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  1. Jimmy's passed out, so.. NICE! Dagwood is a triple bread BLT with turkey and ham.
  2. A slice of ham. I mean Tom's fluke sammichs are off the charts meat, but A SLICE of boiled ham?
  3. I bet that was killer.
  4. nice jacket!
  5. Where was she? Bet you it was within 60 miles of me.
  6. Smacking the chicken farmers in the Shenandoah Valley hard right now.
  7. What are you subbing?
  8. Learn on that, with a small fly. You'll kill yourself trying to learn with a 9 weight.
  9. None of us have a hard time believing that.
  10. Mikey died!!!!!? Dibbs on the hot tub!
  11. Different stuff. Google vinca minor or periwinkle.
  12. Vinca is European. We have an old cemetery on our property up in the mountains. Vinca was planted around it a hundred years or so ago, now it covers a several acre area under giant tulip poplars. Looks nice, but not native. You stumble across all kinds of exotics up here when you get close to old settler homesites in the mountains. Perinkle was often used as a 'groundcover' which did not require mowing in cemetaries - giving it the common name grave yard vine. Periwinkle also remains aesthetically pleasing most of the year, as it tends to bloom with a light blue-violet flower throughout the spring and summer months.
  13. That monolith is amazing. Spooky!
  14. Yeah, but does that get you laid more? That's the question that keeps me 5-10 pounds over fighting weight No it does not, juice aint worth the squeeze. Had my annual physical last week. Doc asks how things are going. "Remember me telling you about my ankle hurting last year and you said an Orthopedic would put me in a boot for 6 months...." "Well. It's the same."