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  1. I just use my five topless traps that I use for blue claws at a local pier and it does not take long to have enough for a day of togging for me and my buddies
  2. When you use an overnight type trap to catch crabs you technically need a lobster permit I agree for green crabs it’s stupid !
  3. I agree Harley but in typical mass upside down logic fashion you need both a green crab letter and a lobster permit if you intend to harvest them in that kind of trap, crazy I know, enforcement is non existent though
  4. Tried post a pic no dice
  5. Maine rivers are loaded with them, I caught a real nice one out of winni one winter, quite a fight !
  6. Sure seems like an area that doesn’t get your typical canal currents IMO
  7. Is there a recent report? That pic is from 2018
  8. At least mass shut down the spring commercial season for tog, unless that has changed recently
  9. Portland is the urban area of maine, it’s like being in Brooklyn and complaining about access to hunting. Northern maine has all the access to hunting and fishing you could ever ask for, however some areas require a use fee but in my experience the access is much better than in the Adirondacks, and so is the hunting and fishing, maine still has the New England tradition of open access to undeveloped land and no hunting leases
  10. No where near as many as there used to be, I managed to get my thumb stuck deep in ones mouth at night at the end of one of those narrow wooden jetties, it would not let go, I had to hold it tight under one arm while I inched off the jetty to a buddy for help, he just poked it with a stick, that just made it bite harder
  11. Best sand eels around
  12. Scup in federal waters?
  13. They have done a great job with that Plymouth run! There was alot of work done to make it so prolific