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  1. Few reels and misc for sale. Prices are shipped, PayPal 1. New bail-less kit for Saragosa 5000/6000/8000F and Spheros 5000/6000/8000FB - $20 2. New bail-less kit for Saragosa 14000/18000F and Spheros 14000/18000FB - $20 3. Stradic 5000FI spare spool. Hasn't been used in a while but I assume it's still functional, some minor scuffs - $25 4. Penn Slammer III 4500 - Good condition, with box, starting to sound slightly raspy so might need a service - $120 5. Shimano Spheros 6000FB - good condition for its age, some minor cosmetics - $70 6. Shimano Spheros SW6000 (previous model) - great condition, lightly used, with box - $110
  2. Listing for a friend - used Super Strikes Top to bottom: •Blurple Needle 6 3/8” 1.5 oz •Parrot Needle 7 1/4” 1.74 oz •Yellow Darter •Black Darter •Parrot Darter $55 PayPal, shipping included
  3. Listing for a friend - three used plugs. Mike's Bullet, Beachmaster Jr, Afterhours Sr Pikie. See pics for condition. $100 shipped, PayPal
  4. St Croix's rods specifically made for freshwater bass fishing generally seem to have a different taper even if they rate them with the same action (e.g., fast). The bass rods usually have a much lighter tip than the equivalent inshore rod. The freshwater rods also seem to generally have smaller guides (which may be a good thing, since a lot of St Croix saltwater rods seem to have heavier oversized guides still). A medium freshwater rod is also generally lighter than a medium inshore rod, but that doesn't mean you can't use them in either water. There doesn't seem to be as big of a difference in the cheaper series - the 7' MF Premier was my favorite light tackle inshore rod for a while.
  5. Sorry for the slow response, but I think I'm gonna hold off. My bag is smaller than expected and if I'm gonna bring a separate rod tube I already have something I could use.
  6. Any idea what weight ranges they can handle? I'm interested, just want to double check the actual dimensions of my suitcase
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