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  1. We were tracking bass, blues and weaks one year in the Navesink. They used to hold fireworks on July 3. Many of the fish left the river and many came back. Keep in mind the boat traffic was building up as the day approached.
  2. WIth all the collections of live fish I've done over the years, from large to small, speed is your friend, and quickly getting them into good quality water. With the Spearing don't even handle them. just dump them from net to bucket and then bucket to tank. I've always seen Puffer as a nuisance in tanks as each time I've had them they nip the tails of the other fish. Mullet are too jumpy.
  3. I'd go with an aquarium release... I put in a few summers of research trapping fish in the old piling fields of the KVK/AK. Coolest fish I saw was a Cobia @7" long.
  4. I recently filled some holes with this stuff. Luckily they just like the garage and pergola... GREAT STUFF Pestblock 12 oz Insulating Foam Sealant
  5. I'm not a professional but have had the Dewalt dual bevel slider for less than a year and it's saved me a lot of time on my home projects. I haven't bought a stand as I have a few sturdy bases to put it on when I take it outside for cutting. So no additional dust collection added(yet).
  6. A few I've had the time to find...I have a bunch of Cedar Waxwings decimating our chokecherry tree. Been in the yard for days...
  7. Hello Gents, Not as crowded as last year though estimates between 1-2 thousand isn't bad... We do some private tours. The displays get taken down the next day in some instances as they usually are works in progress that folks can move around only when needed. Tours are only during the day-as all the rooms are on timers and with the changing seasons the fish populations change. I've done SOL tours in the past. Lets start a list and work on a date?
  8. In 2015 I visited Arlington and I had my sister in law and her two sons from Canada in tow. Those two kids impressed me with how they showed that even they were in awe of the sacrifices that had been made. I had uncles that lived through the wars. I never got to be old enough to understand their sacrifices before they passed. I had a great uncle who went to France smoking a cigar in WW1 and never came home, another great uncle who was at Normandy and Bastogne and never wanted to talk about it; another great uncle who won 2 purples hearts landing at Anzio "HOME OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE"
  9. Live fluke, black sea bass, stripers in the main aquarium and fun stuff for kids to touch. Check out the bottom contour mapping display and feel free to say hello. I'll be in one of the labs with some tagged fluke. I've got a few books on the side for kids if you say hello. JR
  10. I fished early with some worms to get a few pets for our Open House this Sunday. I put ALS tags in them and will release them next week.
  11. Here's a few other items that I'm not quite done with. Created a coffee table and end tables out of old shipping crates.
  12. the after photo's. Not perfect but a good start for the next toolbox I find. It was dented to begin with, as if someone had used it as a step. I might give the inside another coat.
  13. Hi Dave, Keep the faith positive and remember to find some quiet time for yourself. I've been going through cancer with my now wife since Sept '15. At Riverview they just removed another tumor and gave her a new shot at getting better. MSK in NYC ghosted her... We had the best surgeon work on her, then he passed her down to someone else, then that person passed her onto someone else and THEN they ghosted her. I was ready to go to someone's office two weeks ago and demand this and that - but she likely got into a trial at Columbia Presbyterian(fingers crossed). MSK really dropped the f'ing ball. She has some of their hardware in her-but at this point i don't know if they're ever getting it back. I used to be a big fan. Unless the hospital has nutrition in mind-seriously consider bringing in your own food. Healthy food that can help your wife. My wife is vegan and it's terrible what they don't do for people with specific diets. All they do is throw sugar at people when they're on liquid diets...sugar feeds cancer. My wife has all the books. Some of the top titles are "Radical Remission". "Life Over Cancer": The Block Center Program for Integrative Cancer Treatment. We've been to the Block Center in Chicago who deals with EVERY aspect of patient care. Including nutrition and supplements. Do some homework on integrative care, it all adds up. Feel free to PM me. Our wives have different cancers and go to different places with different treatments but it's cancer.
  14. I'm not sure what they did with the big concrete thing out there. It's habitat now....