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  1. Oh. My. Gawd. You got a red stapler?
  2. ****ing early cancer always takes the best ones.. Saw it in mine. God Bless Bill and Carps widow and family.
  3. Yesterday attended the Watermelon pickers festival. Great show. They didn't care if you burned all day but you had to show proof of Vax. First time for everything..
  4. Saturday college football equals group text with old roommates. Doctor in NC. "I'm witnessesing the begging of the apocalypse. This is no longer an old persons disease. We are seeing tons of 30 and 40 year olds. We ran out of Oxygen at one of my hospitals. You dont run out of Oxygen."
  5. The guy hosting the camp out is a professional horse traininer. Got thrown yesterday and ended up in the ER. Camp out canceled. Option B is leaving in 20 minutes to check out a Charley Crocket show!
  6. Noo!!!! I paid $300 cash for that so there's no.... Wait. Nothing, forget I said anything
  7. For not wearing a mask. We've lost our damn minds.
  8. I'd rather sit in my tree and not see dick for 3 hours.
  9. Speaking of class..... Pig Face Polenta!
  10. If you guys can get them, try thr Rte 11 crab chip. Blows the Utz out of the water. They use real J.O. and the chip is thicker with better crunch. Factory is also about 40 miles from me too! Srsly. Lol
  11. You have a toilet in your kitchen? Fancy!
  12. That was cool. More impressed with the 300 yard shot with the Springfield than the 1000. Suprised to see the Remington is shooting 300 WSM. Not sure if that makes me want to go get mine and shoot it or toss it in a lake! One thing for sure. It kicks like a mule, that's a bad ass 86 year old!
  13. God Bless you all.
  14. Exactly. And they had a negative covid test for the kid from the day before.
  15. Pretty hard to bark him off that cedar.
  16. I had the exact same thought. I'd have been arrested at the gate, even if I didn't know the mom or the kid.
  17. I thought this was Sistah's Online.
  18. Do you think this will be on MTV?????
  19. Have fun They're ashamed of you!!!
  20. Anyone ever pickle Okra?