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  1. I just got a book yesterday, printed in 1969 I believe, and written by Al Reinfelder. It's called Bait Tail Fishing. In the book, Al claims that he invented the lure with the aid of someone else. The book looks to be interesting and informative as far as jig fishing is concerned but I thought I read an article in The Fisherman just a couple of months ago where this guy Bingle claims he came up with the lure in Sheepshead Bay many years ago......whats up????? Was there a "true" inventor of this lure?? I mean after all, it is just a eel like tail on a jig head.......anyone???
  2. Which is better? see the First Timer post for the specifics about the kind of fishing I'm gonna do...just curious because I've gotten conflicting opinions.....
  3. Spoken like a true jealous bitter and ignorant communist .... I pledge allegiance to the flag Of the United States of America And to the Republic for which it stands One nation Under GOD With Liberty and Justice For all ... Get over it ....
  4. You have A LOT to learn [@]WoodyC[/@] probably think the so called 1% are making a claim to something you think YOU are entitled to. That they "control" 90% of the wealth. Well the so called 1% control 100% of THEIR OWN WEALTH and you don't like that they have more than you do. Cut the jealous BS and "tea bagging" name calling .. grow up ..
  5. All this stress caused by nothing more than unnecessary and over reaching GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION ...
  6. Striper Surf by Frank Daignault ... excellent ... the "bible" ...imho of course ...
  7. I remember once my buddy Chris relaying a story about a garbage reel ... the Quantum Blue Runner ... apparently he ahd just bought the reel and was using it on an outing for bass and blues early fall ... all of a sudden he had a huge strike :bigeyes:and the fight was on! He was simply reeling in the fish when the Quantum decided it was going to come apart on it's own ... little by little ... bit by bit ... screw by screw ... the reel literally exploded in his hands while attached to rod ... with no other choice he began to handline in the fish:shock: ... to his shock he was able to land a double header of 9 lb, blues that had torn apart his hi/lo rig ... and literally destroyed what he has since considered to be ... the worst reel EVER MANUFACTURED EVER!! So I guess FISH can actually be responsible for destroying tackle too!
  8. [@]lion1044[/@] ... wow!! Beautiful and Patriotic!
  9. I am a member of the American Littoral Society. I have recently become part of their tagging program and of course I receive their newsletters. In one of them is a paragraph entitled: Taggers take on Striped Bass Research. It states that scientists are worried about this disease which shows up as open sores on the bass, and Pam Carlson and the ALS taggers are trying to get a handle on this problem. I've never heard of this. Is someone trying to use this disease as a weapon to stop us from catch and release fishing... Anyone?
  10. I was just wondering what some of our trusty hip compadres were. For me, I love my Old Timer lockback....cuts bait like sushi chef...did I say bait? I had an older one, a 1250T that has been retired..and I just picked up a new one at Home Dumbo for $19. A 60T.... schweet! Oh and I also have the "fishing" swiss army knife model....for a couple handy tools etc. If ya fish, ya gotta blade..soooooo... tell me...wah-choo-got?
  11. he he.. he said "strap on"
  12. When the squidder was introduced.... mono didn't exist... hope that answers your question.
  13. I recently took a trip with my Dad to 1000 Islands. We caught smallies, pike and all the perch and junk fish you could never want... anyway, while I was up there I found this neat magazine called ESOX angler... but what the heck does ESOX mean????
  14. Fished right off the coast of Isla Mujeres in 1998 and got a 65# white marlin, a 30# amberjack (which fought waaaayyy harder than the marlin and a couple huge bonita. My buddy Scott got a nice Mahi and several bonita and my boy Pat Ryan got a 75# sailfish--- schweeeeeet! It was a great day on the water for us all , except for Scott who was busy developing a healthy case of Montezumas revenge. When I get a chance I'll look up the charter we took. They were good guys and very hard working. Very little English though but it didn't matter....
  15. I don't understand why we just don't find a woman we hate and just buy her a house...... this way we can avoid the whole marriage thing!
  16. Fireline would be the most "Penn friendly" braid I suppose....
  17. Is buying this license really necessary? I mean who would stop you from using your walkie talkies. Seems silly.
  18. Scotty, very nice and congrats! I have never caught a real tuna and I hope to do so...
  19. BW... it wasn't the blues, rocks etc. that put a crack in your Gibbs. It was Gibbs' poor materials. I have had more than a few of their plugs develop cracks and I think the quality of their plugs is going downhill. They suck.
  20. Twice a week is nothin'. The 149 was meant to troll wire.... Maybe a better question for the Capt. would be.... "Why are you using a 14/0 Senator to target stripers?"
  21. I can't believe it...... I am so sorry. I consider him a friend. I sent him a couple squidders and such to mag for me and I enjoyed the "banter" between gramps and I thru private messaging and on the boards. He did wonderful work, was very knowledgeable and was a straight shooter. Ask him a simple question and you get a simple straightforward answer. Good man. Mamasan... my deepest sympathies and condolences. I don't know what to say except that I am truly sorry.
  22. sounds like a bluefish......
  23. seadogface.... you used to close your 704z manually???? that must've been a pain in the arse??!!
  24. P.S. sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.
  25. wow!! not bad you say? looks like a terrific trip so far...... sweet!