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  1. No wonder you aint right. Now that sounds good.
  2. Miss Baltimore 2014. Hell of an add.
  3. The conspiracy thread has lost a few of it's idiots.
  4. Then quit quoting me!
  5. Good stuff Tom. Yore Wheelhouse.
  6. I got it, it just wuzzint funneh.
  7. You're + Your = Yore If every other time someone is going to use the wrong version of it, just go for broke and use Yore!
  8. You must have a bond fund cause there aint nothing but red in mine.
  9. Why you still beating this horse? Think you're gonna change his mind?
  10. That's optimistic. I'll take the under.
  11. yore
  12. I'm sorry to hear that. He had a good career in front of him.
  13. Is he not getting the vax?
  14. 63 is my real goal. 19 years sounds like an eternity.
  15. That would make me 59. I think it's good goal to shoot for!
  16. how many days till retirement?
  17. And then defended it with 4 paragraphs.
  18. when I see his diatribes I can't help but hear Bevis's voice in my head. "Words. Words. Words." She quit public school 15 years ago. But thanks for your interest and sideways insult. She taught in person every day last school year. So go **** yourself.
  19. Yield vs. Price. Stick to it, you sound smart. Outside that box....Not so much. Your explanation is more dopey than the stupid meme. If you want to make a meme to parallel the AIDS crisis with Covid the connection would be mandating testing of all LBTQ people and the Covidiots who choose to not get vaxxed. Both made abysmal life choices that put them and their community in harms way. My wife has her Master's in lower school Ed. and is a Kindergarten teacher (has taught k-6 and is a lower school Dean) and she thinks the smaller kids are going to be stunted. Kindergarten is about learning socialization with other kids, begging reading, pronunciation, etc. Can't learn socialization on a zoom call. Not being able to see the teacher's lips as she enunciates is a major issue. They are seeing repercussions in the rising 1st graders this year.
  20. The absurdity is beyond laughable.
  21. I'd want to see every bank/brokerage account statement they have from 2 months ago onward. Every trip they made to a bank with a safety deposit box video, etc...
  22. This is Dumb and reflects poorly on you. Srsly. If the "LGBTQ" part is removed and the rest left unchanged, you might rise to zak level of intelligence.