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  1. A quick scientific literature search revealed one paper that measured mercury levels in Atlantic Bonito (in the Mediterranean), and they were similar to bluefish and albacore tuna, about a third of the average levels found in bigger tuna, swordfish, and sharks. I think that puts them in the "limit consumption" category for pregnant woman, not the avoid category. Of course like was mentioned earlier, the smaller ones should have less mercury.
  2. Listing elsewhere
  3. Price drop, $45 shipped
  4. $52 PayPal Shipped. All were thrown. Top to bottom: Billy D green wadd 8.25”, Billy D blurple stubby 8.25”, Billy D BI Green stubby 8.25”, 24/7 Montauk yellow 8.5”, 24/7 Montauk white 8.5”
  5. Got him by a few seconds. PM coming
  6. Selling this new GRS giant deep diver for a buddy. He's looking to get $90 shipped, PayPal, to cover expenses.
  7. 27 is closer to a 250 (2.75" spool), 25 to a 200 (2.5" spool)
  8. Why would you put such a heavy reel on a super light rod?? If you need a sealed reel get a vs150.
  9. The one on the left is NOT a deep diver, it's a surface swimmer, although it may dive a little depending on the retrieve. The right one is either a medium (M) or deep (D) diver depending on what it says on the lip.
  10. The (titanium) guides make the Legend Surf more expensive, not the Legend Glass (freshwater bass rod). That's pricier than an older glass rod because of the technology they use to make them lighter and more sensitive than normal glass rods (their words not my experience). Your call whether or not it's worth the added price.
  11. Pro-cure on regular soft plastics definitely works, just not sure how long the attracting power lasts
  12. Yeah I'm also wondering if it's the same blank. They changed from black stainless to grey corrosion control alconite guides. Reel seat also has the locking nut as well now.
  13. What are the markings on the nose?
  14. Large RM Smith jigsmith is around 6" and 2oz. Wood though so you can't load it. He makes a "loaded" jigsmith but it's more of a pencil than a spook. Lil' Doc is 7". Bunch of options around 5"
  15. Kind of weird they announced the 2500 and 3000 and said the 4000 was coming, but then also mentioned (only in the comments) that a 5000 was also coming. Hope the 5000 doesn't weigh much more than the 4000.