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  1. Other countries have schools. try again.
  2. I bet that would be deemed inappropriate if Pope Francis mandated that.
  3. KB was lobbying to have someone banned? missed it.
  4. It worked in Buffalo right?
  5. Lol the Catholic Church hasn’t been around for a few thousand years.
  6. Lol when you start losing an argument start lying.
  7. Pay to have it annulled and you can. And I have never heard of a divorced Catholic being turned away from the sacrament.
  8. It’s not general it’s specific its political. it’s putting one issue above others for punishment. you cheer now. But I’m guessing if the church puts some other issue that you don’t agree with as primary it will suddenly be unfair.
  9. Some jokes about killing kids are funny I guess. it’s all about the direction they come from for some wanna be mods handing out fantasy bans for behavior.
  10. Right? put him on the train
  11. Someone shot back right?
  12. It’s politics and it’s why you support it. if republicans were denied for other reasons I’d bet you’d feel differently. you approve the cherry picking on issues you agree with.
  13. Kid is dead right?
  14. But other sins are not because politics.
  15. Lol