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  1. Like I wrote in me seminal posts, the shaft HAS to be sealed. Shove in a piece of (puck-shaped with radial cut for wires) foam, then put good sealant (marine goop etc) on top of that. Otherwise, random drop or a turtle will kill it more or less instantly. Very unlikely water got in through the seals, industry had figured out how to seal these a long time ago. 99.9% these are vacuum tested at the factory, takes seconds (same way they test intake/exhaust valves for seal after rebuild etc). I'd be still on my original watersnake, pushing 6 years of service, if not for unfortunate shaft shearing off, running into a submerged rock in WLIS. She went for a swim few times ... never any issues. Through-MD-placement has a number of benefits. Ez to untangle when a fishing line wraps around the shaft. Incredible maneuverability - as prop throws water back at the rudder, meaning rudder is immediately effective even when boat is not yet moving. Stealth is another benefit . Only drawback - cant use both the motor and the MD at the same time.
  2. Lookup me old posts, I documented the whole thing ... way back when
  3. Been using watersnake through MD opening for 5 years now, on me PA14. 0 issues, most highly recommended. $120. Puzzled looks I got from folx that are perplexed just what is moving me boat - priceless. ONLY inexpensive motor that fits through MD w/o having to do any complicated turning/angling/shaft unlocking. Very reliable and 0 maintenance. Should you hit an obstacle while steaming at full speed, the shaft will shear off, 0 damage to the kayak (dont ask how I know). That will nick you for whopping $120. Pair the motor with U1-12RT lifepo4 and never look back
  4. may be something in the way EV pedals . dunno. But Hobie dont mind, even if they have to provide life-time supply of em outbacks to him, replacing every 1-2 years, due to social clout cat wields. For every $1 they loose sending another replacement hull, they make $100 in free advertising he provides. So everybody wins here, 'cept h@ters. Those always gonna h@te, it seems
  5. Welcome to the club. Mine are all from HF: Mini mill (changed to belt-drive DC motor) Mini lathe (extended the bed) Larger mill (S3) (added DIY 3axis DRO) 9x20 lathe (changed to var speed DC motor) You seem like kind of guy that would enjoy "Bedside machinist" series :), for starters. And of course utubes have all you ever wanted to know. You will know you're good when warmth of your hands affects how things you make, fit Meaning you're in 2-5 "tens" area Grizzly is another good source to keep in mind.
  6. To reiterate: - ONLY switch that would last (sure did me for , for ~5 years now) is MinnKota rotary switch. Completely sealed, rated for high currents. This one has ability to support multi-speed on multi-coil motors (Watersnake included) and F/Reverse - ALL OTHER switches , especially stock ones on Watersnake, will quit very quickly, esp after any water gets in. Now, replacement cost is very low and these are spade-connected, so no soldering required. Meaning you can replace these in minutes. But, you will be replacing these a LOT. When you try to break an inductive load circuit that is carrying 20-30A of current, things will happen that are very detrimental to life of contact surfaces inside of whatever switch that is used. I install watersnake through Hobie MD opening. Having to constantly lean forward (and back) to change speed/direction is not an option. So I completely chopped off the control head and make my own from a $5 Lowes plastic enclosure + MinnKota rotary switch. This new control unit is right by my RH. Another upside - the deck is very clean. About 4" of waternake's shaft protrudes above the deck, just enough to keep the opening safely above water level.
  7. me likes fishing. reading decimal points, adjusting for ambient or keeping meter's nist certification current - not so much.
  8. Elias used to guide in those coordinates, way back then, look at his old vids.
  9. is all fun and games till em frogmen have to jump from USCG chopper to save the day. Can one sink a broken yak to get a reef goin?
  10. I'd lock dis one, if not for therapeutic value. Em Brooklyn cats .. takin it to whole new level
  11. Anybody targeted these yet ? Apparently there's an early and substantial run this year ?
  12. They sell these patches that adhere to anything, including wet (!) plastic (!). Could save the day if crack is small and easily accessible. May be even jump overboard and apply it from outside ? Or beach on nearby dry land (WLIS) and apply it there
  13. Albies called, em aint comin' this year, stand no chance with this bullet of a vessel. Wonder if there's some kind of back support available for these
  14. Cat's a homie whos livin every man's dream - pursuing his passion. Took it to whole new level after he moved outta NYC and into NC. He still visits old stompin grounds, esp RB in early spring, for that striper run that's unlike any other. Some say he couldnt take the abuse that he was gettin for "burning spots" etc. Rumor has it his truck was vandalized in one of seedier locations. He seem to have developed a small posse at new coordinates, albeit they stay outta frame in most of his vids. Storied history w Hobie kayaks. If I were Hobie, I'd stock a pair of OB at a local self-storage place that is closest to his current coordinates, so when (notice I didnt say "if") one he presently owns, cracks, he gets a new one in 1-2 hrs Heck, swap it right at the beach when he comes in, water sloshing in the hull & all
  15. Crickets on the spot so far. MD lock point ? Drain plugs sabotage by locals that are tired seeing a yankee catching all that fish and/or cant stand those white sunglasses ? Suspense is killin me. To forgo the convenience of scupper hole cart and still spring a leak, thats just cruel.