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  1. 1 hour ago, Tom T said:

    Not for me on a regular sausage sammich.  Sauteed peppers and onions in olive oil, good bread. Done.


    On an Italian hot dog, yes.

    I've got Italian Long hots (actually not super hot at all) coming out of my ear in the garden, a couple of them roasted or fried up on a sausage sammich sounds pretty incredible. 



  2. 3 hours ago, TimS said:

    It's his first offense, no way he does it again. The last thing I have is a God complex, I try to let you guys work out most of the messes you guys make, I ****ing HATE to have to be the school marm :dismay: 

    Really?   His first?  As big a creep as that guy is, I never would have guessed that.  He's creepy on a reportable level. 


  3. 26 mins ago, Lagerhead said:

    Interesting.... private restaurants are gonna be gone except for the $30/plate  businesses. 

    That's exactly why the FF joints are pushing for it.   Plus, they can market themselves as social justice warriors. 

  4. 1 min ago, jimmy1956 said:

    $84 a dozen for large. Price is coming down though. Daily supply is really good according to the fish monger lol. They have to be making some coin this summer. These were definitely large to extra large. Got a dozen and a half. Corn is really good around here now.


    Just now, redfishkiller said:

    the broad or the tri tip

    He should pick up two pints of vodka, both will be dry. 

  5. 46 mins ago, Ditchbag said:

    The fast food places are gonna price themselves right out of existence!!


    If you can go to a sit down diner and get a full-blown meal with a salad , dinner rolls and a big ass plate of food and desert for less than a ****ing happy meal.


    no need to ever eat fast food slop agam!

    Have a friend high up in the restaurant and tourism advocacy arena.  Says that while $15+ an hour will kill actual restaurants, the Fast Food joints are actually pushing for it via lobbyists and PR campaigns.   They know that it is bad for their traditional resturant competitors and that with the flip of a switch, they can automate and reduce payroll below what it was at $8 an hour. 

  6. 11 hours ago, jimmy1956 said:

    It’s what’s for dinner at the jimmy#s crab shack and bar… Hot Steamed Crabs BABY!!! A celebration of food, drink and just plain ol fun. Gonna sleep good tonight. The crabs were hot and fat, the beer was cold, and the Bergers cookies are out of this world. Take care all as I drift off into happy land. :beers:












    Nice looking Jimmy's Jimmy!  What'd you have to give for them? 


    Corn looks great too, not too full. 


    I don't get the sides with a crab feast, but that just means more crabs for me when you invite me over! 

  7. 6 hours ago, fishweewee said:

    the fed has to fight price inflation by raising interest rates


    but the fed can't raise interest rates


    by doing so, it puts a damper on home sales because higher rates make mortgages on inflated real estate prices less affordable


    the fed doesn't want to hurt the housing industry


    but the fed has to fight price inflation by raising interest rates


    but the fed can't raise interest rates


    by doing so, it puts a damper on home sales because higher rates make mortgages on inflated real estate prices less affordable


    the fed doesn't want to hurt the housing industry


    but the fed has to fight price inflation by raising interest rates




    Who's on first!?

  8. 12 hours ago, fishweewee said:

    without those douche bag donkey rectums, you wouldn't be able to get a mortage.


    FNMA, GNMA, FHLMC are government sponsored enterprises that buy (conforming) loans from banks.


    They in turn pool these loans into buckets and turn them into bonds (securitization).  The bonds get sold to investors (for the pitiful interest income they provide and if the underlying mortgages don't default on their payments, you might get your principal back too).


    the douche bag donkey rectums are the sausage factory of mortgages and essentially provide liquidity to the market.


    the problem has been - garbage in, garbage out.


    sausage factory was fed pig $hit from 1997 to 2008 - fukkin people took out loans they had no business taking and couldn't pay them back.  thanks to the dems who were trying to make homes more affordable.

    Carter policy resurrected by Bubba.  W. Didn't stamp it down bc it was good PR.

    7 hours ago, fishweewee said:

    imagine this.


    millennial couple wants to buy a home in NJ for $1 million.  


    a few decades ago, before federal reserve money printing and zero percent interest rate, that same home was $350,000.


    they put little down and get a 40 year mortgage.


    things are swell, until the housing market corrects and that same home is now worth $750,000 - because it was overinflated to start with.


    maybe the breadwinners lose their incomes.  maybe they don't. the couple decides to walk away from the house and the financial obligation because the house is underwater.


    that loan was underwitten via the GSE's - FNMA, GNMA, FHLMC.  which have the implicit guarantee of the federal government.


    this gets repeated tens of thousands of times.


    guess what?  we have a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis.


    who ends up paying for the eventual bailout?


    you and me - we paid for the bailout of banks with endless money printing and government borrowing.


    if it's not affordable with a 15 or 30 year, it's not going to be affordable with a 40 year.


    the government is giving the tool to people to overextend themselves .... again.

    Exactly.   And when the whole financial system goes into a tailspin the govt buys out insurance and auto industry to boot. 

    6 hours ago, superstriper said:

    George bush pushed for everybody to be able to get a housing loan-it was one of his main platforms -his admin pushed lending to those that could not afford houses and that in combination of bundling cause the massive bubble to burst


    We can put light where there’s darkness, and hope where there’s despondency in this country. And part of it is working together as a nation to encourage folks to own their own home.” President Bush, Oct. 15, 2002



    Short sighted and cherry picking.  Shocker.



  9. 3 mins ago, Wheeler said:

    Guy I know just returned from his Alaska trip. 8 guys. 4 days of fishing (3 for sockeye on the Kasilof and Kenai rivers and 1 day for halibut/rock/ling out of Homer). They each came back with 62lbs of fillets (34lbs of white and 28lbs of red).



    That's a solid eff Juan!