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  1. As of yesterday dmf shut down all clamming from Boston down to Plymouth because of red tide
  2. They installed some sort of fiberglass covers around a bunch of the worst rotted/damaged pilings a few years ago in an attempt to prolong their life but from what I can tell they haven't fared very well especially after that bad winter of 2015 when the ice damaged a bunch, maybe now they are just removing the ones that are left? I don't think it will be long before the whole bridge will need to be rebuilt, imagine that nightmare.
  3. Probably a holdover but keep at it late may and especially June are great months to find fresh fish! That thing that makes fishing the salt so special is no two days are the same and usually there is a surprise in store and hard work is rewarding!
  4. I’m going togging tmrw and spent a couple hours on the south shore catching crabs and caught a bunch of greens and those Asian shore crabs at a pier using my blue claw traps, they are foxy mate topless traps, tho the space in between the wires allowed a few to get away bc they are so small, I was using a cut up striper rack for bait
  5. Whiting makes great tuna bait, once caught a small bluefin on a two hook cod rig while reeling up a whiting in the mud hole off block
  6. Actually the low year was 2017 when they counted 150,000, 2018 was a good year and the best in the last five according to what I read with over 600,000, the jones river in Kingston also saw a nice spike with an estimated number more than double any count since 2005, now if only we could get them into silver lake to spawn and stop the city of Brockton from draining our watershed of 10 million gallons of water daily.
  7. I have a buddy that pickles them for a short time, he claims they are great that way
  8. I used to fish for them on the south shore but only at night standing in the middle of the steam and I wasn’t casting I used a small curly tail grub like a crappie lure which you would let hang in the current with a small length of line out, the shad would come in waves of fish bumping your legs as they came by, hooking up while tough wasn’t the main issue it was landing one as they were good sized and fought hard, haven’t done this in many years
  9. Very true, in fact the New England striper population dipped so much in the late 1800s after the industrial revolution that famous New England striper clubs basically shut down due to lack of fish, the theory is that after that the chessy and Hudson fish learned to migrate to New England to fill the void
  10. I remember seeing a pair of pheasants almost daily living in a tiny bushy area along morrisey blvd in front of umass boston in the late 80's on my commute to high school, where in the world did they come from?
  11. What is that material at the bottom of the first pic? Part of a perished oring that keeps the water and oil separate? Any water at the bottom of your sump? To test it you could disconnect the water lines plug one side and pressure test it like you would a lower unit.
  12. As mako mike said if you are arrested for lawfully fishing in the intertidal zone you would have an iron clad lawsuit against the town and I for one would relish the opportunit to bring it, just last year I was harassed by not one but three rent a cops at a well known spot west of the parkers river on the cape, the first one I simply and literally told to f$&@ off, the next two I simply ignored, I could hear the last one call the police who told them I was in the right but if a cop had come down and said I had to leave or I would be arrested I would have no problem ignoring him or her too even if it led to an illegal arrest, that is a huge liability for the town and I would have made sure of it
  13. I never understood the hate for them back in college in Maine in the fall we would rip simple rigs of pickerel belly thru the lily pads and the action was explosive, they are also top notch table fare if you cross hatch the fillets and soak them in milk to dissolve the bones, very good mild flavor
  14. Years ago the old timers say they used to get them around bug light in Plymouth harbor
  15. I once got a big cod teaser hook stuck in my finger and pushing it thru past the barb wasn’t an option after two clinics the dr used a large hollow hypodermic needle to cover the barb a pulled the hook out, I now keep one in my offshore medical kit, a bit of lidocaine helped as well