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  1. 2.9% + 0.30 per transaction Just google PayPal fee calculator and you'll find websites that calculate what you need to pay or be paid to equal a certain amount
  2. Looks like that one is from 2016 but I believe he does a different one every year
  3. Some more pics of the blems on the SAs. It’s a conrad and a jr if that wasn’t clear.
  4. $85 shipped PP for the four
  5. Anything here of interest? RM Smith jointed bay minnow, RM Smith floating needle, Tattoo small danny, BM wadd (pretty sure I rewired it), and two Surf Asylums I refinished and the epoxy ran on so they look kinda crummy (color came out nice though).
  6. Try the plastic northbar darter (regular darter not bottledarter), can be (lightly) loaded if necessary for better casting. Should dig a little deeper.
  7. You're welcome to pay more haha, his plugs are normally pretty affordable so I didn't want to ask too much. There's some very slight oxidation on it but no hook rash or anything.
  8. Only had one 1.5oz - $18 shipped PP. Some 2oz I’d part with if you’re interested too
  9. The eelskins were 1.5oz versions of his smaller 1.2oz design so they'd sink about the same rate with a skin. I think I have a couple of the old style 1.5oz needles with the tapered noses, I'll check tonight.
  10. It does resemble an RM Smith stubby needlefish, would need more pics to tell
  11. Not one of his usual plugs, probably just an idea he was playing around with. Might be one of a kind. Believe it was sold at last year's CSA demo day.
  12. non-electric detonator
  13. Did great with their suicide shad last spring, caught dozens of fish on one bait too.
  14. For stripers? How about something like an RM Smith bay minnow
  15. PM coming