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  1. Gracias! Terry shows up to events consistently. Do consider his actual participation over yours before judging.
  2. This an awesome play to get "Remove Kebaab" in the Tavern.
  3. How bout the rod and push cart threads. A cry for help whilecstill feeling superior to those he was asking for help if ever there was one. It's 2019. You should be referring to GB as Ma'am.
  4. If we can give the award posthumously (hopefully) GB by a mile.
  5. Funny. He doesn't look Drewish.
  6. Wow.
  7. Did two 3.2 mile laps agam Sunday both right at 33:30. Would like to get that under 30. 6 years ago. Suck in for the pic!
  8. Nice spread. Good job Moma Dare!
  9. FIFY Happy Birthday Brother!
  10. No buds in that pic. Maybe sun reflection. The early daffodils in sunny spots bloomed two days ago. Red buds are 2-3 weeks away. Technically a Whelk I picked up off of Assateague Beach. Cut the tip of it off with a Dremel and turned into an awesome conch horn. Echos like a mofo in the hollow. I have an almost 11 year old who is over 5' tall, wears size 9 shoes and has all the associated baggage. Watch your mouth Mister!
  11. I meant that in a good way. I love that movie! And I love fly fishing. But it certainly has it's fair share out dumbasses. A lot like Jersey.
  12. Soda Bread with Craisins and Caraway seeds.
  13. Yes. I was fishing a rifle and look up and he's somehow in the middle of the river looking like Brad Pitt in a A River Runs through it. Current situation.
  14. That's gotta be an award of some type.
  15. Apparently the place was a restaurant at one time. It would appear @redfishkiller installed the vent hood.