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  1. Speaking of lousy, no good Asians, neighbor told me he saw 3 12 person passenger vans dump off a pile of mask and camo wearing ginseng hunters yesterday. I printed off a Korean translator a sign that tells them go **** themselves. Need to get it in a ziplock and go nail it to a tree.
  2. 4 here. I can eat 1 a year stuffed with blue cheese, wrapped in bacon and grilled. But it's not something I want more of.
  3. I know that. You told me to put it in my rice cooker. DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY RACIAL IDENTITY?
  4. Rice cooker? Mine is called a pot with a lid.
  5. He's been spot on all along.
  6. Tom, you aren't making the same argument these other dolts are. They are making the argument that the therapy is a viable option to the vax. Same argument to say that Abortion is a viable form of birth control.
  7. Yes, that blood looks like arterial blood, dark red, viscous. You probably barely caught one lung, lucky to have recovered it. Another 1" forward and I would bet she's still out there. Definitely need to shoot farther back, 3-4" maybe. Lower really depends, the heart is lower, but as Big fish said, it's not worth aiming at. Get a good picture in your head where the lungs are and aim for the center of that. Of all the bow shots I've taken and didn't recover, they are all bc I was too high. Shooting from up in a tree I over estimated the amount of downward angle when I first started hunting.
  8. I will have to pick one up. Any specifics or recipes?
  9. I remember those years. It's cool to take my almost 11 year old now. He's 100% self sufficient. We were at a pond a few weeks ago and he was clear on the other side, changing lures, bailing fish, tossing them back. Really satisfying to see.
  10. Never eaten one. Now you got the gears moving.
  11. I can handle a few ours with 1, not so sure about 2 at a time!
  12. Agree. A deer with a hole in it's lungs is a dead deer within a couple hundred yards, usually less than 1. I've seen deer put down serious business with a hole in their heart. I don't know how that works, but my guess is that the adrenaline can move muscles longer than the body can live without oxygen.
  13. Good luck. That sounds awful.
  14. I peel and cube all the buttnuts I eat. Toss with EVOO, S&P, sometimes some sage and Rosemary and roast in a 450 degree oven till the edges start to char. DeeRishous.
  15. Stop rooning the argument. There's no proving it to you. You already know everything.
  16. Congrats. Were you on the ground? Looks like entrance and exit are at the same height. That shot is very far forward. That blood looks like arterial blood, vs foamy lung blood on my phone. Nice job sticking to the tracking job.
  17. I've been reading this thread since inception. Tim created a special thread for the nut jobs to keep this at as much of an intellectual level as possible. You've recently stumbled here in here drunk or retarded meme's.
  18. The best ones sting the most! Get a canoe. Duh.
  19. I'm not a big fan of heavy handed Mod'ing, but Tim, we need clean up over in aisle 6.
  20. Interesting. That could be a game changer. Might have to pick up a pack. Report back when you eat one.
  21. They just need fertile soil. They will carpet the bottom of a small ravine on the side of the mountain.
  22. They look like they'd be a nightmare to peel. Only reason I don't eat more butternut is becuase peeling them is a PITA, I can't imagine the chore with all those groves. But they look cool!