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  1. Thanks guys. It's nice when the best solution is also the cheapest.
  2. I purchased a Penn Spinfisher V 4500 a few years ago. I've hardly used it. This wasn't the plan, it's just how life has gone. I've probably used it four times, have washed it with soap after each use, and it's in mint condition. I fish on a budget, and this was to be my "do everything" reel. I have two spools for it, one with lighter braid for stripers, and one with heavy mono for groundfish. The idea was to have it on a surf rod and also on a boat rod for use on a kayak. Now that the Spinfisher vi has come out, as well as the new slammer, I wonder if I should upgrade. Overall, this is a great reel. The benefits of upgrading would be better gears and, more importantly, a waterproof design. I still plan to get the kayak at some point, though I haven't yet. I wonder how important it would be to have a waterproof reel for use on the kayak. I don't plan on capsizing, but you never know. One possible disadvantage to a waterproof reel I can think of is that it might take more effort to crank, though I might be wrong. Does the waterproof seal wear out? As for kayak fishing, maybe I should forget using this as a "do everything" reel. Maybe I should get a conventional rig. If I were to, it really wouldn't matter that this reel isn't waterproof, as I don't plan on dunking it in the surf. I'm disappointed at how far the prices for this have fallen since the Spinfisher vi was released. If I sell it tomorrow, I'll get as much for it as if I sell it in five years. It is a new reel, maybe I should just use it until it wears a bit. The waterproofing and machined gears of the new reels are temping, though. What would you do?
  3. Does that work well solo? Can you lift the motor for shallow water? If so, does it make the canoe really unsteady?
  4. I looked at the Whaler 13, and it would be a great boat. Maybe in ten years I'll have one. Right now I don't want to get a different car, so I have to keep towing weight low. As suggested, a Deep-V 14' with a high thrust 9.9HP engine might be the best, though I don't know if I could get the idle low enough to troll.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I actually have the canoe registered, since I used the trolling motor on it. The trolling motor is 15 lbs. A 30 lb 4 stroke would be pretty heavy on the side. The "sedan" is a toyota automatic. It's a good car, but it's not a pickup. I wonder how much I could pull up a launch ramp. Did you feel that you were under control on the roads with that setup? I'd be afraid I'd jackknife with that sort of load. Would the deep v be the way to go, or might a jon boat be better?
  6. I'm going to get myself a boat at some point, though probably not this season. I have a canoe for the smallest of water. I'd like to get a power boat for lakes, salt marshes, and ideally, long island sound as well, but only a few hundred yards offshore. The following criteria must be met: I need to be able to tow this and retrieve it from a boat launch with a sedan. Towing will be fine given the car's towing capacity. Driving up a slippery boat ramp might be another matter. So, I would like to keep a trailer, boat, engine, and misc. stuff (fire extinguisher, etc.) under 500 lbs. It needs to be buoyant if swamped. What type of boat should I be looking at? A 12 ft rowboat, such as a 12' Lund WC seems pretty basic. I don't know if the freeboard (or lack thereof) or 15" transom height would be enough. I've seen 12' skiffs that look essentially the same, just with high bows. I did consider some sort of scanoo, but it seems the rowboat might be better. Speed isn't an issue. I'll mostly go alone, but would want to sit down, and I would ideally like to take one or two people on board. Really, going at 3 mph would be fine. Towing a kayak full of camping supplies would be a bonus. What's the smallest outboard I could get away with? Could I have a really low pitch 2.5 hp? Depending on the boat, a 9.9hp might be a lot of weight on the back. Frankly, I don't know how important it is to get on plane. Just using the boat, even if a planing hull as a displacement boat, might be an option. If I am in the sound, I'd have to deal with minor current, as I would have to if solo in a nearby slow-moving river. If I could make a 2.5hp work on a 12' rowboat, it would be ideal. This might burn out the engine, though. A 4hp or 6hp would weigh 60lbs, so might not be that bad. A 9.9 weighs 100, so things would get back heavy. I'd also like to troll at about 2 mph, perhaps less. I have a tandem canoe in addition to my solo, and have mounted a trolling motor. I'm not happy with the results. In order to get decent run time, I need a LOT of battery weight. I've considered adding a 2.5hp engine to this, but it just seems unsteady. It was bad enough with the trolling motor. Ideas on all this? Thanks.
  7. Title: High levels of microplastics found in Northwest Atlantic fish Summary: A new study finds 73 percent of mesopelagic fish caught in the Northwest Atlantic had microplastics in their stomachs -- one of the highest levels globally. Typically living at depths of 200-1,000 meters, these fish could spread microplastic pollution throughout the marine ecosystem, by carrying microplastics from the surface down to deeper waters. They are also prey for fish eaten by humans, meaning that microplastics could indirectly contaminate our food supply. Source:
  8. good to know! thanks
  9. I've had the alaskan pollock, and like it. How is the atlantic pollock? I've heard it's bony.
  10. In light of this, I wonder if a bobber and hook would work from shore. I tried looking, and I couldn't see if spearfishing is legal in CT waters. Do you know if it is? I have spearfished for other species, in other states. It's quite a bit of fun. It's a completely different sport. It's more similar to gun hunting than rod fishing.
  11. Well, maybe some day we'll get some actual enforcement of regs.
  12. how long/how strong a leader do you use? Sounds like a pretty good technique from a boat.
  13. What line weight would you rig with? I'm thinking 50 lb main line, 10 lb to sinker, and 10 lb fluoro to bait. Is this good? Trainman: is a 20 lb leader really necessary? 20 lbs is a pain to break off.