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  1. Limited out in lower cape cod bay with a buddy last Saturday drifting around with razor clams
  2. Caught a short fluke off Sesuit Saturday that was a surprise
  3. What about all those mass boaters that register their trailers in Maine bc it’s so much cheaper, that could get interesting
  4. OTW has a story about it, seems legit
  5. In mass I wouldn’t start looking till the end of the month, there have been years that I found them earlier but those were mild springs, the key is 50 degree water temp
  6. Last time caught a weakie was off the green lawns in peconic bay in the early 2000’s, last time I was on a boat where a weakie was caught was off greenport li like 6 years ago, both time while fluking, most of my fishing is done all over mass tho and I’ve never caught one there, oh and I can report they are marginal table fare, better to just release them
  7. You can catch them in ccb but they are much more numerous south of the cape, Manomet has rocks, so do other areas on the coast of the south shore, I’ve caught them in June while targeting flounder in Plymouth and duxbury, they may not be numerous but they are there, the local lobster guys get a bunch in their traps in May and June
  8. Thank you for your input and extensive knowledge as always angler #1
  9. A few years ago I was fishing early season tog and by catch sea bass in May near the tire reef off Yarmouth and I told my buddy if we were in ccb we would be catching mackerel and there is no chance of catching them where we were but we ended up running in to a bunch of them that day, you never know
  10. It could be because the state used to very actively stock and redistribute fish all around the state, fish that we think of as common everywhere probably happened because of the state's efforts. White perch were collected on the vineyard and distributed in coastal streams to either start or replenish runs (probably inland lakes and ponds too), pickerel, bluegill, horned pout, largemouth and smallmouth bass, trout and pike were raised at state hatcheries and were stocked, Herring and smelt were distributed to replenish runs. There were even train loads of catfish from ohio that were purchased by the state and stocked in state waters. This is all from a report of the state fish commissioner in 1922.
  11. Not sure what your point is, please explain, I state the the fluke quota should be lower and you tell me that the majority of the quota is caught now, not sure how that begins to touch the issue. Btw as of now the mass website states the 2020 quota is 786,000 and 5.3% percent has been landed, is this the majority of the quota you are referring to? When was the last time you wet a line for Black Sea bass or fluke in Massachusetts?
  12. 2019 mass fluke quota was 741,532 but only 74% was landed at 551,300 2019 Black Sea bass quota was 457,600 and 530,814 was landed, my point is that anybody who doesn’t have there head up their backside and actually spends more than a half an hour with a line in water can tell u the bsb population is exponentially healthier than the the fluke population locally so why is the fluke quota almost twice the bsb quota?.
  13. Striped bass declined precipitously in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. So much so that most of the famous striped clubs along the New England coast basically shut down due to lack of fish. I read somewhere that for 30 years striped bass were completely absent from Boston north. The theory is that the decline was due to damming of all the rivers in New England destroying the local striped bass population’s ability to spawn, and that the healthy Chesapeake stock basically learned to migrate further north to take their place, pretty incredible if true. As far as the flounder situation goes it’s just unbelievable to me that dmf would allow increased harvest I have seen with my own eyes how far it has declined in Plymouth in the past 7 or so years. The same goes for fluke, they weren’t even able to catch the ridiculously high quota last year now they want to increase daily landings? Why is the ma fluke quota so much higher than the Black Sea bass quota which every fisherman will tell you is in so much better shape? In both cases there it seems like they are increasing commercial fishing effort and pressure when they should be doing the opposite ??? Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining...
  14. After a storm I found an oyster growing bag filled with tiny oysters labeled from a local grant owner while I was clamming and I did the right thing and returned it, the owner was very appreciative and even gave me a 12 park in return which I insisted wasn’t necessary
  15. Pick any rod you want i don’t think you can go wrong unless your picking one for nostalgia purposes, but they can’t compete with newer reels for distance purposes but that doesn’t matter bc as bob says they are often right at your feet. Line does make a difference tho fireline seems to be the preferred choice, always clock that reel for casting so the bail opens up towards the sand, or even better get a bail less conversion