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  1. Closing due to no interest
  2. Friday bump. $815 shipped
  3. This reel was fished for maybe 8 hours in it's lifetime, so its practical brand new. I need at least $800 for it. That's already a 30% discount.
  4. 2nd bump. Make an offer
  5. Mint, very lightly used, fished maybe twice. In absolutely perfect condition minus a few blemishes on the knob. $850 shipped
  6. I have a 8000pg barely used, no scratches or blemishes except for a tiny scuff on the knob. Comes with line, box, andall of the contents. Practically brand new. I'd be willing to let it go for $850
  7. Bringing this back. I recently serviced my battle 1000 myself, and I certain that everything is where it should, but there seems to be grinding in the gears. Any thoughts on a solution? It's never been in salt.
  8. Lets see what you got. Shipped to Newark DE
  9. Now that I think of it, and with a little research, I guess you're right. God, I was pretty stupid back then...... I stopped doing that a couple years back, when I was blown 30 miles north from my launch point and didn't have the energy to make it back. I also capsized about 7 miles off the coast that same day and I could not for the life of me right my kayak back for like 10 minutes. I was warned a few times about that on here, didn't listen. It wasn't worth the 4-5 hours out to sea and then sometimes taking 6-7 back, constantly looking at my gps so I didn't have to backtrack or get blown away. I also was often pretty scared of how I was literally a cork with not much control. I'd also be pretty torn up for a couple days afterwards. I think I racked up 6 speeding tickets during this time period, so I guess it makes sense with the stupidity. I'm pretty boring now, I do all of the normal stuff. I just do a lot of trolling now, never more than a mile or two offshore, at least before I messed up my knee. If I needed to, I'd have no problem swimming that distance, as would anybody. I just would like to keep up that distance (about 25 miles total of zig-zagging around my launch point) without the constant pain, hence the solo skiff.
  10. thats a pretty good memory you have there. I think I've only said it once in a post years ago.
  11. Doesn't hobie have a patent on their drive? I'm I missing something here?
  12. I would be washing it and then covering it after every outing. I just have absolutely no where else to put it.
  13. I have a truck, and I've put my outback on racks built into the cap, but I can't have 8ft of it hanging out of my bed at all times if were to transport it in the bed. I have nowhere to put it other than in either a storage unit (costs $) of the top of my truck. If I can, I'll keep it on my truck all the times. I played with the torqueeto option for a while, but I used to be able to cover 25+ miles in a day at minimum, and the range of the torqueeto doesn't come close to that in my experience.
  14. Hello everyone. I'm looking into buying a solo skiff or other small to add some range to my kayak fishing experience. I tore every ligament in my left knee last year and I just don't have anywhere close the range that I used to, nor will I ever. I'm basically looking for a boat that I can launch from the surf rather easily, using if for fishing or paddling baits out for sharks on the beach (I'd be selling my Hobie Outback because I'd never use it afterwards). The most notable part of this is I am limited in where I can store it. I live in an apartment, and will be for the next couple years, so it would have to be stored on top of my truck. I'm avoiding inflatable water craft because I simply don't trust being on a balloon miles off the coast. Does anyone know of ways that one could single handedly lift a 150lb kayak onto a rack? I was thinking along the line of pulleys and skis. Also, if anyone knows of a craft that would be better, please add that too. Any and all advise is greatly appreciated.