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  1. A $5300 red kayak awesome just what the people wanted
  2. Welcome to hobie life
  3. I want to let you know the bite is on in Raritan Bay. Friday night my buddy got a 20 pounder from the bank on a Metal lips and my other buddy gotem’ on the same in his yak. I’ll be out in my yak tomorrow. There’s a lot of 29/35 lbs. and thanks again for stopping me from buying a new Outback. 

  4. If you have a Hobie and fish offshore you would be insane not to carry a hand pump
  5. For many years I made the mistake of thinking no company could put out something better than Hobie. My first kayak was a Native Manta Ray 14 which was great but I wanted to fish more than paddle. I have had 3 Revos and a 2019 outback and am now in a 2020 Predator PDL. This boat is very comfortable, surprisingly fast, and has done everything I need it to do. I'm extremely happy with this boat. I would not recommend car-topping, though. If i couldn't transport it in my pickup bed, I wouldn't use it at all. I'll just come out and say it- the 2019 outback was the worst kayak I ever had. I stupidly did not take one for a test drive first. I liked my friends' older outbacks that I had tried. My experience with the 2019 was that it was a very wet ride, couldn't stand, slow, wouldn't turn, having to pull a lever to go in reverse SUCKED, seat back adjustment broke very quickly, and the rudder lines were seriously jacked when I first got it. The common themes with all the Hobies I had were frequent and expensive mirage drive part breakages (usually at the worst possible times), mysterious hull leaks and constantly broken seats. The revo was great for what I used it for which was surf launching and bays/rivers with lots of current. The first 2010 Revo I had was the best- when they put that stupid seat in, jacked up the prices and seemingly made the hulls thinner they really turned me off. I gave the 2019 outback a shot after all the redesign hype thinking it would be a better all-around option but that boat wasn't good for anything. I had the outback and the predator at the same time and decided to keep the predator so take from that what you will.
  6. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm headed there in May and I'm getting more amped every day
  7. It can be done more easily on a pedal yak for sure. When trolling 2 baits from my hobie I keep pedaling once I have the fish hooked to keep tension on the line while I reel in my other rod and just let the hooked fish fight the drag until I've cleared the other. If the fish aren't big and don't threaten to run through my other line I don't even bother reeling in the other. I troll with 1 lure 95% of the time though unless there is no life on my fishfinder, I haven't caught a fish all day and I really want to increase my odds. I had two 10 lb-ish blues on this spring both with a mouth full of trebles and yes that is the worst case scenario.
  8. He sold it already?!?! He told me a few weeks ago it wasn't gonna happen til the summer. Dang. If/when that place closes it will be a major loss.
  9. Nice vid I hear you on the salty/wet gopro lense. I tried spraying mine with Rain-x and it works surprisingly well. Still doesn't help the salt crust buildup though.
  10. I liked the vantage seat at first... but as the season wore on I've really come to dislike it. One day early on I noticed my seat was very wobbly... I looked down to find one of the screws connecting the top to the bottom rolling around under my seat. These still work themselves loose every once in a while. Then the seat back adjustability went. I had to take off the back bar holding all these bungees to find that a 0.02 cent hog ring broke and now my seat was in permanent recline. My redneck fix locked the seat somewhere in the middle of recline and has worked for the past 6 months but I lost the adjustability which has eliminated the seat's major benefit. At least partly because of this I am now experiencing sciatica pain for the first time in my life after about 3 hours in the seat. 3 years in an older revo and this was never a problem. Now that my season is over I asked my local hobie dealer what the estimated fix time for the seatback would be and they say 2-3 months! what the what?!
  11. Those are some very nice fish. Those lunkerhunt pocket frogs are my favorite snakehead lure, Rich
  12. Heard similar issues from other owners. As much as my braid gets wrapped around my rudder in a normal day of fishing or trolling 2 rods I don't think I'd be able to enjoy fishing very much if I knew that I'd be looking at a $500 fix every time it happened. We need less motors and more efficient pedals drive or manual propulsion systems.
  13. The substantially bigger threat to bass would be man. Just ask the mutant, cancer-stricken, sex-changing bass of the Susquehanna where no snakeheads are present. Look into the Dominion proposal to dump their slag pits into the Potomac. Seems like snakeheads should be pretty low on every bass fisherman's list of concerns.
  14. There were no "good" bass fisheries in philly/south jersey so snakeheads have been a welcomed addition. They are much more difficult to catch than bass and seem to be really affected by weather patterns. They are also infinitely more fun to catch than bass assuming you like huge topwater explosions on mice and frogs and something bigger than your average 1.5 lb stunted largemouth on the end of your line. My biggest from the kayak is 8 lbs but have seen pics of 12 lbers from south jersey. The Potomac snakeheads seem to be way bigger on average and I hope the philly strain can start getting to that size.