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  1. fighting "the man" should be mocked, fighting the DEEP STATE is to be admired. same group, but the emotional response is different....
  2. I don't disagree..... many of them just need to go away, It's a good thing they have at least ONE chance to move the needle, there are a couple I don't know much about and someone may show themselves to be under valued. it's a bit like the crowded field for the GOP was last time, only a few had a legit shot and the others were just wasting people's time.
  3. that's fair enough, all I am saying is that many seem to dismiss her with a wave of the hand and evoking "Pocohantas" which is an indication of how she allowed Trump to set the narrative.
  4. did you ever hear about him hitting a homer in a game of wiffle ball?
  5. if checking that box 30 years ago is the most dishonest thing she did, and it's based on her being told she has native American heritage, I don't see it as that big a deal......... particularly because it's questionable as to how much she was actually helped by it. again, any amount of questionable behavior is significant, but it's important to be honest about HOW significant something is.
  6. posts about somebody's wife, blames Terry just man up, apologize, then have enough class to walk away.
  7. I assure you it's no act.
  8. well that is my point, Republicans have made that box she checked 3 decades ago the central point of her character, while supporting a guy who is a compulsive liar, and pretending it's comparable, If Warren can't beat trump on the honesty issue, she doesn't deserve to win.
  9. If Warren can't beat Trump on the issue of honesty, she doesn't deserve the nomination.
  10. IMHO it's another reason why the EC is bad. a LOT of Republicans live in California, but the GOP will ignore them, because their state is not in play.
  11. and maybe his "drunk nose" needs a little more makeup?
  12. can we agree that original recipe is way better than extra crispy?
  13. and people clamor about the decisions, hence bringing up the Elian issue. either we support allowing kids to stay for a better life or we don't. either we take them in as refugees or we don't. but if we want to discuss the parameters of the decisions we can. but wanting to throw them all back, except this one kid we thought was cute, is bad policy.
  14. to return him to his father, I remember the Republicans on the board wanting him to stay, because the USA was a land of opportunity....... FWIW, it's an interesting discussion to have, if you want to have it, put the finger pointing aside and let's discuss whether we want to return kids to their country of origin, or whether they can stay, and under what conditions.
  15. that doesn't make much sense, you want the blood bath earlier and allow time for healing, plus the dark horses know that bomb throwing will be their only hope at moving the needle.