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  1. Please find attached the results from Sundays event at Huntingdon Racecourse. A very hard day with high pressure and cyclonic wind that was sometimes in your face - not ideal. Enjoy. UKSF GP3 2019 - Results.pdf
  2. Hi All, Please find attached the results from the above event that was held on Sunday 15th April. Enjoy. UKSF GP2 2019 - Results.pdf
  3. All, Due to a few technical issues with an old pc and software I'm having to post the results as a pdf rather than a link to the website. Enjoy. UKSF 2019 GP1 Results.pdf
  4. Please find attached a link to the full results from Sundays event. Enjoy http://uksf.sea-angler.org/results/2018masters.html
  5. Results from yesterday’s event at Huntingdon Racecourse. Enjoy. http://uksf.sea-angler.org/results/2018clubmans.html
  6. Please find the link to the above event's results. Enjoy. http://uksf.sea-angler.org/results/2018lljc.html
  7. Evening all, Apologies for the delay, the old Windows XP machine had a mind of its own. Please find the full results on the link below - Enjoy http://uksf.sea-angler.org/results/2018gp4.html
  8. The US 'Worlds' is an open event to all casters from around the globe so by definition if a US caster has won that event then they are a 'World' Champion. It's a bit of a hollow victory, not too different to the Baseball World series - has there ever been other teams outside of the US included in it ?
  9. Picture of my reel
  10. A Golf glove provides good protection whilst remaining sensitive enough to feel the cast.
  11. I would say "Well Done' 60yds on a 8' rod with 20lb mono (diameter 0.40-0.45mm) is a very good cast indeed. A few years back (2010), I was asked to cast a Tenryu Super Mix 240 (8') rod witha Shimano Rarenium 4000 loaded with YGK 1.5PE GesoX braid with a Xorus Patchinko Lure (26.3gm). I managed a measured cast of just over 75m.
  12. You are correct, I have replied.
  13. The Century CME is similar to the Primo Synchro with a through action, in terms of 'real' power its probably 5-10% more, still very user friendly and slightly longer. I hope this helps.
  14. Ev7 reel - I started off using a Shimano power aero imported from Japan, at 660g without a drag it was quite heavy to cast with but gave some great results. I then changed over to a Daiwa Basia QD45 (again imported from Japan) at 480g it was much better, I changed the spool to a Teflon one without a drag and also changed out the main gear and shaft to the Basia air units, the reel now weighs just 343g with line which allows greater speed in the cast which equals to longer casts, the downside is that the reel has cost me over £850 !!
  15. "Long drop on a short rod" or "a short drop on a long rod" all require a good sound technique. Video, not my brother but myself at the end of the day trying something different not knowing that someone had knotted the leader around the reel !! Attached is a video of my final cast from the ev9 final in Tallin, the weather wasn't pleasant but that's life ! I made the longest cast but finished last in the final. Also is a slo-mo of me training a few days before the final. And 2 videos of COLIN & myself field testing the new Baitcaster blank. trim.AFD3E942-6816-4934-B828-3667FC51D505.MOV trim.E574F481-8956-45C9-ADC8-D1B00E1F582F.MOV trim.49B34448-2042-40F6-A983-F5BC4AFA41BB.MOV trim.83E4A88A-A03C-4607-881E-A029CF7AFEA1.MOV