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  1. This SU1088 is different than the sw, the SU is little heavier. also the allstar1088 might be close, i have another 1088 will compare..might be a Sabre..
  2. SPlit grip fluke rod, come on spring.....
  3. Doing a fluke rod in red, tog rod in blue. still togging in OC..
  4. The mb are nice eglass, i also have the 1153 seeker , that is really soft
  5. Yeah JPR rods will have them . soon I hope
  6. The 9’6 would be good for lighter, i don’t have “rod” weights, im doing mostly blanks and custom, the 11’6 will be the most expensive..
  7. being a century dealer, the info on these is that they are between a SS and surf machine blank in technology, they have graphene and autoclave technology.. they will be stouter than the SS, the 9.6 is rater 1-5 ..the regular SS is rated lower. the 10'6" is rated 2-7..little higher than the 1265 the 11'6" is a 1506 we will be having cast test days as soon as possible in pa, the usual ridley field
  8. Yeah hookers are nice:) i do have a wall full of the JJ jigs. Won’t show them
  9. yeah, when they are on the lumps down here, feeding on sand eels, we use thin OTI jigs, on the bottom. just lift up and jig a little like a eel coming off the bottom..that is fun
  10. Yes solid braid usually has less water resistance than hollow. There are lots of variables. if you drop a jig and drift away. Dropping it 100’. Might be 10 or way more feet short..And never in strike zone..
  11. if i remember i will post up closer to next weekend.. see how there catching or if stripers are around.. still in the seabass/tog mode though
  12. i think Kils out of the country fishin for a few days,, blue fishing is probably little different. most tuna fishing is usually in deeper water.. current, scope, jig weight,line weight, will all effect depth of your drop.. you may hear 90' and let out 90'100' of line..drift and scope may have you well above the fish,,,, getting in the strike area, is key....... when going for bluefin, a fast action with the jig rod, after getting to the right depth. get good bites. a jig designed for fast jigging will work good. yellowfin, i use a slower jig action. with jigs that seem to work better when a slow jig sweep with rod is used. of course, when we jig our guys use different jigs and actions. when a pattern is seen,,,guys do adjust to what fish are biting on..
  13. yeah, the sonar on TV has been used for years, great for bluefin in OBX,,,well, anywhere:) i have 4 or 5 go to jigs...i listed them. and use....they work for me one of the OTI i use and recomend at the shop ,i have caught many different types of fish,
  14. some of the boats we fish have big screen TV in the salon or out back with the sonar on so we can see the fish, and drop to that depth. most other boats shout the depths, you need to remember tide, and scope that will effect your jig depth when dropping...... getting below and jigging up thru strike zone is important. some jigs are designed to work with a faster jig motion, others are better with slower jig action.. thats why we have a few different types, sizes, and colors.. OTI have a few sizes, FC labo, PointT jude, hammered diamond, hooker ,are all in my more