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  1. Yes it will
  2. Bump
  3. Both units are in perfect operating order First is a garmin echomap 74 dv. Selling as unit only with cradle. It will need a power cable and a transducer. Selling for $250 shipped. The second is a garmin echomap plus 73sv Selling as unit only without the cradle. The original cradle no longer sends power to the unit. I will include the cradle as well with a free transducer, which is in good working shape, but the cable has been painted. Also comes with a cover (not pictured) $400 shipped. Thanks for looking.
  4. Regardless, for 25 I'll take it
  5. What size is it?
  6. Looking for any available.
  7. Recieved, reel is as described.thank you!
  8. All offers welcome. I would prefer shipping but since these are usually heavy I am willing to drive up to an hour or so in the area of Wilmington DE. Just dont feel like buying a new one since I will not be using it a whole lot
  9. *

    Duplicate .please delete
  10. ill take it. pm coming.
  11. can you post pictures?
  12. any pictures?
  13. I'm interested, how much? can you post pictures?
  14. Looking for a cheapish small conventional reel rated for salt water fishing. I'd prefer a level wind, but it is not required. Let's see what you got, all offers welcome. Shipped to DE
  15. Just in time for drum season