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  1. Like the NE.. just got a bunch of the surf machines..,
  2. Going to do these for sheepheads. and flounder..
  3. Tuna time, superseekers. fall tuna ready..
  4. Yeah its a fun rod. even nice with foam grips
  5. No one of mine.. 10-20 spin, matches with the IRT.
  6. This was Saturday's setup. also use heavier conventional when going deeper, Calcutta 400TE, 20-40 rated did. just finished a slow pitch rod for ocean, should be nice.with the tranx300
  7. Sorry for your loss prayers sent.
  8. Hope you did good, some nice sharks caught off the beach in N.OC flounder has been really good.
  9. Demos in PA and OCMD few times a year. Or more ..
  10. Slow pitch rod, going to be nice on the 50. hope the weekend is ok...
  11. Fishing from the bridge is ok, stripers blues, and flounder. lots of peanut bunker around.. gulp, Bucktail, Roy rigs work well. sharking has been ok. i had guys in last week getting stuff they fished IRI, did ok. Probably not worth the drive in the summer:). Not sure about surf stuff in stores, not usually much high end stuff. i travel with more stuff...:) ive been doing ok with flounder in the bay, they are just starting to get better in ocean. we are behind green turtle, boat fish mostly. 10’ is ok for inlet and east channel. we use shorter rods from bridge. Not really casting,but we flounder fish a lot.
  12. Another long one, and a nice fluke rod coming
  13. Always a good start and no extra charges for what you want.
  14. I use Bucktails and teasers mostly, 3/4 to 4 in the bay. With gulp 3-6” we fish out of OC, the ocean, we use 3 to 8 oz. bucktail and teasers. Mostly 5-6” gulp. or weight with teasers above.and gulp or strip baits. for BIG fish, live spot and other fish, big strip baits work well.
  15. Another surf machine happy 4th... surf machine 2-8oz textreme.