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  1. That is a 1 piece.. right? If so.. i cant because car... Not suv, truck, or wagon like i probably should have
  2. I am looking for an ODM dna 8' 2 piece. I know it is new this year... But.. i figured it wouldnt hurt to ask first. Thanks Craig
  3. Thanks... That is more than i paid for the reel (gold and immaculate). The spools are about $50 on eBay.. thanks though
  4. Looking for a spare spool for a battenkill large arbor V. Not really worried about color. Unless... It is something I should worry about.
  5. Do you still have this? Airflo Forty Plus Cold Salt WF10 Intermediate. If so. I'll buy it. Send me a pm.
  6. If you'll accept PayPal. I'll take this deal.
  7. What weight is this?
  8. What wait is this... About?
  9. Looking for an orvis battenkill vi large arbor or comparable reel. In the 8-10wt range. Extra spool would be nice. I'm trying to keep it under $200. Thanks
  10. I forgot to make sure this is a 4 piece rod..
  11. If you would take $100 shipped I'll take it as-is.. Craig
  12. Would you sell the Douglas sky?
  13. Can we talk about what reels you have as well? And possibly a package deal on the ticrx?