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  1. How many teens and white bucket brigaders do you think could fit in the caves under the rocks? Asking for some friends?
  2. Yes, if you don't care about tracking that plan makes sense.
  3. This is what I use for mountain and ocean. Subscription fees run $225 a year. Well worth it if you combine sports, perhaps not if doing just marine. If you are out in the wild frequently, the cost per trip is pretty minimal.
  4. Get a PLB. Think of it this way, if you get into some "Deep Trouble", are missing/late, rescuers are going to come searching for you regardless, so you might as well make their job as easy as possible. So getting a PLB is really more about minimizing time at rescue for these folks since todays GPS PLB's are accurate to within feet. This may have more applicability to mountain rescues, where personnel are likely on foot, but it's also applicable to ocean rescues as well, where resources and lives are also at some risk.
  5. Moved or unearthed rocks can be reasonably dated by the type of lichen that grows on them. NE stone walls can be dated this way so perhaps that could be done here if it truly was moved, which given your description seems likely.
  6. And the avenues are getting worse as well. The BP boulders really did bring my blood to boil though, mostly because that spot only holds 3 cars max anyways, which given the clusterfock up the road, helps just enough. Last year was the first time ever in a decade plus of fishing that area that I had to wait for a spot to open up just to get some run and gun fishing in. And this was during midweek! And the fires everywhere were ridiculous as well. Not to mention these dbag dog owners letting their pets crap all over the trail. As if others using the trail want to deal that! I suppose the same can be said about the boat ramps and backwater access points, which are seeing massive amounts of recreational folks coming out. Paddle boarders and kayakers mainly. They have added significantly to the traffic and parking. I still have a dwindling handful of hidden spots that are reasonably out of the mainstream at this point, but I suspect the days are numbered on those as well.
  7. Did those boulders end up being moved at BP yet, or, do I need to get my buddies back hoe down there to handle things before the season starts?
  8. Despite targeting bones and albies regularly for the past 8 years or so by yak, my fishing partner and I only got into them once. The pics above were from the fall 2019 season in an area with fairly reliable albie action. We got lucky. They were mixed in with schoolies, but we thought they were fat alberts. It was an epic day mostly because the rarity of seeing and landing them. Once we landed that first one, and saw what was up, bone fevah struck with a vengeance! We celebrated that evening like rock stars. You would have thought we just won the lottery.
  9. Forget the Albies, what you want are the Bones! Bone Fevah!!
  10. Still has the cigar = real pro.
  11. Any fishing show will have a table some where with those orange Coast Guard Stickers. Even sharpie marker will wear off over time though so make sure your info is legible.
  12. Get yourself some caddis flies. Never met a trout that wouldn't go for a nice caddis. Also a map. There are some excellent rivers to fish in RI if you are willing to bush whack a bit and find where the fish are holding.
  13. Those New Yorkers are going to retaliate big time for being hunted down by the douche bag governor.
  14. I thought democrats in moonbat RI were for open borders? I'm just adhering to their leftist doctrine. Open borders for ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Agree, these areas should be shut down. I have no issue with private property remaining private. Now, public right of ways that are legally right of ways, that is a different story. Shut those down illegally and there will be problems. Stand your ground type of interactions. Also throw in here public trust doctrine for beach access generally which is our right as anglers as long as we do not cut across private property to get there.