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  1. I scored a "native" charger - one that was used along with the U112rt in whatever setup (med cart ?) that ebay seller disassembled I think dumber the charger the better, as brains in charger might interfere w brains of built-in BMS - as in result in less-than optimal charging. My charger starts at about 15A of charge current. Drops downs to 5ma when fully charged. I keep battery attached to the charger for a day or two, it helps the built-in BMS to balance the cells. For me, I might fish 2 days, back to back, so it is important I can fully recharge 2 batts overnite, so more powerful charger helps
  2. Cat is german ... disregard his advice. I have been using U1-12Rt for 5 years now ... u r overthinking it 100x
  3. Spot burning ? I kid ! Would a side-scanning transducer fit the lowrance-ready cavity I wonder ? If so, TimS sez get a side-scanning unit ... something like that
  4. The circuit (BMS) is already inside of the battery. It takes care of balancing the cells, amongst other things. All you need is a $20 charger and u'r all set.
  5. U need at least 14v floating charger, through the terminals (cells go up to 3.4V per, freshy charged battery will show close to 14V) . Below top cover is a very advanced circuitry that manages the charge/discharge and much more. The other connectors do NOT give you direct individual access to 4 cell packs. And you dont really need it. But, below the cover, there IS a separate balancing connector .
  6. At some point my old FF will quit, so good to know my options And to benefit from SS, a larger screen is a must. Anyway, was watching a utube vid and they were testing a FF. This one actually builds its own contour map as it scans surrounding terrain
  7. ^^^ and watch your luv handles disappear
  8. In what way is the info more helpful, compared to traditional downscans ? I guess it shows more of what's around, as it scans to the sides ? How "wide" to the sides does it see ?
  9. lookup my old post on subj
  10. On tubes Cat got a free one from maker, to review For his style of fishing, a no go . Too heavy and much harder on legs compared to Mirage Drive
  11. most mysterious development indeed.
  12. U dunno whatcha missin' Wouldnt swap me $20 Cherrywoods for ANY other rod, even if it wuz free. Super light, strong and durable. No inserts. 7' has the footage and backbone for me to guide biggins around the 14' kayak when I need to. Growing up, I did fish with line spooled on piece of wood
  13. I had a heck of a deal on it 6 years ago , still going strong. TBT, when it quits on me, I'd be hard pressed to find a better replacement than PA14 ... yeah, extra weight == extra sweat, but she's a heck of a fishin platform
  14. Cherrywoods come in both 2 and 1 pc designs, model numbers end with "02" and "01". Since I have PA14, I can easily carry the rods in PA's built-in tubular rod holders. They also fit inside of my Passat. 1pc is much stronger compared to 2pc design.
  15. That it was ! Better be, cause it will be one heck of ER bill, even w/ insurance and all. They sought about calling plastic-surgeon-on-call at some time ($$$$$$), but I stopped that. Even the GSW specialist couldnt locate it for a while, thought about leaving it there so that body would expel it - something they do with bullet fragments a lot, but I kept pressing till they found it. Be a whole lotta expeeling, it was 1" long fragment of 1/16+ spike. Though of irrigating a festering puss puddle for few weeks ... didnt appeal to me I usually keep the catch on LH of the boat, but bring them in on RH. Technique of bringing fish onto the boat been pretty foolproof, till now that is . 99% of fish is released, I unhook while it is still in the water. But we like our stripes, cat and dog and rest of the family and the neighbors She pushed off the side as I was sliding her over, went airborne, flipped in mid-air and coudn't have executed that better.