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  1. I saw 10 tonight. Crazy. Never see deer like that. Second rut is on and they were moving. Hard. Stoopid 4 point i saw at 4, my son saw at 4:30 and then his bud drew down on it at 5:10. Wandering around like an idiot.
  2. Congratulations. Nice big doe. Does he eat venison? See my earlier post about shooting squirrels b4 deer. Much easier to shoot something that doesn't weigh as much as you mentally for your first kill. Especially when starting older and their brain has been more conditioned to not kill. Get him a 20 gaugue and smoke some tail. For the hunters with youngens, blood them early. My son has hunted with me since he was 2. Started shooting squirrels with a 410 at 7 or 8. We need recruits. We are a dying breed.
  3. So google tells me pernil is PR for pork shoulder. 4 bucks a pound for shoulder? Looks killer though.
  4. I was just taking my son and his friend and dad hunting. I have to age that buck a week and then work it up. No desire to do two at once. It would have taken an ox for me to shoot. I could have killed a truck load tonight. The boy saw two bucks sparring, said one was a dandy but too far for him to shoot the 30-30. He's good to about 75 yards, these were double that. His buddy lined up on a 4 point at 20 yards but psyched himself out. 13 and never killed anything. I tried to talk his dad into going for squirrels last night. He shoulda listened to me.
  5. I'm going to shoot one just to show them how it's done.
  6. Sounds about right. Those are professionally shucked! Enjoy.
  7. Were they shucked with a hammer and a flat head screwdriver?
  8. Someone have a rod rigged up for me. I pay with ham biscuits.
  9. I'll take cow poo pond Larry's over that.
  10. Probably could have just left the gun in the truck. I'm really just taking my son and his buddy hunting.
  11. Deer are moving hard this afternoon. Little suprised, it's 60, but a rain front comes un tonight at 8. Have seen two groups of three does, small 8, fork horn and a spike and it's only 0400.
  12. I heard about listening to this podcast. https://jovialfoods.com/blog/carla-on-nprs-how-i-built-this-with-guy-raz/ Give it a lesson, knowing you, you'll really like it.
  13. My sourdough starter loves it. Went bonkers when i fed it last night.
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