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  1. I have a Penn confict 5000 reel that i really do not use anymore. It as some rash from the rocks... but.. overall works pretty well. I am just trying to thin the herd a bit. asking $70 shipped. loaded with some sort of braid.. i really do not recall what i put on there.. it may be powerpro.. but i really do not recall. located in philadelphia... I typically fish from the manasquan area to northern areas.
  2. I still have the 5500.. not cosmetically mint.. but... it is mechanically mint.
  3. I have a used Penn Slammer III 5500 reel. not sure what weight braid is loaded on there. but maybe it is 30lb? I really like this reel but it just a bit too large for the type of fishing I mostly do. I have the original box, paperwork, and brass knob as well. Looking for $160 shipped (i am located in philadelphia- but frequently fish from manasquan up to the hook.
  4. well.. Im not going to lose this over $7... so... I'll PM you.
  5. you have no interest in a slammer III 5500 trade for the clash 3000 do you.. or would you accept $85 shipped?
  6. I would also consider a stradic 5000 new model fj.. or so.... Craig
  7. Seconds! You know.. just in case
  8. I posted some pics of my 5500 in my listing. If you'd consider a 5500...
  9. perfect... i will get some pictures- also.. I am in philadelphia... but make my way in to jersey often enough. or.. it can be shipped. we can discuss if it makes it to that point Craig
  10. you know... it is something i have been meaning to do.... I can get some pics tonight. I think it is in good condition. I still have the original box and brass handle knob thing as well as the paperwork.. I believe. Craig
  11. still looking for a 4000 - 4500 clash or slammer 3 as a trade.
  12. Still have a 5500 that I'd be interested in trading...
  13. would you trade for a 5500?
  14. last year i purchased a Penn Slammer 5500 from this site.. I really love the reel.. but... I really feel like a smaller size would be better. It is in very good condition, I can post pictures later.. i do have the brass knob in a box (i have been using the eva foam knob). I am not sure what # braided line is loaded on there currently... If anyone would be interested in trading I live and work in philly and frequently fish from lavalette to shark river. could easily meet up. I am hoping to trade for a penn reel of equal value.