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  1. Guy was working in his garage with a friend helping. Throughout the day his wife came out several times. He always addressed her with names like sweetheart, honey, darling, etc. Friend commented how nice that was, and guy replied that he had forgotten her real name years ago.
  2. Not true. Seam is about as visible as the seam between rings and cannot be felt. Find a local rod builder, they should be able to do it. Maybe St. Croix will fix it for you.
  3. Interesting pecking order (pardon the pun) at the bird bath every afternoon. Woodpecker isn't bothered, leaves when it wants. Blue jay comes in next. Bluebirds flutter around but won't land until jay is gone, then 6-10 bluebirds jump in together.
  4. Details on the AC please! Thanks in advance.
  5. The deep state is recording all this . . .
  6. I read a book called "On The Run" recently. Lots of influencers in it.
  7. Like the drawing ZA! Lengths are mm?
  8. Ouch! Hope you recover quickly and completely.
  9. Ha ha, so true! The rod shortened by 6" was broken by me demonstrating high sticking bends in front of a class. Wide eyes and dead silence until I said "I meant to do that" then laughs. I can't afford to do that to do that every class so I just tell the story now. Actually the bend is just short of 90 degrees on both blank and rod in photo 1 but the pic makes it look worse.
  10. I lined up the tips to show the slight action difference better. The trimmed rod is slightly slower. This is a pretty unique blank in that taking 6" off the tip definitely changes some of the characteristics but doesn't ruin it. Probably doesn't translate to a surf rod very well but it's the only thing I have on hand to compare. Many years ago we had a young rod builder come to one of our monthly club meetings. He brought a rod that he had put some water inside the blank (not filled) and sealed both ends. You loaded it by holding the tip down before casting. It felt pretty sluggish but cast a light weight lure very well.
  11. Photo 1 MHX NP844 full length blank has no guides and 6" trimmed from tip (broke ) has guides. To me the blank is slightly faster than the rod. Photo 2 same blank/rod each holding 4 ounce weight. The blank will cast a lighter weight better. The rod will cast a heavier weight better and provide a stronger hookset. The dead lift power should be the same but I'm not gonna prove that.
  12. Need a Bad Cops forum just for Seal.
  13. If you have kids in school you and the kids are blessed if they have good teachers.