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  1. Nice looks good, sorry for the delayed reply, we did a turn around trip.
  2. Rigged and in the bag haven’t gotten the chance to throw them yet! Well at least you lost it on a big one and not a wind knot!
  3. Hey Ted, I’ll definitely take the bottom 3, I’m headed offshore and be back Friday if that works for you? Thx Andrew
  4. Well I plan on using it so if you can throw up a few more pics plz. I’ll 99.9% take it, I’m headed offshore crabbing right now an I’ll be back in signal range Friday morning.
  5. Definitely like to see a few more pics, how was it when you serviced it?
  6. I could do 300 PayPal
  7. Damn what are you thinking $ wise?
  8. Looking for used or new, PayPal ready.”! thx guys!
  9. Fish them!
  10. Would you ship?
  11. I’ll take the tattoos
  12. I think I’m good thanks for offering r them up.
  13. No worries thanks for looking!