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  1. Get yourself some caddis flies. Never met a trout that wouldn't go for a nice caddis. Also a map. There are some excellent rivers to fish in RI if you are willing to bush whack a bit and find where the fish are holding.
  2. Those New Yorkers are going to retaliate big time for being hunted down by the douche bag governor.
  3. I thought democrats in moonbat RI were for open borders? I'm just adhering to their leftist doctrine. Open borders for ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Agree, these areas should be shut down. I have no issue with private property remaining private. Now, public right of ways that are legally right of ways, that is a different story. Shut those down illegally and there will be problems. Stand your ground type of interactions. Also throw in here public trust doctrine for beach access generally which is our right as anglers as long as we do not cut across private property to get there.
  5. Starting this Friday May 15, the No Parking Tow Zones will be enforced on Vineyard and Bailey roads in Cotuit. These are private dirt roads where many fishermen park to walk to the jetties at the mouth of Popponesset Bay or to the salt marsh at the tip of Meadow Point. There is a common misperception that there is a public Town Way to Water here. That is not the case. The Town of Barnstable owns Oregon Beach, where public parking is allowed with a beach sticker. The Barnstable Land Trust owns 28 acres at the southern tip of Meadow Point and has two parking spaces on its property for people wanting access. All the land on the dirt roads past the gate at the southern end of Main St is private property. As homeowners we’ve come to this point because of the increase of vehicular traffic, which wears down our road, requiring more frequent repairs, which we pay for ourselves; because of the lack of respect for private property as people leave trash ranging from the ugly to the disgusting on our lawns, driveways, and by the side of the road; and by the increasing number of ‘parking spaces’ created when cars & trucks drive into our woods and carve out a space where there was none before. Since March 28 we have documented 123 unique incidents of cars parking on private property despite, and sometimes in front of, No Parking signs. We’ve left notices on windshields asking them not to park there and kept track of their plates. Of these, ten have come twice, four have come four times, and one person has parked here four times. After consulting with the Barnstable Police, we’ve contracted with a tow company and will begin towing on Friday, May 15. We don’t want to tow anyone’s car. But we will if we have to. We ask people not to park here. They will be towed.
  6. Fishing anywhere in RI this weekend = nuts to butts.
  7. Freedom Hawk 12. You'll be a spectacle on the water.
  8. The cardinal rule of gear management. Never put anything on your roof. Had a new Samsung phone a few years back, week old, new otterbox $50 case etc., laid it on my roof while loading the yak and gear. Shut the hatch on my car, but it wouldn't shut, just bounced back open. Phone was wedged between the car body and the door, snapped nearly in half. NEVER PUT ANYTHING ON YOUR ROOF!
  9. That sucks man, we've all been there. I make it a habit to do a walk around the vehicle whenever I'm loading or unloading gear. Easier to do when you have a partner to check with you and remind you to do it.
  10. Amateur radio operator. I'm a Yaesu guy, which is why I like the Standard Horizon gear. ICOM never did it for me. A Uniden would be pissah if I wanted a scanner on the water.
  11. ICOM is fine, but my preference would be Standard Horizon. HX40 is a nice rig for the money. Uniden would not be on my list.
  12. Longer will be easier on your shoulders, go too short and you'll be in a high angle position which is a bit more taxing. You will want to check out 240 and 250 length paddles. If I were you, I would get your wife the lightest paddle your budget will allow. The manta ray carbon would be worth looking at. Lighter for her means more time on the water for you.
  13. What restrictions? This is America, you can travel freely to any state at anytime, for any reason, period. If you want to go fish RI waters, then go.
  14. All poachers should be shot. One bullet for each fish.
  15. That is great news. Glad Americans are getting out fishing.