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  1. Have a set of Craftsman tools from the 60's. still going strong. Bought when I was around 16 or 17 yrs. old
  2. MMMMM Beer. Sounds like you had a good one. We're leaving on a cruise on Friday for our vacation. First in over 2 years.
  3. All the money they collect goes into 1 pot and is spent in ALL parks around the state.
  4. I don't agree with wok167's reasoning. Why is it that the lifelong fisherman and residents have to make the sacrifice and be inconvenienced for the partiers? Banning alcohol on the beach would solve most of the problems. Been driving on beach for 45 years and now they want me to watch a video. Sounds to me like the State is slowly trying to get rid of the fisherman and cater to the partiers. Also,I read yesterday that someone from DNREC said the $4 is going for enforcement. That is all we heard for years is no money for more officers. I personally was fishing with some friends on 3R's and saw 4 Dnrec vechicles parked near the bathing beach for at least 2 hrs.
  5. Yes DMS was involved in the meeting as a user group. If I wasn't a lifetime member, I wouldn't be renewing my membership. Gonna be a Clusterf##k on the beach this year! Moreso than usual that is.
  6. It also says you must watch a video before you get this tag. So, I've been fishing the beaches for 60 years, been a member of DMS for 30-40 years and I don't know what I'm doing. Have to agree with all points made. Makes me feel like when I was working. We would go to a meeting where our ideas were requested and then management would turn around and do what they wanted in the first place. As previously stated banning alcohol would greatly reduce problems and overcrowding on De. beaches. Also cannot move from 1 beach to another. Must stay on beach that reservation was purchased for.
  7. We managed 5 dozen this week. none anywhere near your big one. Nice catch. Probably go 1 or 2 more times this year..
  8. Slow for us yesterday. 4 1/2 hrs yielded only 34 crabs. 10 of those were females.
  9. Get those kids started early. Mine could sit for hours picking and eating. Crab Report - 8-31-22. crabbed from 7:30a till 11:30a caught 63 keepers. chicken and fish for bait. This was from a boat using 25 topless traps.
  10. 68 crabs total. chicken and fish for bait. 30 topless traps
  11. 8-5-22 Report In at 7a and out at 11A. 27 Topless traps. chicken and fish for bait. 68 crabs. All males!
  12. Been known as Blue Claw crabs for my 70 years. We run 30 topless traps, spaced far enough apart so the boat never stops. 1 guy drives and the other pulls pots and (hopefully) dumps crabs in basket. Crabs are culled for size on the way back to start of run. Easier for us than running a trot line.
  13. Crabbed on Thursday. 50 keepers
  14. Screwball with grape juice ain't bad. PB&J
  15. 80 Keepers on bunker and chicken. 41/2 hrs