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  1. So over the years, been enjoying me PA14. Ole girl is showing signs of wear - scratches on the bottom, minor enough where I am not worried about structural integrity thereof. But, if there's a ThingOMagic product, thin uber-slick/tough ultra-adhesion patches, that I could apply to the areas with most wear, that would probably be a good Xmas present for her. Something like 6x48 long, 1/8 thick, that I could apply to bottom "contact" part of the longitudinal bulges. I am sure I can score proper plastic @ McMaster etc, but what glue ? Anyone done anything like it ? I'd start with a small test patch and if that holds, do the rest
  2. The retractable rudder is not dissimilar to what I have in me PA14, it too, retracts it in between the cheeks , albeit the crack is much wider/curvier.
  3. Was not AT ALL established that having the cart, upside down in the scupper holes, is what caused the failure. The uprights would not contact the scupper tube in the middle (where the rupture is seen) like that.
  4. re-watched Catch 130 from the show (Elias, Field etc). The bathtub/deck cavity is simply gigantic and completely exposed. They better do something about it in final version, or you wont be able to launch in any kind of surf in it. First wave that goes over the bow will dump 30+ gallons of water into the bathtub and boom, u r done.
  5. I am sure they got the $$$$$$ backing. The indiego is there so that the man who will write the check, knows there's a market for it
  6. Wonder if standard Hobie-issued MD fits the opening ? Fin war is heating up, em spring run stripers will be very confused methinks. I do like the flared bow and do NOT like sewage-infused spray in me face. Anyway, when and if me ole PA14 decides it had it, I will have me some choices !
  7. I aint changing a thing ..sticking with hobie cart and wheelez (+ collars). 5 years of use, with heaviest kayak out there, 0 issues. IMO, u r much more likely to damage your kayak when saddle-type cart gets away from you on a concrete ramp etc.
  8. Some range ! What would happen when whatever propulsion means you choose, break when you're out and 10miles away from launch ?
  9. If it is only matter of range (ie motorized propulsion ), look into Bixpy (rudder-mounted or mounted through MD opening), Torqeedo or DIY trolling motor.
  10. Techbargains has a link, so prolly do most other "deal sharing" sites https://amzn.to/2QTDj2U
  11. Not much of "discussion" so far, more of a sermon. Example: every now and then I get weak and start thinking about getting a boat. I am kind of guy that likes metalworking, does maintenance on cars etc. So I go to utube to find out what typical outboard maintenance to expect. Find a dude out of NZ. Just a wealth of info, tons of tips... he does like 30m vids on separating lower end etc. So I decide to share it. EDITED OUT There were other cases, kayak stuff IIRC. Robert F1elds I think. Pr0f Salt - the GUY when it comes to rigs fishing in Gulf. R0kk1t Kit out of Oz, who fishes bay of Sidney. Sublime footage. G*d forbid he gets an extra subscriber out of NJ, cant have that ! Have to realize that folx out there, that put their time and money into making vids, are frequently sponsored by "NAME_YOUR_FISHING_GEAR_MAKER" - w logos splashed across the screen in opening seconds. Instantly disqualifies all of this content. Other vids have , OH HORROR, links to "partner" listings on Amazon, cause everyone surely needs to buy that same rod/lure to catch same size fish. Instantly disqualifies all of that content. more or less 99% of youtube vids cant be shared because of this "rule". Needs to change
  12. Wink wink wink On a serious note, I hope I didnt have to do the kabuki dance just to share a safety vid from a dude 10,000 miles away with fellow forum members. ANY of utube vids could be construed as advertising, as they inevitably feature some kind of man made doodads. Clothes, shoes, hats, kayaks, paddles, etc Or viewed as a thin veiled attempt to get folx to sub to the video's uploader channel. There're true gems of knowledge on youtube, full of highly educational and free content, but we cant share those, had my posts edited since I dared to point to such channels. One was a dude in Oz that has lots of outboard repair stuff. Ouch ! I am always careful with product PSA when a good deal is on, never a direct link to product, as those could be partner links and I want to make sure folx know I am not making a penny there. So I only provide product name, ppl have to search for product and hope the right listing comes up and is selected.
  13. On utubes, search for "Fishing Kayak Surf Brace Roll Recover". This is coming back, filmed from the beach. Has to be the craziest one I've ever seen. I dont understand why they (mods) police utube links so hard, but since this one is from Oz, hope they let it be since noone is making or loosing $.01 on it. Cat has tons of surf launch educational stuff as well. As in surf surf, good good. While Prof Salt does it out in the Gulf, Oz surf is much crazier
  14. Lets discuss the trolling motors. The bees knees are the RC brushless motors, optionally coupled to reducing gear box. Simply insane amt of torque, extremely well proven through years of RC models - both the motors and the controllers, very small in size. 2 designs have emerged: one is Torqeedo, with planetary gear reduction box, driving a largish, very aggressive high pitch custom prop, max RPM about 1500 (~$1500, includes fancy throttle controller w/ display, battery). The baby 403 size develops about 30lb of thrust (?) #2: thruster type, direct drive of a small turbine inside of a shroud - Bixpy, ~$1000 (battery + wrist mounted wireless controller). These rev much higher, probably north of 15K, so no need for gear box, can be driven directly by the motor. ~20lb of thrust - mostly limited due to self-imposed size limit and safety considerations (these same propulsion units could be used for diving). I hope that an enterprising type in China sees an opportunity here and gives us something like a barebone propulsion kit, Torqeedo style head (motor + planetary gear) with your choice of shaft length (say 1" OD in 18" and 24"), separate (not shaft-mounted) sealed ESC controller, your choice of props: 2 or 3 blade, with say 3-4 pcs included in the kit. Or do a thruster-type head instead. May be 35-40lb of thrust You'd use your own battery with it (most RC motors are very voltage friendly, anything from 6v on to 24v+). Be probably $50 in parts, sell it for $200. Design it so that shaft seal is user-replaceable. Heck, may be even the motor - but those are practically eternal, no brushes to replace. These would sell like hot cakes, world-wide. Aliexpress !
  15. No bait no wait