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  1. This got dumped into the PG 3 days after you started it. As of last night it was in the Tavern. Your second post in this thread, as I pointed out, was a halfway decent attempt at trying to do what you are now claiming. Have a conversation. You are the epitome of the anwser to your own question. But you'll never understand that.
  2. Looks awesome. Shrimp stock brother... The damn 10 cent a pound gritz come out better than the rest if it. Amazon. Palmetto gritz..
  3. Why would you insult someone with your "opinion" and then ask for their opinion? It's Hubris at it's finest. TEXTBOOK. And you are too high on yourself to see it?
  4. Mature educated people can have a debate on politics and not include "dickhead". Bull ****. You're opening post negates this as a 100% lie. That smug, hollier than thou, slanted opening post shows your true colors. Own it.
  5. BTW unarmed includes trying to run a cop over with a vehicle.
  6. Taters need space. Think you'll end up with a bonanza of small to mediums.
  7. Tucker blowing up a piece from the WAPO right now that highlights all killings in 2019 of unarmed blacks by cops showcasing the circumstances around the shooting. The total number of cases was 10. Wapo should be sued for slander.
  8. 10 rounds?
  9. You want in on the action?
  10. I got a $100 on a Marlin 60.
  11. No you didn't.
  12. My wife yelled at it and it ran up the mountain.
  13. Thanks. When I make the Avgolemeno soup I use homemade chicken stock. I assume in this application, the "stock" is just the water you cooked the meatballs in?
  14. Perfect quartering away shot. Give me that in October and there's a Slick Trick flying through that screen.