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  1. I assume those Tsunamis are different than the Centro version? Here are 80lb Spros and 100lb Tsunamis. Very similar in size. Both quite small.
  2. I'm in thanks!
  3. I've used oven cleaner in the yellow can with success when removing the finish off of some plastic plugs. Put them in a bag, spray the cleaner in there, and let them soak for a while before scrubbing (while wearing gloves).
  4. They're definitely not comparable in size or weight. Handled the 4000 the other weekend and it seemed a little heavy for the line capacity specs I've seen, but supposedly nothing is finalized (keep hearing that even though it's supposed to launch in a couple months). Still seemed like it would be a good fit for a 9' rod. VR50 seems more like reel designed for a 7' rod even though people have been putting them on 9's. I was told that they're hoping to add a more VR50 sized model in the future though.
  5. surprised no one has mentioned RM Smith yet
  6. Pretty sure the hook is still on the "bottom" of the plug, since he moved the weighting to the back (ie, what was once the top, not the tail of the plug). So the fish would still get to the hook before the plug. Only difference is the lip is on top now. Cool idea nicely done.
  7. Boot foot or stocking foot waders? I have XL korkers casttrax that barely fit over a size 11 LL Bean wading boot (older model). Also have a L pair that fit fine on size 11 NRS workboot wet shoes that are more like the size of a regular shoe.
  8. Yep that's what I was doing. Totally missed the KR GPS... Thanks for all the help, I'll probably start with something like your layout. The spot I went to test cast yesterday was covered in ice, hopefully will get to cast it today. Still debating on the grips and reel seat anyway so I won't be wrapping guides anytime soon.
  9. Yeah that's what I was referring to. Even if I don't follow the exact angle my plan was to at least set up the guides so the heights fall along the line from the spool shaft to the choke point.
  10. Nice pencil, you can slow those down and walk them better than a typical pencil. Alternating between thrashing and walking can be killer.
  11. Thanks for the input. I'll definitely try it with the KW10M. If you push the stripper guide out are you still placing the reduction guides based on the line from the spool shaft to the choke point?
  12. The RV25-16 pair is what I have taped on right now. I definitely don't want to dig myself into a corner in case I change reels, but I think a Stradic 5k is probably the biggest spool size I'd use. I would imagine switching to a smaller reel shouldn't cause any problems, haven't tried it though.
  13. Yeah not too concerned with exactly following the concept, just used the placements from GPS as a starting point. I'll do some test casts this weekend and see how it does. Thanks for the input.
  14. Ah good to know, thanks. Knew the reduction seemed slow for KR but it does look decent. Wish there was a 12 RV, even the 12 KL-H just seems so tall and thin for a surf rod to me. Looks like RV - KW-M - KB is suggested for "medium duty surf" so I might have to try a 20 RV - 12M KW, and 6 KB. That seems crazy rapid to me but I don't really know what I'm doing here...
  15. I'm building a light duty surf rod that I want to keep nice and light. Mostly will be used for soft plastics, light jigs, small plugs, but it can handle a 4oz plug if necessary. I wanted to use between 1 and 3 double foot guides then switch to single foots. Not positive on the reel but it will likely either be a Stradic 5k or vs150, possibly a vr50 (anyone have the dimensions of one for GPS?). Most likely 20lb braid. I currently have it set up with an RV 25 and 16 followed by a KL 12, KT 8, KB 6, and KT 5.5 runners, but I'm not sure if the distance from the spool to the stripper guide is going to be too short (~18"). I also don't know if I should be reducing the guide ring diameter faster, like by using a KL-H 8M then 7L instead of the KL 12 and KT 8. Or I could use a KW 10M instead of the KL 12 to add a third double foot guide. If I started with an RV 20 as a stripper instead then I probably have to go to a KL-H 12H then the 8M and 7L, but that would only give me one double foot. Any thoughts? Thanks! PS I haven't test casted the current setup yet, waiting for it to get above freezing...