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  1. Snyder has brought great disgrace to the franchise and should be removed. The Warren tribe should assume ownership as reparations.
  2. No "but, but Obama" until post #5? Righties are getting lazy.
  3. Stop with the stupid conspiracy theories already. Hillary is not having people killed. In fact she was one of the first to offer condolences over his suicide.
  4. Every election cycle our candidates get better, it's truly amazing. Obama's BFF A black woman A gay man A passionate gun grabber A guy offering free money A socialist offering free healthcare A brave Cherokee warrior And the CPUSA hasn't even chosen their nominee yet. I wish I could vote for all of them.
  5. Russia: outrageous smear campaign Benghazi: 10 times bigger than Iran Contra and Watergate combined
  6. So? A power outage doesn't matter when you live in a tent city on the sidewalk. Stupid righties.
  7. "Racists, all of you." -Me
  8. Oh look, the commander in chief of a world superpower is triggered and posted a rant on social media like a 16 year old girl...again. That's good.
  9. Inspiring words from 9/11/01.
  10. We're only dangerous to homophobic sandwiches and racist pizza.
  11. Trump is not Christian, has absolutely no "family values", dodged the Vietnam draft, insults veterans, and is anti 2A. We should be praising the Republicans for their courage. When they elected Trump, they finally stopped pretending to value conservative principles and admitted they just want a leader who will give them sweet memes. It's very brave.
  12. And when it's cold in January the righties will shriek: SCIENCE ISN'T REAL!!!!!
  13. I'm not going to discuss legislation with a bunch of armed madmen. Just hand over all your guns and then we'll talk about gun laws.
  14. Dayton shooting: 9 killed El Paso shooting: 22 killed Hmmmm...
  15. Trump already stole your bump stocks, and now he's open to stricter background checks. I remember a time not that long ago when we were assured Obama was going to take all the guns. Better vote Dem in 2020 to stop these gun-grabbing Republicans
  16. This is unconscionable. They should be given some welfare, driven to a polling station, and released. Fascist republican pigs
  17. We've invented 7 new kinds of racism to accuse Republicans of in 2020. Just give up now.
  18. An iconic duo.
  19. You racists make me sick. This poor man was brutally Magassaulted and you say the Nigerians did it and politicians enabled it all. You expect me to believe there is corruption and black on black violence in Chicago?
  20. Wait why aren't Republicans demanding 8 more investigations? I thought that was the new standard.
  21. Horrible. I still haven't had any luck finding Jussie Smollet's attackers.
  22. I don't know what mod queue is but I feel confident in saying it's racist.
  23. I've been trying to tell you the weather was racist.
  24. Agreed. Holiday parties are racist and exclusivist. I only attend Secular End of Year Solstice Aggregations. And Kwanzaa riots.