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  1. All new yep. Figured there's easily over $100 worth of soft plastics here.
  2. not looking to split at the moment sorry
  3. One more drop $60
  4. price drop $65
  5. 72 soft plastics $75 PayPal shipped 1 - 8” Hogy Jiggin Paddle Herring 3 - 10” RonZ Bubblegum 9 - 10” Hogy Bubblegum 6 - 9” Mega Shad White 9 - 10” Hogy White 13 - 9” Sluggo Bubblegum 13 - 9” Yum Houdini Shad 10 - 10” Hogy Black 1 - 10” RonZ Silver 7 - 9” Mega Shad Block Island Green
  6. Talked to Habs Jr about them and he confirmed they were very early. Haven't seen any others like them come up for sale so I don't really know what they're worth, but $150 for the pair is the number I had in mind to get myself to let them go.
  7. Any interest in this pair of very early needles?
  8. Yes that's right for the latest gen 2 reels. Gen 2s have had three different spool designs. First looked like yours but had holes in the drag knob, second looks like the black one on the left, third looks like yours with the titanium ring around the edge and no holes on top.
  9. Yep look like the Chinese plugs I've seen at RISAA
  10. glider looks like an alans custom lures "slayer"
  11. I had the same experience. After making sure they were all tight, I never lost a stud. Even after rinsing them after almost every trip they started to corrode, and eventually the whole inserts started falling out making the replacement studs useless... definitely need to spray them down with something to keep this from happening if you expect to be able to change out studs in the future. I switched to grip studs and never looked back.
  12. Always have had great experiences dealing with him!
  13. Nope, can't imagine that would end well. I haven't even tried removing one to see what the hole would look like afterwards. The new studs will be going in a different pair of boots.
  14. Same here. Still leaning towards going with grip studs. Too worried that the rock grabrz wont have enough bite on weedy rocks, and that when they round over a bit in a year they won't work as well. I've never had an issue feeling the grip studs through my soles and they didn't lean over too much after a couple years. The carbide tips rounded over a bit but at least they're still a lot pointier than the rock grabrz. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  15. Looking for an AH mega dookster, preferably in pogy/bunker. Also looking for a chartreuse/white AH sr troller.