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  1. My wife and I bought this beauty about two years ago. We love the size, stability, and look. I am surprised there are very few boat builders making anything similar today. In fact, there are only a few other Boca's I have ever seen. There used to be one named Fetch on the Eastern Shore and there is another named Bystander up in Newport, RI. Any other's out there? I would love to compare notes.
  2. No problem, sorry about that. Since I have it listed elsewhere online, I will hold of on putting anything in the BST forum for now. Thanks.
  3. Just had the decks and teak redone this winter. Of course, now I have to move and am selling. (Edited to remove solicitation to sell. Please list offers of sale in the Buy Sell Trade Forum. J)
  4. Los, sorry for the delayed reply. No issues with blisters on Stonewall, although she has been kept out of the water most of her life. However, the fuel tanks were replaced in 2011 with two new custom aluminum 75 gal ones. The boat is an'89, so the originals lasted 22 yrs.
  5. Still for sale?
  6. cpowered, looking forward to seeing your pics as you proceed.
  7. Looks like the one for sale in CT is the former Fetch, which used to be over on the eastern shore of MD. Very pretty boat. They have put a lot of work into her. Hope he gets his price
  8. Boneafide, Nice boat. Here is a close up photo of the logo, if that helps. I would love to see some pictures before/during/after of your project to remove the cuddy.
  9. I do varnish. Loss of work, but looks great at the end. I try to hit sections each year. Two winters ago I did the drawers and console, this winter I stripped everything aft of midships down to teak and put Bristol Finish on, in the hope that it will last longer. The verdict is still out. Yours is looking great! Especially the transom. Did you varnish right over the lettering? I haven't gotten there yet.
  10. Eric, Looking great! Each BG certainly has her own personality. I have swim platform envy, and I bet that full size bimini comes in handy in Florida. We use Stonewall for basically the same purposes. In fact, I was out fishing yesterday evening. Got skunked, but it was nice to be out. Here is a fairly recent shot in Annapolis harbor.
  11. Ziggy, Thanks for trying to post the history lesson, unfortunately the link was blocked. I am assuming you are in Sarasota. Any idea why they went under?
  12. Slip, Stonewall has the same construction, divincell cored glass.
  13. Where do you keep her? I would love to see a picture. Not too many out there with a tuna tower.
  14. Slip, Nice boat. Very unique as an express, and you have kept her in great shape. I don't have the same issues with the exhaust. If you look back to the first picture of Stonewall, you can see the previous owner raised the exhaust above the water. You get a little more exhaust gasses, but the 454 sounds great, and nothing backs up. It's an'89 to answer you question.
  15. I agree, the boat sitting in Cambridge will make someone happy for that price. Needs a T-top and a little love and it will be ready to go.
  16. Thanks Eric. What part of the country are you? Sounds like Stout is in great shape. I would love to see some pics. We really enjoy the Boca's lines, they certainly don't look like every other boat out there. -Todd
  17. CCB, where did you see it? I am in the Chesapeake.
  18. Looks like there is an '87 Boca Grande listed by Composite Yacht over in Trappe, MD. Nice boat. Needs a T-top. http://www.***************/core/listing/photoGallery.jsp??access=Public&listing_id=74843&units=Feet&checked_boats=2599970&boat_id=2599970&imc=pg-fs&back=boatDetail.jsp&boat_id=2599970&noOfPic=3
  19. Brian, Sorry for the delayed reply. No, DDG-1000 doesn't use pods. They do have electric main propulsion motors, but since the type of motors they wanted to use are not commercially developed into pods already, it was more cost effective to keep the motors in the hull and use shafting. Yes, hotel load is a phase used by naval archs. For example A/C is one of the bigger loads on a ship, just like a house. Have a great day.
  20. Brian, From the naval architecture perspective, there are three good reasons why cruise ships use electric motors in podded propulsors. 1. You are right on about the biggest reason. That type of ship has a high demand for electricity, known as "hotel load;" lights, air-conditioning, galley, etc. By having all the engines hooked to generators, the engineers can vary the combination of what is online to exactly match the load (propulsion load + hotel load), without wasting fuel by having more power available than needed. 2. The second big efficiency gain comes from eliminating drag from all the underwater appendages (no rudder, shafts, struts). 3. A third advantage, also mentioned above, is the maneuverability advantage of directing thrust. Another cool example of electric propulsion on a big ship is the new Zumwalt class destroyer (DDG 1000). It has the excess electricity available for the radar, and weapons systems.
  21. I agree, the Composite 26 or Shamrock is probably the closest thing on the market today (unless you want to get a Hunt Surfhunter, and pay 100k more). I like the look of the Composite, but you have to like Carolina flare. I just haven't seen too many other Bocas out there, CC or cuddy. I would like to see what other owners have done with their's. Thanks for the comments.