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  1. You getem big boy?
  2. Pretty much.
  3. Shut up Ketchup boy.
  4. Looking good, but quit opening up the grill! For those of us who are number dorks, Dundee is paying $4.44 USD per pound for ribs. That's a bit steep.
  5. Naw. Not all. You wouldn't know it was in it. Amps up the umami. Srsly, give it a,shot. No. No it cannot be. Those are black and white stats. Like saying a corvette and chevette are debatable.
  6. Red, FYI, we're not supposed to call them "boy" any more.
  7. I was just hoping the 66 wasn't your birth year. If your ladies that old, she needs to get off the pill. Especially with all the **** you've been dealing with lately.
  8. Ernie's was done in 1988 with a butter knife in Maine after a day of standing on the ice trying to catch pickerel. What do you expect? That's not good for the broad long term, especially at your ages. I had a pretty candid conversation with my GP, Pill, tube tie, snip, all of it b/c I was damn sure I didn't want to have anymore sleepless nights. I'll never forget, with a big smile he says "I personally recommend it!".
  9. Nor mine. That was my original point. Bad parenting 101. In NJ, that could mean a dead battery, empty pepsi bottle and a can opener. My kids are allowed to look at my wife's ipad or phone under same circumstances. Daughter had it the other day and I took at look at what she was googleing. I swear to H, the google search said "find interesting articles".
  10. Oh, they're already kicking in. I'm
  11. Don't need to Ern. It's a different world now. I have a 10 year old. Been seeing it since she was 3.
  12. His mom still doing his laundry and cooking for him?
  13. Unless the doc is in there for a C-section already, it's a much more extensive surgery vs. an outpatient appointment. I'm not saying I want to do it every weekend, but it was not a big deal at all. And never having to feel like you have the last few days is priceless. Another kid at this point in my life would really eff up are plans.
  14. Starting a sentence with "So," and improper use of "like" So, this thread is like really getting boring.
  15. Take your family out to eat. If your kid pulls out a phone at the table, you're a bad parent.