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  1. I also prefer going the used route if you can be patient to find a good deal. More rod for your money that way. Something like a St Croix Premier series is a good bang for your buck if you can find one used for around 50% of retail - nothing fancy but a solid all around rod.
  2. Yeah as ZA's pics show, an "unfinished" blank would be gray since it is made of graphite/carbon. The mojo inshore is painted and likely has a matte clear coat (NOT flexcoat aka epoxy other than over the guide wraps) unlike all of your earlier St Croixs that have gloss clear coats over the paint. Solely aesthetic so maybe the conclusion is you don't care for matte finishes. I just built a rod and intentionally painted the blank with a matte finish since I preferred the look. You can see how much glossier the epoxy is over the guide wraps.
  3. Just a fancy version of black painted to look iridescent like a gas/oil slick. Very unlikely to make a difference to the fish since they're generally intended to be fished at night anyway.
  4. The flex coat has always only been for guide wraps. It would add too much weight to coat the entire blank. Blanks have different degrees of paint and clear coat but never epoxy like is on the guides.
  5. Choopy 3" pikie. $25 shipped, PayPal
  6. Search bar is your friend. Main disadvantage is the amount of space for gear on the belt.
  7. Random number generator picked post #76, you win! Sending you a message now to get your shipping address and I'll get these in the mail. Good luck with them!
  8. all sold sorry
  9. pm sent
  10. pm sent
  11. Add $4 for shipping if you buy one or all. Immediate PayPal preferred. 1. Bunker piglet, new - $24 2. American shad piglet - very lightly used, has a faint crack in the paint around the belly weight - $22 3. Electric mack polaris, new - $24 4. Bunker hobbit, new - $24
  12. I won this white Afterhours Sr Swimmer a few years ago in what I think was called the "good karma giveaway" and I'd like to pass it on to someone else since it's not getting the use it deserves. I'm going to add its blurple sibling as well to sweeten the pot. Both are used, but since they're Afterhours the finish is holding up great. No requirement to continue this giveaway, I just want you to fish them if you win. Comment to enter (one entry per person) - "I'm in" will do, or share your favorite AH plug if you've fished one. I'll pick a random winner Tuesday (3/23) night at 9pm eastern time.
  13. Here's some other pics of condition
  14. USPS money order is okay, PM coming
  15. Not dying to let mine go but it's mostly been sitting, some marks from light use. Can post more pics if you're interested. It's about 6.5" and 3.2oz. $60 shipped, PayPal