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  1. Whoa. Pretentious much?
  2. You're extended family? Take pics!
  3. Is that a Crawdad? One of the plastic coleman boats? My cousin had one with a minnkota on it. Was a beast for small lakes where no engines were allowed.
  4. Of course it is, I leave for my fishing trip in 2 hours and 40 minutes!
  5. Poor kid got his heart broken!
  6. Speaking of..... @ChumSlickJon How's your daughter doing with the man bun play toy? ?
  7. You did it right. Greens are supposed to be a pile of slop that you sprinkle vinegar and hot sauce on and eat with black eyed peas and corn bread. I had sloppy joes last night, talk about slop!
  8. Northern Ebonics!
  9. Before I take this guys advice
  10. I'll take this guys advice on financial stuff all day...
  11. I said that was poorly stated. Swampbilly gets it!
  12. There's no room for grey here Mikey. You're right or you're wrong and Tom's got six dozen jelly donuts in his front seat he's got to unload to check in chicks before he winds up eating 3 of them himself!
  13. You can't quit me!