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  1. How long can you go on just pork? Dinner Friday randon pork chunks on the grill. Saturday, same and then blackened tenderloin with grits. Today, 5 different sausages. I think I'm getting scurvey.
  2. Uncle. If my wife was high on meth, ecstasy, crack and whatever else it took for her to try and give my booze addled, greasy, unshowered and generally disgusting self a bloagie... I would turn it down. Luckily no chance of that.
  3. That was Friday night. We've ground 20 lbs Hot Eyetie, 20 Mesican Chorizo, 20 fresh and 10 kielbasa so far. Few more batches then we stuff.
  4. Prostate problems?
  5. Same with a .45 smokepole. Drizzled and flurries all yesterday at 33. Degrees. The front is here. It is absolutely ripping up on the mountain behind the house at about 1500-1600 feet elevation. That's never a good sign.
  6. I don't hug it, you effin weirdo.
  7. 110 pounds of various pork sausages. Bacon. Chops. Guanciale. Prosciutto. Ribs. Scrapple. Hocks. Butts.
  8. I looked at that pic and thought "only Scally would do that". It'd be a fixed blade for the rest of it's life if I tried that.
  9. God bless little man and his family.
  10. Sure is purty though.
  11. Thank you. Just finished plowing my hill for the third time in 6 days. I ain't gonna have no gravels left come Springtime.
  12. And carry her across the alter!
  13. Yes! 137 pages until we get to someone with real knowledge. Awesome. Thanks. My problem exactly.