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  1. When I was working for the Air Force as a contractor, I had to qualify with the M-9 once a year. Their range was a dirt berm with a wood overhang. Every so often, they would have to dig up the berm and remove the spent bullets as rounds would hit other bullets already in the berm and cause rounds to leave the range. It got so expensive to do the job that we started using frangible ammo after the last clean up. Just something to think about...
  2. The local brewery has a high opinion of Bud Light,,,,,
  3. I agree, the Yo Zuri poppers cast well on my baitcasters, even the small sizes.
  4. They have been running stories on the local news of a bear running around Port St John, just north of here.
  5. The local store here has always had a crap selection of hunting/fishing stuff. And it is in a mall, so the only way I go to the store is passing thru it to get into the mall, on the rare occasion I go there.
  6. Around here, the FWC has people with contracts to spray for hydrilla and other invasive plants. They seem to be paid by the gallon and are just spraying everything in sight. Saw a video of a spray boat going down a canal and spraying when there was no vegetation to kill. Totally out of control.
  7. So if you are retired from the PD, you still have to qualify? Or is it so you can still carry a weapon?
  8. Now if they would quit spraying for the sake of spraying, it would be better.
  9. Glad you got it fixed. You had to qualify for what? Carry Permit?
  10. That idiot Jim Bakker is hawking stuff like Doomsday Meals on the tube. Has a Tammy Bakker clone for a wife that is dumber than a bucket of hammers. Maybe we can start a pool to see how long it takes him to end up back in the joint.
  11. Florida, in August, at Disney, 98deg, 95% humidity, with screaming brats and tourist traps like Kissimmee. THAT, my friends, is someplace you do not want to be near. Went to Myrtle Beach a few years ago, hot, humid, tourist trap until you get out of the city, then it's not bad. Read an article today that stated that 65% of the people moving in New Jersey are moving out of the state, wish they wouldn't come here, we are the second most moved to destination for them to come to and die....