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  1. Managed to get out for a few hours before work. Topwater bite was excellent, caught about a half dozen decent fish on my small popper
  2. Some poppers my buddy requested and some 3in swimmers for the green bass and lake snakes
  3. that just looks amazing, awesome work sir
  4. was just doing a search to see if anyone's used this. I have and it does dry crystal clear, the only problems I'm having with it is that it eats through the paint if I don't put a coat of clear spray on first. If anyone else has tried it, what do you do to avoid this problem? I love not having to wait 48hrs for baits to cure on the spinner
  5. I figured this would be a good place to put some freshwater types up
  6. Thecrazyhick

    Popper Porn

  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Charleston Wow! Those plugs are that far along and they are not through drilled yet? I absolutely loathe thru-drilling. Besides, these are only 3 1/4" long and are for freshwater. I'm actually considering getting rid of all my wire and just screw eyes from now on
  8. Yea, it's less of a pop and more of a spray that I get with these. I just use a drum sander attached to the lathe and go from there. Took a bit to get a consistent face that didn't bite too much water
  9. A couple of new slope-headed swimmers just off the spinner
  10. Those Jitterbugs look awesome. How big do they come in at?
  11. some new swimmers getting ready for their sealing bath
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