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  1. I was using plastic but this fish was caught on a dead eel..I usually like them dead and work them like a lure..I usually crank like 3 or 4 turns and let sink and few, repeat...
  2. that's awesome to see! Last year there was 2 all over Seabrook Beach..You could of Whale watched from shore drinking a cup of coffee,, The other night loads of pogie schools moved in so we had our lights on them just looking at the masses and next thing ya know,a big shark was swimming right near them..It was about 10 feet long, maybe bigger and it was thick..We couldn't id the shark but it was pretty cool! It was in about 20 feet of water
  3. Back at it last night with boat..I took my neighbor out striper fishing for first time and he hit the home the home run with this 51 inch,50lb striper! We caught as buch of others in the mid 40 inch range,his fish makes my 44 look small in the pic...This New moon has produced many big fish for us...hope they stick around..He got his on an eel and I was using plastics...blurple color...
  4. Not Salem Willows...Beverly
  5. Mike,why dont you buy a sabiki for 2 bucks and catch your own in Beverly? The piers are provide good fishing for them
  6. Home depot buckets
  7. Buy 6 and throw them in a bucket with a bag of ice on them to slow them down..You may think they died or are dieing but once they hit water,they come alive..If you make this a habit,drill a bunch of 1/4 inch holes in the bottom of one bucket and place that bucket in another one,so now you are using 2 buckets.The one with the holes in it allows for the eel slime and water to drain out so they dont drown..Hope this helps
  8. Really? Why? Tomo is solid and one of the best shops around.I bought plenty of live bait off that dude! What was your experience?
  9. I love that action! Every cast just about! Loads of fun
  10. Never had an issue with them swimming away..its just for a quick photo..They are sometimes to heavy to hold up by lip so we grab them there...have you had issues grabbing them there? Does it hurt them? If so,I haven't noticed it but am willing to adjust if needed..Thanks
  11. Usually launch at water last night at 3
  12. So last night back at it again...loads of fish,nothing deeper than 6 feet of water...using plastics and eels but as we were moving to another spot,loads of pogies showed up...My buddy snagged one and threw it in bucket to bring in shallow..It paid off for him..That isolated pogie got swallowed and he was rewarded with a 52 inch bass!.... most of the fish last night were no bigger that 30 inches ..Got two others 42 and 40....consist as nt fishing this new moon in very shallow water...Its been a great few nights catching personal best fish for me and my buddy.His fish was same class of fish I got night before.. Go get em
  13. New moon pushing fish way in to 3 feet of my personal best but still haven't caught the 50lber! This one is 53 inches, 45lbs...caught in 4 feet of water off boat..loads of fish are pushing in..shore guys should be able to get some nice fish.good lu k...
  14. I got some from tget count?