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  1. no need to read it, the main point was that I thought you were a piece of crap.
  2. But if you need to get the last word in fine. For or me I was truly hurt with your “paraphrase” it was a cheap shot that made it clear we aren’t friends and the pushes out the door I thought I was getting wasn’t imagined. Please feel free to explain how that exchange is simply me being upset by trump. LPE
  3. Tim I hide in the PG and outpost because I got run out of the Tavern. Lets not rewrite history
  4. you claim I've changed, honestly I think you have changed. you are wrapped up in identity politics and you seem to resent those who disagree with you. if you actually believe my posts are the worst in the PG it's because you are biased to the point of blindness. but as I said, if I keep walking in to a bar where the owner acts like a dick, it's on me.
  5. tim I'm the same guy, and if you can't see the humor in my posts or the value to my contributions, that's on you, but you have made it abundantly clear that you don't care if I post here again, honestly that's an understatement, you have gone out of your way to make me feel increasingly unwelcome........ you will be getting your wish.
  6. not to everyone I guess. The selective ire from above was just something I dealt with, but it's been becoming increasingly nasty as time has gone one, it's been clear he's trying to get me to leave without actually using buttons to do it. he's succeeded.
  7. no, just tired of Tim's "I miss the old frank crap" It's very disingenuous.
  8. your posts from a couple weeks ago evaporated any pretense that we were actually friends, it forced me to re evaluate things.
  9. just own the purge Tim, it's not about my behavior, it's about how my opinions make you feel, people do a LOT worse than I do, I am tired of you acting like my behavior is the worst. I put up with it for a while. but at some point it's just not worth it, I like the people here, I don't like the way you treat me. I don't like the endless barrage of insults. I don't like the double standards. the choice is come here and put up with it, or don't.
  10. I miss feeling welcome here. I get nothing but animosity from you. It's like a bar where I like the people who goes there, but the bartender/owner can be a dick. at some point the camaraderie isn't worth the price of admission. you have been turning up the heat for a long time now, it just took me a while to get the message.
  11. Tim I used to think the on line stuff was nonsense. Annoying frusterating but i never held it against you. You just changed that. I dont like you anymore.
  12. Lie you know it and now I despise you. Seriously scummy post Tim.
  13. Little is here to push GOP talking points not to make sense. Thats not a lozenge its tongue cancer.
  14. I had no idea you golfed with Jews i take it all back.
  15. Purged