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  1. Thanks I’m glad this ends well Tight lines to all
  2. I guess this is why I don’t get on many threads. No need to get personal and call me a sissy. I can assure you I’m not. Former marine and 35 years doing structural iron working doesn’t mix well with being a sissy. Enough said enjoy your day I’m done
  3. Keep politics out of fishing thanks this thread belongs somewhere else
  4. Odm makes a sweet 71/2 dna. Nice rod I fish a 71/2 smoked inshore by quantum. I landed fish to 32 inch on it on the open beach. I have a vr50 on it. You can cast all day. Some might consider it light that’s why I say look at the odm
  5. One of many that day all on popper till dark. Then swimmers
  6. Out of business at least a year. I have an 8 ft tarpon rod on a cousin blank nice rod I do not know where you could find blanks
  7. And yes there are still good folks around more than we think Again I thank whoever set my rod aside.
  8. Yes RC fished it often mostly west branch. Had a house in deposit. Now in Monmouth county
  9. On a side note I was so excited after the evening fishing that I didn’t realize I left my rod and drove away. This morning I parked in the same spot open back of ford and no rod my heart sank. It’s my favorite rod an inshore no longer available and and a new vr50 well I was sick. Then I turned around the rod was leaning against the boardwalk. Someone pick it off the street and put it there. I could not believe it. So who ever did it thank you thank you. No fish this morning for me. But who cares it was all good. I did see fish caught
  10. Wind died down mullet came and fish turned on had multiple keepers all on poppers all still swimming
  11. Wind died down and mullet showed up. Water was clean with nice white water had them till dark 24 -32. Most 27 or bigger. All on popper. Till dark then darter
  12. Hey mike if you could post the picture from this morning I’d appreciate it then I can keep it in my fishing pics thanks tom
  13. Yes perry this morning
  14. Mullet equals fish on Jersey Shore bass were 24-30 inch