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  1. 7 mins ago, Bass Ackwards said:

    No, he's an idiot because he lets his hatred of Trump spill over to anyone that voted for him just as you are with this statement " As you can imagine I don’t trust anyone that defends trump, actually I believe them to be not American"

    Trump was engaged in overturning an election and ending our democracy 

    if you still support his efforts then you are unamerican. 

  2. 26 mins ago, The Dude said:

    Can you explain what his conclusions are?


    22 mins ago, Harf said:

    Stop acting like a childish troll.  I guess its cool within your circle of weirdo friends but here you really aren't popular.


    That’s a weird reaction to the question 


    also popularity in a forum on a fishing message board seems VERY important to some people.