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  1. Something like the Eye Surrender bait wrap. Relatively hook resistant, enough that you could wrap up a plug or two and stuff it in a bag/pocket
  2. What type of jighead? They sell special jigheads to rig those things because of what you experienced
  3. I'll take it if it's still available
  4. What's on it for line?
  5. The windcheaters are weighted very differently to the jumpin minnows. A float test should show that. I believe you have to take the lead out of the chin and load the rear portion to get a similar action.
  6. k4lurebuilding
  7. ID?

    Probably Chris Groves aka blondterror
  8. Coordinating a meetup with Bowless, will update if he takes it
  9. Sweet thanks!! Dogs and darters, can't go wrong
  10. australian cattle dog?
  11. There were TONS of reports recently of people's accounts being used on a crypto site then being hit for huge amounts after placing orders with TW - never saw confirmation that it was definitely a TW issue and not purchases from somewhere else, but that was a common theme. Definitely don't be sending your credit card info, just keep an eye on your account if you placed an order. If you paid with a debit card then you might have to take proactive measures since you probably don't have the protection.
  12. Price drop, $1600
  13. Native Slayer Propel MAX 12.5 Bought in 2021, only used once in the salt. Comes as is with the drive, no electronics/paddle/etc. $1800 picked up in Bourne/Buzzards Bay area
  14. I almost always fill the spool to start. Cut back portions as they get worn out, at the end of the season add backing to refill the spool and flip the line so the backing is now on the inside. If you don't use the reel a ton you could go a couple years before flipping the line. If you put on just enough braid to start then as you cut it back (chafing, wind knots, etc) eventually you won't have enough line on the reel and the braid will be useless.