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  1. One more bump before closing it up. Arsenals and cyclones preferably new thanks in advance
  2. I could go $195 for the six. If you can’t hit that number I understand. Thanks either way
  3. You said they’re new how are they with storage marks clean no pointers ?
  4. I have some super strikes but mostly show specials and things of that nature. Not much in older wood other than a few. That is a very nice GP example
  5. Do you have packaging on these ? If you’d split em up I’d be interested in 2,4,6
  6. One more bump then closing this down to start a WTT. Maybe that’ll shake a few loose
  7. I’m in thanks for the chance
  8. Bump anything out there looking for three builders. Someone’s gotta have something laying around
  9. You don’t like $130 Kevin ? Thought that was a very fair offer. They sold for $55 at the shows
  10. Nice cyclones but I have plenty of his older stuff. I should’ve specified that in my wtb. Regarding the arsenal would you consider $130 being one of his more plain color combos ? TIA
  11. Looking for the above builders, any type, preferably new. Thanks in advance
  12. Take em Jared I’m gonna pass
  13. Never mind
  14. Still interested. Not saying it has to be a peanut. Smaller regular sized swimmers are fine.