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  1. Just in time for drum season
  2. If you could do $60 shipped, ill take it
  3. I'm partial to j braid but suffix is also my go too. And the picture above is very helpful.
  4. I'm using a stella 14k casting with 65-80lb line. And my original guide choice was the k guides, but a reputable rod builder steered me away from them, saying that he had insert problems under heavy loads. I also needed the guides to not stick out so much because I plan on traveling with this rod.
  5. The first picture is more similar on what I would like to do. Since none of those are mnsg guides, I'm a bit skeptical on what I am able to do. I would like to choke right after the stripper guide with the 25, and further choke with the 16.
  6. Looking to make a popping rod for this season with a 7'6" black hole nano blank. I will be using mnsg guides sizes 40-12 with a 12 tip. What I have found with a typical build (at least from pictures using a black hole nano blank) is that the guides reduce from 40-30-25-20-16-12 with a 12 tip. I was wondering if you could go 40-25-16-12-12-12 with a 12 tip with mnsg guides. Ive used a similar reduction style on a few rods with different style guides with noticable improvements in casting distance. I found that only one guy online describes using this aggressive reduction style with mnsg guides on a popping rod, and to my knowledge is usually reserved for different style of guides, and not typically used with heavier lines. I will be using a stella 14k. Thanks in advance.
  7. Any brand or style. I need a roof rack for my tacoma, and I'm trying not to spend $400+ for a new one. Let's see what you got.
  8. I own 2 fathoms. They are pretty good reels for the money. The build quality on fathoms is nowhere near the torques or the 525 though. I have a 15ld2 torque and the build quality is impeccable. It just isn't the worlds best caster, I had the clicker ripped out to slow it down with a mag system.
  9. That is also what I was thinking. I wasnt sure if it was possible to increase the drag but I was cautious because I've had it happen before on a squall. Thank you
  10. I'm trying to modify my 525 into a killing machine, specifically for bigger species of fish, including sharks and rays. I like the feel of the 525 while casting, which is why I haven't moved to a torque and modified it for the beach or to another brand. I have switched out the handle with a torque handle, but it has me thinking, what other parts from the torque can be put into this reel? I would like to have more adjustment to the star and maybe a bit more drag if possible. It's a shame they don't make a versa gear for this reel. I understand that this is a bit of a long shot but I just wanted some input. Thanks
  11. Closing due to no interest
  12. Friday bump. $815 shipped
  13. This reel was fished for maybe 8 hours in it's lifetime, so its practical brand new. I need at least $800 for it. That's already a 30% discount.
  14. 2nd bump. Make an offer
  15. Bump