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  1. We have a local 1911 smith that has had peoples guns for YEARS. And he keeps his shop locked up so you cannot get in. Never send a 1911 to Pistol Dynamics in Palm Bay Fl.
  2. Absolutly the WORST thing you can do. And against the law also.
  3. I doubt we will see the prices drop at all. I read an interview/article with the Pres of Vista Outdoors that owns Remington and numerous other ammo/ gun companies. He stated that the shortage should be easing up this summer, but not to expect much of a price drop. It has come to the point where the hoarders are the main problem, just like the great toilet paper shortage we had. People are buying ammo and components just to re-sell it at really high prices. And people out there will pay it, which creates a cycle that causes panic buying. Pretty sad.....
  4. Just had my roof done. Plywood is 60 bucks a sheet for 1/2" here. Wait till we get a hurricane, People will have to get a loan to board up the windows... Talked to the manager at the local hardware store, last year he could get you a generator 2 days before a hurricane, now he can't get any. Gonna be a fun hurricane season......
  5. I was in the teamsters for 33yrs. Totally worthless, money grabbing oxygen thieves. Workers making 29/hr, union rep 120 grand a year, yeah, that's fair. Total BS
  6. Big Sugar runs the southern part of the state and between them and the FWC spraying program, they are coming close to ruining Lake Okeechobee.
  7. Have to agree, been trying to find a Smith & Wesson 625, Smith doesn't even have them in stock.
  8. I would rule the Melbourne area out as the IRL and Banana river have become the color of coffee with cream in it due to the severe lack of grass. I used to wade fish 3-5 times a week in the IRL when I retired, but not any more. Not worth the health risk... I would look further south, say Grant or Sebastien, better water quality. And the housing prices here in the Melbourne area are sky high. 3 bedroom/2 bath, 1300 sf house across the street just sold for 220,000.
  9. You have to remember, Florida is not a very wide state and a hurricane will usually span coast to coast.
  10. You may want to keep the generator for the hurricanes. Sucks to be without power for a week or two...
  11. Aren't you required to declare ammo as HazMat and have it shipped under those regs?
  12. Idiot Governor? I suppose you wanted the guy that was already under FBI investigation to be elected. This is just the kind of people that bring down that kind of thinking from up north, And The Villages has the highest sexual disease rate in the country.....
  13. I use regular cans of spray paint, and give them a coat of Liquid Fusion when done painting, I turn the bodies down using a Dremel and bit.
  14. I use Red Dot, Bullseye and Tite Group in my .45acp and .357 rounds, And I always use data from the MFG, never from a forum.