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  1. If I'm gonna do the time I should at least get the status and benefits I am entitled to.
  2. Sorry i copied chum’s reply to you and I could not get rid of that tag i tried a few times.
  3. I think ray should recuse himself from moderating the PG. he is clearly not emotionally equipped to be an unbiased enforcer of the rules. meh has banned me on a whim a few times now. I can’t believe Tim is ok with such behavior from his mgmt team
  4. So your derailment is ok because you didn’t like the topic.
  5. c'mon, I have been lectured and given points for comments that were MUCH closer to the topic than your's the thread was about Michael Flynn and your first post was essentially forget Michael Flynn let's talk about how much Biden sucks instead.
  6. OH SNAP!!!! but yes, your derailment had a whiny bitch element to it.
  7. Long distance dedication to Ray......
  8. the fact you follow me around proves you'd miss me. I just think Ray's behavior in the PG lately has been a total joke. the notion that he will ban someone for the behavior he regularly engages in is special.
  9. Now MGMT loves to deny the double standard that exists in the PG, but Ray is actively working to derail a thread and launch personal attacks, and when I point it out I get the ban. maybe Tim & Co. should just stop denying their moderation strategy is to create a right wing safe space.
  10. You could fill page after page with the same hypocrisy, but these scumbags will continue to ignore their own personal failures to further the leftist agenda, while shouting ’whataboutism!’ when called on to defend their previous positions
  11. Ray contributes ‘Theory’ is the key word in another obvious distraction from the disaster called the Biden Administration. As the list of failures continues to grow, the only defense offered by you pinkos is orange man bad. Get a ****ing grip.
  12. codfish starts a thread about a bizarre conspiracy pushed by Michael Flynn...... Just when you thought team Trump could not get any more wacky "Former Trump adviser Michael Flynn is pushing a bonkers theory that COVID-19 vaccines are being added to salad dressing"
  13. I forgot that right wing thread derailment is a vital part of the creation of the right wing safe space.
  14. Derailment mixed with personal attacks
  15. Nice derailment
  16. if Ray bans anyone who disagrees with Right win talking points.
  17. Maybe Tom could just post the link to the site where he gets all his outrage stories, and Tim could pin it to the top of the Tavern, it would save Tom a LOT of time.
  18. BA I said it a bazillion times. find a couple.
  19. over activities related to the Russia Russia Russia hoax I'm sure it will be tossed out.
  20. because I can't respond. right now he is defending his actions as acceptable, yet he has given me lectures and points in the past for what he is claiming is OK but sure, no double standard, PS It' easy to win an argument when nobody can respond to you tim. it's like when you lock a thread then make 5 more posts in it jabbing at someone.
  21. yup for a weekend then for a little bit. enough to show that bans are capricious and lack consistency of enforcement. if Mgmt wants a Right wing safe space in the PG I will let them have it.
  22. who is lying? me or the people making assertions they can't seem to back up??? I called Trump a Nazi a bazillion times, and as proof you cite two threads in which I don't. in fact ONE of those threads is me denouncing Trump for comparing the USA to Nazi Germany. right wing trolls don't care about truth, they just need a large number of trolls to agree with their lie.
  23. Yup the proof I called trump a nazi is the thread about trump comparing the USA to Nazi Germany makes sense