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  1. I've located the Garmin head unit. Going to give my 12v battery a charge and make sure everything is good to go.
  2. Thanks, how far are you if you dont mind me asking. I'm thinking about expanding my travel range.
  3. Sad to say I'm selling my Hobie Pro Angler 12. Purchased in 2014, just dont have the time to get her out on the water anymore. Meticulously cared for and in excellent condition with lots of accessories. Comes with all the standard equipment - mirage drive & vantage seat etc plus upgrades and accessories. Upgrades -Oversized Rudder -Full size secondary rudder control handle -2x Paddle holders with rod leash anchor points -Rubber side storage pockets -TackleWebs storage for vantage seat Accessories -Garmin Echo 150* -Standard Horizon HX300 VHF radio -Hobie PA12 cover -Hobie scupper cart with standard wheels -3 Scotty rod holders - 1 rocket launcher style, 2 baitcaster style -2 Scotty Rail mounts -Claw Anchor with chain and custom float -18" Drift sock -Crate with homemade PVC rod holders -Net -Airhorn -Homemade anchor trolley with all stainless steel hardware. *I recently moved and I'm working on locating the head unit for the Echo 150. I know I have it, I just need to find the right box its in. Located in western Suffolk county Long Island. Willing to travel within reasonable distances. Looking for $2500 for everything.
  4. I'm probably going to redo the extension and locking pliers part. It took a bath during hurricane Sandy so the adjustment knob is rusted. Quick and cheap.
  5. Sure, I'm actually in the process of making a new setup. I'll post once I get outta work
  6. I made something similar a while ago. I drilled a hole big enough to snugly fit the handle of a 3/8ths ratchet into 2 1ft sections of 2x3. Then welded (very poorly) a pair of locking pliers like yours to a long 3/8ths extension. Very easy to spin the whole rig and get it to stay in the position you want.
  7. I'd like seconds on the lead if the sale is still pending.
  8. Ok, I feel better. Thanks for all the responses.
  9. That's good to hear. I really like the way the setup feels and I like the distance from the butt of the rod to the reel seat. I'm just concerned about not getting the most out of what the rod was designed for
  10. So I recently made a purchase admittedly without doing all the research I should have. I bought a Jigging World Nexus and Quantum Accurist S3 PT lefty. From what I now realize the rotation of the guides should be to the opposite side of the reel handle. I'm having difficulty finding this rod wrapped in the opposite direction. My dilemma is if having both the guide and handle to the same side is defeating the purpose of having a spiral wrapped rod and if I should make a different rod choice.
  11. Where on long Island
  12. What's the length and where in nassau? So sorry for the spam posts, work wifi is is on the fritz.
  13. Double*