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  1. my Shellback knife
  2. Maybe the "townies" are tired of dealing with the snowbirds. I have watched northern idiots fishing at the Stick Marsh for crappie. They get a limit, take them home and come right back out to catch more of them, even though the state law is a 2 day limit in your possession. They don't care, they don't live here, and they just keep more than they are allowed, and ignore the law.
  3. Hope FWC will be paying the guy who did this a visit, he deserves a nice fine.
  4. The OP cannot tell the difference between a CO2 and a real firearm when fired? Besides, it was probably some snowbird that moved down from the Great White North that was the problem. Just like the clown that says that that tarpon that the guy caught was still in the water.... Idiots, stay the hell out of our state.
  5. The boat doesn't have a 185lb weight limit, but it does have a total weight limit that the boat can be loaded with. I imagine he figured in his weight, plus the weight of tackle, fuel, etc. The limit is usually shown on the Coast Guard plate on the boat. The guy is just stirring things up because he hates the fat broad, and thought he could make it so he never had to fish with her. The whole scenario is just beyond belief. The thing I don't understand is why someone doesn't grow a set and get rid of both of them for causing the drama in the club, as they both are guilty of causing uproars. As one guy said, if you want to see adults acting like 6yr olds fighting over a candy bar, start a bass club....
  6. And will not join one. Any club that would let me in is not worth being in
  7. The weight limit was 185 lbs. Everyone but the 90 year old codger failed. I think it is a scream, they wonder why no one will join or stay in the club, instead of someone putting their foot down and saying that this boater should just be booted from the club, but they should also boot the the broad, as she is quite the PITA. But the situation is laughable.......
  8. I load both .45acp and .357/.38. I cannot find small pistol primers anywhere, so I just don't shoot that caliber. Down to my last 200 spp but have plenty of the LPP.
  9. The local club I used to be in has managed to go from having a waiting list to join, to scrambling to get anyone to join. Mostly due to this type of shenanigans,,,, Had a rather portly lady join the club. At first, everything went fine, but she slowly changed that and became rather obnoxious. Seeing as this club has a draw for partners for each tournament, one of the guys that really doesn't like this gal, stated that he will not be able to fish with her as a partner as her weight would put the allowable weight for the hull over the limit, and would void his insurance policy in case of an accident. Tournament director brought a bathroom scale to the next meeting and weighed everyone. Only 1 person would be able to fish with the guy, so the tournament director DQ'd the boater until he could produce an insurance policy that allows anyone to fish with him. No wonder they can't get people to join.....
  10. Charley Waterman was a helluva writer....
  11. Interesting thread. After I recover from surgery, I am going to add a 9mm to the collection. I was looking pretty hard at the 365, but not looking for a small, carry weapon. Looked at the Glock, not sure about the grip angle, as I shoot a 1911, but I am sure that can be adjusted to. And then, I start looking at the Smith 625 and the 9mm goes out the window......
  12. I disagree with the video on one point. If I am in a tight space with a long gun, I would have to move my barrel either up or down in order to move which removes the target from my point of aim until I can readjust the weapon. If I use a handgun, I just pull the weapon closer to my body and I am still keeping the target in my sights. Feel free to correct me if you disagree.