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  1. that was a salty quote I read in a conspiracy thread..... and I have to agree with him...... but it's not just here, pure insanity seems to be running amok across the nation. What I can't figure out is whether those pushing the nonsense actually believe it or not. I think the majority of the nonsense being peddled is by design just to slime Democrats and justify wasting time on nonsense. The cycle seems to be flood the zone with nonsense, push the stupid talking point, repeat the talking points and claim to believe it, then use the belief in the nonsense to demand that the nonsense be taken seriously, we see it in Tom threads, 52% of those surveyed believe this, so whether it's credible or not it needs to be addressed. 54% of those surveyed believe the investigation was stolen via this nonsensical theory, so nonsense or not it needs to be investigated to put those fears to rest. at what point can we as a nation just dismiss the ravings of lunatics? (I'm assuming those most engaged in the nonsense will want to post, Russia, oligarchs, and deutsche bank as a rebuttal)
  2. Trump was engaged in overturning an election and ending our democracy if you still support his efforts then you are unamerican.
  3. Well that settles it.
  4. Insanity
  5. Oh boy.
  6. Sometimes he just needs to publicly chastise a lefty
  7. Broken republicans refuse the vaccine and cheer the spread.
  8. Sure it can supporting a loser who tries to overturn an election.
  9. Seems to be the cult position normal people are cheering for our country. try being normal for a while.
  10. That’s a weird reaction to the question also popularity in a forum on a fishing message board seems VERY important to some people.
  11. The cult is openly rooting against team USA clearly its Biden’s fault.
  12. Seems members here save the nude selfies as well.
  13. I’m outraged
  14. This isn’t a conspiracy its fact WATCH THE VIDEO
  15. I am outraged they won’t give trump credit for the vaccine I won’t take wait this just in i am now outraged they are giving trump credit for the vaccine I won’t take.
  16. Makes you wonder if the skeletons in their closets are real.
  17. ???? I feel like my posts are in line with the topic in the OP why are you upset?
  18. You guys have a lot of naked pictures of men.
  19. They were audited stop avoiding facts. lock him up lock him up lock him up. commie republicans are avoiding proven facts.
  20. Again why are you or predicating you position on a premise that the choice of major is the problem??? seems like a good way of avoiding reality.
  21. Why are they insisting these attacks caught on video are spoofs??? they should be investigated Do your own research.
  22. So much insanity.
  23. Yes I am very triggered. arrrrgffhhhh
  24. that would be awesome Dr Biden could be First Lady for 16 Years.