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  1. I use a 6’ spin for bucktail, have a 7’ spin for tossing jig head and tail. And will take a longer rod when casting is needed. but shorter is better for me when alone netting, we cut blanks down to fit our uses..
  2. It was fine.
  3. Some of the rods actually work:)
  4. Sad to hear, evan was over picking up tackle Friday. shocked to find out saturday. prayers...
  5. Everyone was using different stuff this weekend. saw guy on the jetty using lures, and bait. tog, blues, rockfish. we are getting flounder. (Boat). roy rigs work. blues will hit lures, might try s bucktail with gulp, and teaser Size depend on tides . if you fished there before with success, probably use the same stuff. im doing a 10’ rod for the 50. Use with no net .. spinner cast and work bottom, Bucktails. then cat for blues..with lures.
  6. Rebuilt a CTS grip, did the old school Lami 1221MH and 1081
  7. Did a 1361MH thats the heaviest.
  8. OCMD I’m a little bias, lots of ramps. from Fenwick (island water sports)to WOC .Commercial harbor. bay fishing been great,
  9. Just wanted to raise the price..:) no.. that’s just the way we designed it. its a nice flow...
  10. UNited composite new GP80 mega, cut to 7’ , great looking blank, nice bend. split grip, split wrap, alps seat.
  11. Century weekend. built the weapon jr, try for some flounder in OC this week..
  12. Guys use penns,Torque, 5, Ultigra, slammers. i did one for the seigler SM,
  13. Great colors on that BH blank. sword rod. getting ready for some trips.
  14. Love glass still build lots of them.
  15. Got them done. did one 7’6” Fuji guides.pssm seat. and one 7’10 with titanium guides.