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  1. ^^^^^^Irony
  2. I've got Italian Long hots (actually not super hot at all) coming out of my ear in the garden, a couple of them roasted or fried up on a sausage sammich sounds pretty incredible.
  3. Really? His first? As big a creep as that guy is, I never would have guessed that. He's creepy on a reportable level.
  4. Soft plastic?
  5. That's exactly why the FF joints are pushing for it. Plus, they can market themselves as social justice warriors.
  6. He should pick up two pints of vodka, both will be dry.
  7. Have a friend high up in the restaurant and tourism advocacy arena. Says that while $15+ an hour will kill actual restaurants, the Fast Food joints are actually pushing for it via lobbyists and PR campaigns. They know that it is bad for their traditional resturant competitors and that with the flip of a switch, they can automate and reduce payroll below what it was at $8 an hour.
  8. Don't pretend like you wont' like it.
  9. Nice looking Jimmy's Jimmy! What'd you have to give for them? Corn looks great too, not too full. I don't get the sides with a crab feast, but that just means more crabs for me when you invite me over!
  10. Tim's self perceived benevolence has manifested itself into a God complex if that piece of crap only gets a 2 week vacation.
  11. I know Mike. I was emulating the joke.
  12. Peace be with with you brother. But we need you on that wall! Don't let one chithead rob us of a good chithead!
  13. I'll take "CRT isn't being taught in K-12" for $500 Alex.
  14. Carter policy resurrected by Bubba. W. Didn't stamp it down bc it was good PR. Exactly. And when the whole financial system goes into a tailspin the govt buys out insurance and auto industry to boot. Short sighted and cherry picking. Shocker.
  15. Your 2019-2020 term used in every post was "beta". 2021 is "triggered" I'm going with "Fake news" or "My brain has rotted and I'm a one line pony soldier" for 2022.
  16. That'll fit nicely in the overhead compartment.
  17. And you had Shorty!
  18. Up your shower regimen to once a week, should help out.
  19. That's a solid eff Juan!
  20. She's earned it!!!!
  21. You've got more to worry about from Juan driving in the opposite lane with 3 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours topped off with a bunch of edibles and elventeen beers.
  22. The manufactured fear over bears is almost as sad as it is over the wuflu. However, in Alaska during the period between 2000–2017, there were 10 fatalities from eight unique bear attacks. In addition to this, brown bears caused seven of these fatalities, while black bears caused three