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  1. Custom built blackhole Suzuki 801L. Added 8 inches to make it a true 8’6 with vr50. Killer light and landed 100’s of fish up to 25 lbs this fall. Thanks bob at grumpys. For the build
  2. Well said mr belmar thanks for the reach out today your always welcome by me tight lines in 23
  3. Nice job thanks for the info and taking time to share it
  4. I really want to pull the handle and get one of these reels just not there yet hopefully someone does a break down on one of the new generation. And a few more reviews from guys fishing them hard. And if they are made here I like that even more.
  5. Ksong. How much heavier is the striped bass special rods than the Suzuki rods in a 9’6. Can the 9’6 Suzuki throw 4oz. Thanks
  6. I will never again drop my reel off at fisherman’s headquarters. I had to bring it to saltwater edge. And they asked me who the heck worked on this. Never never again
  7. Black hole Suzuki rod
  8. By the way used 20 pound braid and o was cast as far as mostly everyone on the beach and the rod mad quick work of even the big fish. It was a 8ft black with with 8 inch added to make it 8’6. The blank is really only 7’10
  9. I fished a vr 50 on a custom built 81/2 foot black hole rod (thanks bob at grumpys). Super light and I probably but 500 bass on it the last 5 weeks fishing every day. Some days 8-10 hours bass up to 25 lb vr50 just keeps going. I figured I would blow it up never happened
  10. Mike will chime in he’s the century reb here
  11. I was throwing the top end stuff up to 3oz it was fine I didn’t throw lower end
  12. Ask mike from advanced fishing about the 10’3 inch. Weapon jr. It’s crazy light. I threw it today when I saw Mille on the beach with it. Threw a mile with no effort. I think it’s 3/4-3. I’m having one built after seeing it today
  13. Also want to say there are many good organizations that take care of veterans who are home and suffering. Any contribution would go a long way to help those who protect us at home
  14. Just a shout out to all veterans thanks for your service. And to all those deployed in harms way. God speed your safe return home