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  1. i hope so. but i saw a rain, and a 68..... im hoping to fish after, they are crushing them
  2. Anyone going to the flea market in OC, it’s at the marlin club Saturday. if so, stop and say hi. hope to be fishing fri, sat, sun fishings been good..
  3. Getting there, split grip. Almost done.
  4. The blues and rockfish are around, im around green turtle, but usually boat fish the 90-50 and inlet area..
  5. Coming soon yak rod...
  6. Newest one getting started. kayak rod.
  7. Century S1-1325 purple ready for spring run
  8. not familiar with the connelly, we use JPR RODS in 20-40 trolling rods for MOJO's paired with the penns, we switched over to to truth/seigler reels, and are adding the fathom LD for this year, also use them for mahi and light tuna rods. slick butts on them are nice.
  9. Just finished a graphene SS 9’6” good for beach , also the S1 , they are a little more mod action. really depends on the feel you like. i put a few pics on the Delmarva thread..
  10. Another flag wrap. this is for deeper water RG734 blue blank
  11. Yeah, we have a few light models. the 8’6 will cast those to 1 1/2 well the 8’ goes to little over 1 there are lighter in the 7’ versions
  12. This SU1088 is different than the sw, the SU is little heavier. also the allstar1088 might be close, i have another 1088 will compare..might be a Sabre..
  13. SPlit grip fluke rod, come on spring.....
  14. Doing a fluke rod in red, tog rod in blue. still togging in OC..