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  1. I had one sit right next to my boat today just looking at us for about 15 was pretty cool
  2. no bait around...caught on soft plastic and eels, night time
  3. Went out 2 nights fish in shallows and was about to call it a night when we found a wolf pack in about 12-16 feet of water...we hit fish up to 45 inches...They stayed around for hours...
  4. its a toona! We have to report it, no we can sell it Jahy
  5. not many have been around this year...Sept, Oct are usually good with blue in and around the harbor. If they are there it dont take much to catch them, they will hit anything...Literally anything
  6. look at page 13..I posted something from St Croix
  7. St Criox quality has been going down the drain..Its a crap shoot what you will get from end of day it looks like they are trying to rebound but offering "a better product at reduced pricing" We will see...hope this helps and i hope you got a good rod from them.
  8. The good thing here is maybe their actually listening and seeing all the complaints and doing something about it...We will see...
  9. oh by the way, I just got an email from hem this morning claiming they are selling a more quality product for less money...Sounds like they agree their stuff has sucked for a while...
  10. say what you want to say but its more than a handful of guys and its more than someone not knowing how to cast Einstein! I love how guys like you think you are the cream of the crop...Why cant you accept that St Croix product might be failing and some people like yourself actually know how to cast...
  11. The only thing I can say is their customer service is second to none! They always replaced the rods and if out of warranty, paid 35$ for new top..I just wont buy another one new...quality not there..Also I have had the plastic rings on the eyes fall out many time too
  12. Dude, St, Croix is garbage and I will never buy another rod from them..I had 3 Legends snapped in half casting lures and the lures were all around 1.5 oz. with a rod rated for what do I do? I bought a mojo and same Fing thing! I cast an SP minnow and on the 10th cast, snap!!! I know a bait shop in Salisbury, Ma that stopped carrying them all together...They just suck!! Im all set with their piece of crap rods...The funny thing is I have 3 Ugly Stick intercostals I use for friends on my boats and they have never broke and I have caught multiple fish over 30 lbs on all of them...Goes to show, more money does not mean better quality..
  13. boat,all in 5-9 feet of could get em from shore no problem
  14. always someone who ruins it for another...