lack of larger rectangular hatch. But, it looks like the ridge behind the seat could accommodate such hatch ? That's where I store my batteries - being low, they improve stability and remain dry. #2 cart scupper holes. I am so used to flipping me PA14 onto its side, inserting the cart and I am off to the races. But, it seems I am the only guy that never had any issues with scupper holes developing cracks etc. Potentially a very big plus: the modular drive plug system. If somehow it could be made to accommodate BOTH the drive AND a common size 30# thrust trolling motor head, be yuuuge! While on it, does Watersnake ASP fit through that opening (the only motor that fits through Hobie's own MD opening, w/o any fuss) ? Bottom line: if (when) me 5YO PA14 quits on me, will be a hard choice between $2K Compass and $1500 Pelican. As I age, PA12/PA14 will probably be out of consideration.
  3. google weather, works in any browser - gives you wind speed/dir. Good nuff for me. "I lost u ... to the summer wind"
  4. Read my seminal treatises on LiFePo4 U1-12RT is what you want. $130-ish (delivered) going price ATM. After you get it, coat the exterior w/ some water sealant along the seams.
  5. So over the years, been enjoying me PA14. Ole girl is showing signs of wear - scratches on the bottom, minor enough where I am not worried about structural integrity thereof. But, if there's a ThingOMagic product, thin uber-slick/tough ultra-adhesion patches, that I could apply to the areas with most wear, that would probably be a good Xmas present for her. Something like 6x48 long, 1/8 thick, that I could apply to bottom "contact" part of the longitudinal bulges. I am sure I can score proper plastic @ McMaster etc, but what glue ? Anyone done anything like it ? I'd start with a small test patch and if that holds, do the rest
  6. The retractable rudder is not dissimilar to what I have in me PA14, it too, retracts it in between the cheeks , albeit the crack is much wider/curvier.
  7. Was not AT ALL established that having the cart, upside down in the scupper holes, is what caused the failure. The uprights would not contact the scupper tube in the middle (where the rupture is seen) like that.
  8. re-watched Catch 130 from the show (Elias, Field etc). The bathtub/deck cavity is simply gigantic and completely exposed. They better do something about it in final version, or you wont be able to launch in any kind of surf in it. First wave that goes over the bow will dump 30+ gallons of water into the bathtub and boom, u r done.
  9. I am sure they got the $$$$$$ backing. The indiego is there so that the man who will write the check, knows there's a market for it
  10. Wonder if standard Hobie-issued MD fits the opening ? Fin war is heating up, em spring run stripers will be very confused methinks. I do like the flared bow and do NOT like sewage-infused spray in me face. Anyway, when and if me ole PA14 decides it had it, I will have me some choices !
  11. I aint changing a thing ..sticking with hobie cart and wheelez (+ collars). 5 years of use, with heaviest kayak out there, 0 issues. IMO, u r much more likely to damage your kayak when saddle-type cart gets away from you on a concrete ramp etc.
  12. Some range ! What would happen when whatever propulsion means you choose, break when you're out and 10miles away from launch ?
  13. If it is only matter of range (ie motorized propulsion ), look into Bixpy (rudder-mounted or mounted through MD opening), Torqeedo or DIY trolling motor.
  14. Techbargains has a link, so prolly do most other "deal sharing" sites https://amzn.to/2QTDj2U
  15. Not much of "discussion" so far, more of a sermon. Example: every now and then I get weak and start thinking about getting a boat. I am kind of guy that likes metalworking, does maintenance on cars etc. So I go to utube to find out what typical outboard maintenance to expect. Find a dude out of NZ. Just a wealth of info, tons of tips... he does like 30m vids on separating lower end etc. So I decide to share it. EDITED OUT There were other cases, kayak stuff IIRC. Robert F1elds I think. Pr0f Salt - the GUY when it comes to rigs fishing in Gulf. R0kk1t Kit out of Oz, who fishes bay of Sidney. Sublime footage. G*d forbid he gets an extra subscriber out of NJ, cant have that ! Have to realize that folx out there, that put their time and money into making vids, are frequently sponsored by "NAME_YOUR_FISHING_GEAR_MAKER" - w logos splashed across the screen in opening seconds. Instantly disqualifies all of this content. Other vids have , OH HORROR, links to "partner" listings on Amazon, cause everyone surely needs to buy that same rod/lure to catch same size fish. Instantly disqualifies all of that content. more or less 99% of youtube vids cant be shared because of this "rule". Needs to change