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  1. On the water reports are less than useless
  2. Sorry but we need to stop bankrupting our own resources to feed an insatiable demand from countries/cultures that have completely f’ed up their own environment, thankfully the bluefin tuna demand has dropped due to factors including pen raised European fish. Money means greed and cheating which means over exploitation no matter what regulations are in place
  3. It was a rite of spring when I was in college in Maine, brook trout and fiddleheads, with a side of Allen’s coffee brandy lol
  4. Sea worms, quahogs, surf clams, steamer clams, razor clams, mussels and even night crawlers will all work for flounder, chumming with a chum pot with mussel chum helps
  5. Down here in se mass I have started to catch them around the first week of may, up there I would give it another week after that, a fishing log is your friend if your looking to make your own reports
  6. It’s a shame, ten years ago cod and flounder were making a huge comeback we had baby cod in our lobster traps at my mooring in front of rocky nook green cod in June on the nearshore rock piles tons on stellwagen and big Pollock there too, and the flounder stayed in the harbor til august they were almost a nuisance there were so many, then one winter of catch shares and big offshore draggers pounding the inshore waters and they were mostly all gone, it was and is an f’ing disgrace, I’m sure now the haddock are on the way to being wiped out too because with nothing left to catch the draggers cried poor mouth and were given a huge quota for the past few years, anybody see a pattern here? Msy and the management system based on financial hardship rather than science is clearly incredibly flawed
  7. I will never understand why fisheries managers give any weight to the fishermen crying poor mouth, it should be strictly based on science not whether a specific group is hurting financially, it doesn’t make any sense, if the fish need protection the fish need protection
  8. Of course it’s disappointing but it was designed so that not many fish would be caught, I’d rather have an extra week in September rather than two weeks in April.
  9. On a side note they also have taken four rivers and streams here on the south shore off the stocking lists completely, the Jones river, south river, eel river, and beaver dam brook, and there is no explanation I can find for it, maybe in attempt to protect possible salters?
  10. If you have an air compressor just get a cheap harbor freight hvlp spray gun and prime, base coat and clear coat it with professional auto paint, it’s really not that hard and nothing beats it
  11. Checked out the Plymouth town brook run saw ten go thru in a couple minutes, and I didn’t have to leave my couch
  12. Too early, in my experience may 1st or thereabouts is the time to start lurking from shore, 50 is the magic number
  13. Down here in Plymouth mass my friend who oysters had two little ones she found in her oyster cage in the bay, hopefully it’s a good sign, they were much more plentiful ten years ago it was pretty easy to scratch out a limit not so much anymore, I also saw blue crabs in green harbor (marshfield) last fall which was a huge surprise
  14. I’ve found that 3” storm swim shads in pearl color catch when the fish are focused on peanuts, hard to cast but they are usually not too far from the bank
  15. I wish mass wardens had a tenth of the zeal, support, and resources they have in Maine where they take the job very seriously, up there they realize the natural resources generate a large part of the income for a state that needs it, down here it’s feelings, people, and sob stories first, natural resources are down the list. For a supposed liberal state that should give more of a sh#$ for it rapidly disappearing natural resources it’s a disgrace. I applaud these officers for going the extra mile to catch these guys and the state for giving them the support to catch these criminals.