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  1. Good on you for taking it seriously enough to get it checked out! Hope you got it under control. We need you on that boat next year. Our very fate came down to a single fish at the end of Rocco's line.
  2. Two days ago they were calling for 1-2". This a.m. it was 2-3". Now NWS puts this out. ***UPDATE*** Wednesday morning, September 22, 2021: The National Weather Service has upgraded rainfall amounts to 3 to 5 inches during the next 24 hours. My neighbor paved theirs. About 1/3 shorter than mine was seventy grand. I can buy gravel until I'm as old as you and still have enough to buy a nice boat that runs!
  3. Hey Looney, you get over that hump that kept you off the Mimi?
  4. It really defies logic.
  5. Calling for 3+" of rain in the next 12 hours. I'll be needing some driveway work done. 1/3 of a mile, gravel. Probably 20 tons of 21a stone and 6 hours on the tractor. This is the 3rd time this fall we've have ridiculous rain like this. I'm good for 1 a season, maybe the random 2, but this is nutz.
  6. My left foot hurt like hell this a.m. Had to hobble to the bathroom, take some advil and wait 20 minutes before I could do anything. No idea why.
  7. Okay, fine. $25 a sapling, just need 20 orders for free delivery.
  8. That one is not quite ripe. You want them to be almost black. We aint got nothing around here that resembles moist sand unless you are standing next to a crik. I'll start taking orders for 3' pawpaw saplings. $50 a piece. If I get to 10 trees, I'll deliver to New Afghanistan. Tom, if you can do the bookkeeping I'll cut you in for 10%.
  9. The Boss from the top rope with a suplex and pile driver!!!! No. No there's not Tom. You are correct that no intelligent anti vaxer has posted in this thread but are sample size here alone is big enough to prove they are all emphatically phuking morans. I spent the last 4 years being disgusted with half the Country and astonished at how blind they were. Now I'm feeling the same about another 10%-20%(?) of the other 50%.
  10. At the beach.....mom says she wants scallops and shrimp for dinner. Hopped on my bike and rode the 1/2 mile to a little local seafood joint. Pull up, only person there besides the employee who is some hippie chick with tats sucking on a douche flute. She asks if i have a mask. I say no and she says do you have one somewhere else. I point at my bike and she says sorry, not allowed in w/o one. Rode home, got in the truck and drove 3 miles to another small family owned joint and bought my seafood. Half my family thinks I'm insane.
  11. I had hardwood flooring with tongue and grove router marks in it.
  12. I can't get my head there. Child abuse.
  13. SAD

    It aint worth $1,000 until it's cut, split and stacked. That's a weeks worth for me.
  14. If you are so irresponsible as to have an obese child, you've got a lot of bad life choices that will eventually need to be paid for.
  15. SAD

    Split, haul and stack firewood for 4 months. It's a hoot!
  16. Humped or rode your ATV?
  17. Whoa Doggy. Take a deep breath. All I was saying is that buying a s&p etf for your everyday retirement long haul investor is better than paying a fee for a managed account, Edward Jones, etc. for the very points/questions you brought up earlier. In short, I agree and so does Buffet.
  18. Agree, but a good change of pace. So often when you sway from something trusted it's a mistake.
  19. Evergrande missed their 2 largest bank interest payments yesterday. They have a 1 day grace period (that's nuts in and of itself) and inside sources report they have not made them today thus far. 2 big ass bond payments due on Thursday as well. Keep it the intel coming BM please! I love reading your insight.
  20. No offense, but with the market rebounding over 20% from it's high before it crashed due to covid in Feb of 2020 to it's high before yesterday's dip, you didn't time anything right. If you had left it all ride, you would still be 18% higher than you were in Feb. of 2020. Good for you man. That makes me happy. Yes to all of this. Compare a managed account to Buffet's advice over 5 to 10 years. In fact, during the 2020 Berkshire Hathaway shareholder's meeting, Buffett claimed that "for most people, the best thing to do is to own the S&P 500 index fund."
  21. I stumbled across the Kosciuskos Spicy Brown mustard a few years ago at the fluke fling. Great stuff. Saw this yesterday and had to try it. Wow. Got a piece of pork marinating in it with some fresh dill and garlic for tonight.
  22. You must've missed my post regarding comments by a college buddy who is a surgeon in North Carolina. He said one of the hospitals where he has privilege's ran out of O2 and that this is no longer an old person's disease. They are covered up with 30 and 40 year olds.
  23. Well said. I think he wants to see it burn consolidates his power. He didn't exactly liberate Hong Kong. Nice. Dick! What do you do that has a pension these days? Good luck brother! That seems like a rather short sighted question if you are in for the long haul. How do they measure up to a 10 year avg?