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  1. who can forget, you trolls are either pushing conspiracy theories about Democrats or complaining about legit investigations into your cult leader.
  2. trump may face consequences for his habitual law breaking no more to say.
  3. apparently there are a lot of those schools in Florida it's disgusting, thankfully DeSantis has stopped all the predatory schools in that crap state.
  4. it's an outrage that trump can't break all the laws he chooses. outrage I say.
  5. yes anyone not getting their info from Twitter Tucker and youtube has their blinders on, according to those who denounce and ignore "mainstream" news.
  6. this speaks volumes about the size of the MAGA cult within the GOP. drooling fools getting their "information" straight from the bubble. watch the video.
  7. ever stub your toe on a piece of furniture in your own home? you should have known it was there.
  8. LOL you guys are obsessed with revenge talking points, if a Republican did something bad, you will throw it back at a Dem. and believe it.
  9. he tripped on a sand bag. I think a young man might have as well you guys are weird.
  10. if they are smug and say things like "actions have consequences" then yes.
  11. so facing consequences is now a reward.....
  12. so you don't think many republicans push these laws to punish the women, it's weird that "consequences" etc. are used to justify them so often.
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