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  1. Any actual Antifa members actually at a riot?
  2. Add Kelly to the list.
  3. they are, normal people see it differently that the cult does...... Trump is lashing out, and losing what is left of his non deplorable supporters.
  4. Trump toadies claim to have a LOT of evidence to support whatever Trump says.... they never seem to produce it.
  5. 200.20 this morning..... seems all the older folks in my family are going thru serious health issues....... my generation is on deck.... been trying to get myself in as good a shape as possible to be able to enjoy the retirement phase as much as I can..... the weight loss and cardio I have been doing has me feeling relatively "safe" from Covid..... so at least there is that.
  6. that's the kind of brilliant insights you only get here.
  7. you keep spouting off about what your are fantasizing about...... if you limit yourself to actual facts, I will stop pointing your your delusions.
  8. you have retreated into fantasy and delusion.....
  9. ???? you are aware of the rampant insider trading that went on after there was a briefing on the Covid pandemic..... aren't you?
  10. when we purge our nation of everyone who isn't in the cult, we will finally achieve greatness.....
  11. no matter what Trump actually DOES, you can always fantasize that Democrats are worse, your fantasies are the only defense you have left for the support of our failure in the white house.
  12. nope, they probably didn't get the briefing that Congressman got in order to reinvest in time.
  13. we shouldn't see problems broken down by color, we should see problems faced by our fellow americans, right and wrong should matter, if you are OK with injustice because it's done to "them" then you are part of the problem.
  14. not really.... but I understand why you don't want your rant challenged.
  15. racists are very confident their racism isn't the problem, it's the damn do gooders..... that cop wouldn't have had to kill Floyd if not for the damn liberals.