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  1. I bought a 2/3 years ago, it’s worked fine for light use since the (maybe 5 years). It feels heavy, and is not a mechanically stunning piece, but it certainly does a good job holding line. I luckily haven’t dropped it on any hard surfaces- so I cannot report on its durability in that aspect. And it’s cheap!
  2. Wow, thanks for the great write up and lesson!
  3. I’m an Albie guy, usually on a jetty, and I like my Orvis basket for the depth of it. If It’s windy at all, I know my shallower line-curve will leak line out of it. I have much better success with keeping line in the basket with the Orvis when I’m perched on a jetty, and prefer the line-curve when I’m on the sand or protected from the wind.
  4. Thanks for the info! Yes, there are 4 of us going and the first time for all of us. I’ll scrap bringing the 6 weight! Not sure on guide yet, PM suggestions are very welcome!
  5. I appreciate all of the replies on my earlier blue water trip question- but our annual guys trip has landed us in N. Andros for 5 days. We’re all pretty pumped. Any tricks, tips, or fly suggestions are appreciated. We will be doing 2 guided days and 3 DIY. I’m excited for bonefish, and also the plethora of other species. Will plan on tying patterns in #2-#6 on Tiemco 811’s. We are staying just south of Joulters. There looks to be several flats within walking distance and a few creeks. It would be nice to find some smaller snappers/Jacks/Grouper and such for dinners. Hopefully after a couple of guided days our eyes will get adjusted to looking for bones. Have any of you had success with multi-species days in this type of Bahamian environment? I will be bringing a 6wt, 8wt, and 9wt. All floating line, or is there a need for intermediate/sink type, also? thanks! matt
  6. Great info, thanks!
  7. Hey guys, Every year a group of us get together the first week of June and go salmon and trout fishing in northern NH for a few days. We’re all diehard fly guys. This year for our annual trip, I’m trying to convince them to go south, maybe Tampa... and see if we can’t get some King Mack, Spanish, and Albies. Has anyone taken a charter offshore on the fly? I imagine that they just motor out a ways and drop a chum bag over the side. I’m not against freshwater, but once these guys lace into a hardtail.... well... I think it’ll change the way they think when they think about our annual trip. These fish are just too much fun! Thanks in advance! Matt
  8. A 75• bluebird day, 5-10kt winds, and consistent Albie flurries within casting range. Zen.
  9. Cheers BFD, speedy recovery!
  10. I live in So. NH... and am mostly a salt water guy, but grew up dreaming of and chasing trout here. Besides any of the cookie-cutter stocked fish that are around maybe in the deepest of pools, not much going on. They always say “The best trout fishing in NH is in Maine and VT.”.
  11. Eagle Claw makes a cheap “Fratherlite” 3/4 weight. I got one for $30 and it’s fun for panfish!
  12. I have Tibor Everglades and Riptides and haven’t ever had any issues, and they are easy to clean and service right on the tying bench. Love ‘em. I’m convinced after a few years now that because I spent the initial investment and don’t plan on ever having to buy another Albie reel.
  13. Awesome read!
  14. Great report!
  15. Amazing. Incredible work!