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  1. I wish I could raise a chicken with 7 things! The cock fights are getting more and more rowdy by the day. Now that the boys have taken a liking in the hens, whenever one hops on one getting rapey, another will attack the suiter.
  2. I got 4 roosters. I need to start culling the flock. Whole roaster rooster soup it is!
  3. Looks great tom. We need to hang out!
  4. Works for me too. Never had cabbage rolls, every time I look at a recipe it looks like an insane PITA. Is that Apple Butter with the spoon in it?
  5. Put him a cage and give him to your wife.
  6. I ever tell you about the time I was wading in the Shenandoah with my head down turning over rocks looking for Helgramites and one of those damn things landed on the back of my head? I thought an Osprey was attacking me. thing lived with my grandma for years after that.
  7. Looking at this GOYA chicken thing, it kind of looks like a stove top paella with the rice cooked separate. If the storms hold off, I might cook this sucker on the grill in my pan.
  8. That's the way God intended. Boiling a whole chicken sounds like something the Irish would do. I don't know what any of that is (other than the cornbread), but I want it. Details please?
  9. Valid question. Had a family reunion this past weekend. My Liberty University alumna cousin who has the only kids around my kids ages couldn't attend. Wanna guess why?
  10. Get off mah lawn!
  11. Nope. Client attorney privilege.
  12. #GoyaNation I feel like steeling a few hubcaps.
  13. Nope. Soup is what you do with leftover chicken. Or leftover turkey.
  14. Cigarette windows and a analog speedo! Tell me it has three on the tree and a high beam clicker on the floor?! Man that makes me miss my grandaddy. Kick ass. Would love one like that.
  15. Racist flare fired.
  16. That's the very definition of anecdotal.
  17. I don't think ive ever put a piece of raw chicken in a pot of water to boil. Roast bird, pull meat stock out of the rack. Add back meat if making soup. Now I want that greek lemon rice soup.
  18. The guys who post in the fatteh thread.
  19. So just hunks of mootz floating in your soup? Id rather do the french onion melted cheese crust.
  20. Fleabags. But I concur, it's awesome.
  21. I love stove top, especially from inside the bird. Add some diced onion and celery for good measure.