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  1. Good info Billy! A few models for king mackerel should be well received. On Rod Geeks, I always thought the SC3 blanks were St. Croix's best bang for the buck, so it's good to see those available again in the FW/inshore salt models.
  2. My folks had them with oak and pine trees. In the TV commercial dry leaves blow right off. Wet stuff sticks then accumulates. Still had to get on the ladder to keep clean.
  3. Used Titanium frame Nanolite rings a few times with good performance. Have a set of Titanium frame Pentalite thin ring guides that are working fine but haven't been in use long enough to comment on durability.
  4. Look at American Tackle.
  5. That made me laugh out loud.
  6. Was told in college microbiology that original yogurt used camel dung for the bacteria . . . sauerkraut or corned beef
  7. True, but was sold as supplement to education that just allowed redirection of existing education funding.
  8. That's how lottery was implemented and works in Florida.
  9. Thanks for remembering . . .
  10. I use pieces of sanding belt for shaping in these grits: 40, 80, 120, 180, 240, 320. When I'm done I wet a piece of denim with water and use that as a final "sanding" step to brighten the color. If I have light inlays in a dark grip I work the joints without moving the paper side-to-side at higher grits and with the denim. Don't know of any sealant.
  11. We have an answer at work when asked why we do something a particular way . . . Because we've done it that way since the Apollo program. I underwrap heavier rods I guess for just that reason. If the guide feet are very level and have no burrs I don't think it's needed. I would wrap further up on the foot than you did. As Mike said it never hurts to check with the blank manufacturer.
  12. Glad you're OK. I'm between Orlando and Titusville. Nothing like that wind damage but way more flooding from rain than either Charlie or Irma.
  13. Worked 4 10s for a couple of years back in the 80s. Way more productive because it was optional so I had 2 hours of no interruptions each day. Everyone had to be there for the core hours.
  14. Yep, cut lengthwise with the Dremel and pry with a flat head screw driver. Depending on how rigid it is you may need 4 cuts but if the metal sleeve runs to the reel seat it will go quick because you won't have to worry about cutting into the blank.
  15. Best employee Checkers has