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  1. Nope. No fanfare,Told the guy it shows how little goes on in small town America. I just didn't want to have to think tonight. You available? Name a boat.. Huh? Resume question thread Thanks for your halp... Doug can run them over whenever he wants. You butcher when it's cold.
  2. Oh, man. Sounds perfect. You busy? LOL. Was in the garage sharening my chainsaw to start on list item number 1, firewood tomorrow morning. Wife hands me the phone, effing local paper asking for a quote on my departure. Told him I had a group of friends over celebrating and I'd get back to him tomorrow.
  3. For the next 10 days. Had a week pto getting paid out to me before starting the new gig, figured I'd take it and get caught up on some stuff around the house. Feels weird. Don't like it right now. Not what I expected. Lot of uncertainties in the new job, kind of just want to jump in and starting sorting them out. Think I need a canoe, cooler, tent and 20 miles of river to keep me occupied.
  4. Jesus. Good luck. The date should be easy. It. Out. 100% chance.
  5. Don't try and convince her that bows and queerbows are equal and should share a season. You don't come off looking good doing so. Srsly, I'd be more concerned/worried/apprehensive about the lil dude with his mom. How's he feel about it? Whats her situation like at home? Good luck on both.
  6. Nice. I got a closet full of 36" belts I can send you.
  7. I can't imagine having to shoot at a public range. I doubt I'd ever shoot if I had no other choice.
  8. You must have a lemon curse on you to try out that many different warranties. Better than a toaster!
  9. Good price, good ribs. Have bought the same many times. St. Looney at baby racks are for poooseeys.
  10. Youre not as dumb as McMike looks
  11. New rifle supposed to be here Friday.
  12. "What's our collateral?" "A 1997 S10 with broke A/C, a bunch of tools and ladders and 1,184,875 expired Marlboro miles." "An A/C repair guy has a broke A/C in his truck???" "It's complicated. Just hope he never misses a payment." Labor Day weekend week and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge are not a combination that I'm going to take on at this point.
  13. Handing off clients to the lucky sob who inherits them. Like this: "Okay, what do we need to know about Red's 24/7 Mobile A/C and Refrigeration Service?" "Well, he'll never cashflow on paper bc he works for cash, lunch and or bud lights, but he'll never miss a payment." Like that.
  14. Exit interview done yesterday. Got about 2 hours worth of work to do over the next two days. Lunch with my old assistant today, old boss tomorrow. Took a week off before starting the new gig. Will cut some firewood, might build a fence around the garden. Contemplating an overnight camping trip in a canoe or on the motorcycle. Recomendations for areas to visit?