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  1. Charley Waterman was a helluva writer....
  2. Interesting thread. After I recover from surgery, I am going to add a 9mm to the collection. I was looking pretty hard at the 365, but not looking for a small, carry weapon. Looked at the Glock, not sure about the grip angle, as I shoot a 1911, but I am sure that can be adjusted to. And then, I start looking at the Smith 625 and the 9mm goes out the window......
  3. I disagree with the video on one point. If I am in a tight space with a long gun, I would have to move my barrel either up or down in order to move which removes the target from my point of aim until I can readjust the weapon. If I use a handgun, I just pull the weapon closer to my body and I am still keeping the target in my sights. Feel free to correct me if you disagree.
  4. Stick Marsh, just south of here.
  5. Is that an A.H.Fox?
  6. Nice smallie!! Wish we had them down here.
  7. I tried one of the Chinese lines before the Covid fiasco. Complete crap. Would not cast without piling up at the end. And to make sure it wasn't my poor casting, I switched reels and put an Air Cel cheapy on the same rod and it cast fine. The Chinese line went in the trash, never again.
  8. Also look at Shellback knife company.
  9. Mine came in today.....
  10. We got her from a buddy that found her walking down the street with a tree rat in her mouth. He couldn't keep her so we took her in. Have threatened to drop her mean little ass off at the pound but could never bring myself to do that. This cat will sit in my lap for hours and let me pet her. But all of the sudden, with no warning, she will tear into me with teeth and claws. I guess it's her way of saying she has had enough....
  11. We could use a bunch of rain. Tough to get around in the local lake with the water this low.
  12. Our rescue fur sausage, hates everyone except me, and she isn't too sure about me either. Bites, scratches, and is just a general PITA. If you were to try and pet her you usually draw back a bloody hand. She has our youngest Golden Retreiver scared of her. And don't ever try and pick her up, big mistake......
  13. Mine does not have the guard like yours, but that is a nice blade.
  14. You have one from Shellback?
  15. Have one of these on the way...