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  1. Just saying it’s a scum bag move to throw that around the way you guys do.
  2. So many i wear it in the wawa and dare those MAGA punks to tell me to take it off. they don’t have the balls.
  3. Lock her up lock her up lock her up let him go let him go let him go
  4. Classic law and order republicans don’t think the guilty should go to jail.
  5. Kiddy diddler? pretty scummy how you guys slime people.
  6. Never had a doubt
  7. Lol that is what trials are for. it’s dangerous NOT to hold powerful and connected people responsible for their crimes. rudy chanted lock her up right? now he cries like a bitch because he didn’t get his pardon.
  8. what did republicans say about cuomo? pretty funny hypocrisy stuff? are you actually comparing what is being alleged between the two? sad
  9. Yes I believe he did he denies it
  10. Tick Tock Rudy.
  11. I wear a mask to trigger right wing snowflakes. I love making them cry
  12. LOL you know that's not true, how many nothingburgers have we had with this Kraken nonsense, the Trump Cult will never admit he lost, they will just demand another investigation, and people like you will say we should allow them to have it because it will settle things once and for all, but when that comes up empty, they will demand yet another investigation, and you will say if we don't let them have it, we are hiding something...... etc. etc. etc.
  13. where?
  14. Gaetz is accused of some pretty scummy crimes, he referred to the accusations as "naughty favors".
  15. did I say he admitted to doing anything?