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  1. If used heavily, every other season. Don't cheap out with lots of backing when you first spool the reel, just fill your spool with braid (use tape to keep it from slipping). Cut back as needed during the season when it gets frayed. Before the second season, add backing to refill the spool and flip the line around so the unused braid is on the outside. If it's a lighter use reel I'll go two years before flipping.
  2. Musky Innovations Seducer I believe. Pretty close to a River2Sea Rover 230. They were sold by the tackle shop that just announced it will be closing/for sale, I got a blank one from them. Pretty sure they came in rattling and silent.
  3. RM Smith, Surf Asylum, Gibbs
  4. Just curious, what model do you have?
  5. Top two are Habs, bottom is a Cap'n Andy
  6. Most likely a Tsunami Timber Lure striper popper
  7. Not a marine biologist but a marine chemist, got my PhD in Oceanography. Feel free to send me a PM.
  8. There are many more types of metal lips than danny's, but if you're looking for a surface or shallow swimming metal lip... Mike's Custom Plugs Commander casts decently and doesn't tumble too much with the right rod/casting motion, Afterhours Danny casts pretty well for a danny, CCW jetty swimmers come to mind too.
  9. I replied in the next post
  10. Assuming you weren't interested in mine
  11. He said he'll wait for the Jrs, he just recently lost his and has been looking for replacements. PM coming
  12. Sorry Phil, my buddy wants to do the trade with Carl. He just lost a jr and has been looking for replacements.
  13. He said he'd trade for the two Jrs. That's all he has available for plastics sorry. Let me know if that works for you.
  14. Hey, listing these for a buddy actually, do you have any BM metal lips you'd part with? Mostly med to large, jrs, a40s, donnys etc
  15. All new yep. Figured there's easily over $100 worth of soft plastics here.