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  1. he does do that, except with putin, with putin he puckers up and shoves his face deep into Putin's ass crack.
  2. you would think Dude's opinion would be enough to end it.
  3. correct, I'm guessing many who did Trump's bidding will have to face the music, the smart ones recused themselves, then took the deal.
  4. maybe Manafort Trump and Stone can get some prison tats with that saying.
  5. but predictable.
  6. how about you just use your words, and don't assign homework.
  7. hasn't Trump played that card to excuse his missteps since taking office? I'm new to politics I didn't know what the rules are (he may not have actually said it, but his spokespeople have)
  8. answering your question is derailing a thread? seriously?
  9. so is the problem people who use obscure symbols to try to avoid your rule? or people who know what the obscure symbol means? IMHO if you don't want political avatars, I won't use a political avatar, if you don't want memes with the f bomb in them, I won't post them, yadda yadda yadda.
  10. I don't either, but if he was he would probably want to have secret meetings with Putin, you know, no witnesses...... maybe hand over classified intel, that sort of thing.
  11. Trump businesses get a LOT of money from Russia. Russia was helping Trump win the election, Trump seemed incapable of saying a bad word about Putin, Trump believed Putin over his own intelligence community. there are a LOT of factoids that might be meaningless if viewed separately, but when you look at them in total, it's very troubling.
  12. fair enough, again I try to use an economy of words to get my point across, It is my understanding, and correct me if I am wrong, that you most often vote for a Republican. In a sane world you and I would most likely be debating issues..... on SOL we are deemed interchangeable.
  13. honestly that was about the best I though you would be able to come up with. You have NO idea whether Putin wants that treaty in place or not. let's assume that the Treaty remained in effect, and we asserted that Putin was breaking it, what would the consequences of that be? could we put sanctions on him for breaking it? does just nullifying the treaty allow him to be free of such consequences?
  14. what does this mean??? Trump has worked DAMN hard on trying to obstruct the investigation which he claims is a witch hunt, it's so weird.
  15. you got it in first, but I said more.