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  1. I tend to say what I mean. I was addressing the political movement that has been active within the GOP for the last few decades, the religious right, the moral majority, however they currently self identify.
  2. at the end of the day I just wish Doug would buy a round of drinks for once, and stop begging people for free plugs.
  3. the whole issue is silly, she's a fat lady who sings a song well. don't care enough to want them to stop playing it, I don't care enough to want them to reverse the decision.
  4. I listen to Levin, he seems to be more of a propagandist than a principled commentator. Democrats aren't always wrong, Republicans aren't always right. and anyone who pushes that message on a daily basis cares more about party than ideology.
  5. he can't what? locking this thread should make it easier for him to ignore me....... you should stop posting in it, and stop editing my posts..... and just let it alone.
  6. the thread isn't about claiming the high ground, it's about introspection and being willing to evaluate the shortcomings of your own side. partisans will seek to end any such endeavor in favor of ramping up the finger pointing.
  7. FWIW I think the movements of the Televangicals and the mega churches combined with the political movement of the Religious Right, has done a LOT of harm to christians in this country. Religious should NOT be about wealth and fame or political clout. those things run contra to Christian values...... no?
  8. I agree, I was really stumped by your question, and that was the best answer I could come up with for how I could make a difference.
  9. some of their positions have merit. I think our unwillingess to admit the OTHER side may have good ideas is harmful to the process. the right calls the left commies, the left calls the right fascists, and both sides claim the other side wants to destroy the nation.
  10. that is a DAMN good question. maybe I should try to dial down my willingness to engage with partisan trolls and seek to discuss the compromise whenever possible.
  11. anyone who believes that the hyper partisanship is a disservice to us.
  12. before Raider edited my post I made it clear you were doing a bad job of ignoring me, try harder.
  13. I think leftist care more about Christian values than Republicans do, Republicans just wield it for their own purposes.
  14. I think it's OUR responsibility to reject this and be open to compromise. if the propagandists whip us up into a frenzy and we adopt a " not one inch " stance then it's on us.
  15. don't edit my posts Raider.