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  1. Highly recommended to carry sock anchor w u. Cheap, light, takes almost no space. But might save the day during a windy outing, both as a safety measure and a way to slow down wind-induced drift when fluking etc.
  2. HOI has a dedicated following on utubes. A few video crews shoot and upload seemingly daily footage that some might find mildly entertaining. 4K and all. Bow stuffing, broken limbs and backs, ppl going overboard, equipment losses, kids in the front of the boat w/o life preservers on, etc. Also, few local legends that navigate the inlet in 14 foot boats, confident & unscathed, mostly, while 40'+ megamillion boats get tossed around like $5 plastic toys.
  3. Motor-equipped kayaks seem to outnumber the padding/peddling variety, based on what I see on the water. Most of us got into trolling motors to save wear/tear on ole joints, be able to cover more ground, spend less time getting to fishing spot, all valid reasons. One does need a bit of mental discipline to not wrap the fishing line around prop. This might mess up motor seals - a non-warranty event, potentially very expensive. After hooking a powerful fish, you might need to maneuver the kayak (and having hands-free propulsion is key here) and/or use longer/stiffer rod to maneuver the line around bow/stern.
  4. crash 'em barbs !
  5. 53f water temps (raritan bay) yesterday, 85F weather forecast for today.
  6. 2x4 10 footers alone are like $90 in todays prices !
  7. The TX freeze took out lots of resins/plastic supply, adding insult to injury. The just-in-time-delivery mantra (no warehousing of anything) didnt help either
  8. I had motorized my PA14, DIY, about 6 years ago and use the system to this day. Look at my old posts for everything you ever wanted to know. Watersnake ASP T24, LiFePo4 batteries The other alternative is Torqeedo. About 4-3x the price compared to DIY, but you do see more and more of them on the water these days. No matter the tech, since use of legs is out of question, you might as well consider the version that installs through the Mirage drive opening. Much easier to service while on the water, should you need to remove debris wrapped around the prop - thats the #1 reason Torqeedos get damaged, due to damaged shaft seal and water intake. Non-wty event, bocu $$$ and much wait time.
  9. Time is ripe for "How big is that fish really ?" app. Use AI, ML etc etc to render a trustworthy verdict
  10. As a general advice, it is often easier to PUSH the kayak forward, then to pull it. Lean into it, having a sizeable gut helps
  11. Been doing it for years. VW Passat and PA14 (!) in my case, 0 issues, 40+ MPG with kayak atop (she's a diesel). The bars are super handy for transporting other things - few sheets of drywall, plywood, trim packs. My record was 5 doors . Get oversized bars, will thank me later
  12. He will simply address the nation one eve and say that he tried, but nature's taking its course lil bit too soon, so w nation's best interests in mind and since USoA deserves Prez who is 100%, he HAS to ... etc etc. Like what Yeltsin did in Russia a long while back And all they need to trigger that is let him have a presser or 2. Helps that he has a Dr. by his side 7x24, to nudge him if needed.
  13. Yeah,this is the ultimate in powAH That's how I started, with 4 x 100AH LiFePo4, albeit mine were prismatics. Loose modules are easier to distribute around the inside of the hull . But remember, these are just loose modules, so you need a BMS,at the very least to prevent the overdischarge (however unlikely with this massive capacity, assuming u do go out fully charged) and protect from short circuit (and going with a resettable fuse wont save too much money over propAH BMS).
  14. ^^^^ this here. And shall end up w/ neither. SCOTUS ruling that only in-person votes are to be counted, will give Dems a fair chance in 4y. Allowing what has happened, to stand and become future norm, wont give Reps another chance, ever.