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  1. Ok, thanks. I'll take for asking at $275. Can you tell me why you're selling?
  2. What kind of braid is on it? I’d like to offer $250 shipped for the reel.
  3. Let me know how the deeper inspection goes, and it'd be great if you can take a couple more pics. If it looks good, I can go the $250 for the rod.
  4. Hey Bill, thanks for the response. I'm going to pass on the Sabre.
  5. Located in MA. Bristol county.
  6. Any deep scratches? How are the guides? Can you do $230 shipped?
  7. Interested. Can you post pics?
  8. Thanks for the reply, fishtheeast. That rod retails for $209 brand new from store, so not really looking to drop $200 on it. Also, I'm not that interested in a Lami. Thank you for the offer though.
  9. Looking to buy a 10 ft or 10.5 ft surf rod rated up to 4 oz. Budget is around $200. What does everyone have?
  10. Thanks. I think we're too far apart. GLWS.
  11. No worries. What price works for you on the drysuit?
  12. Because the wind forecast looked so favorable this morning, decided to brave the cold and take the kayak out for one last trip this year. Only found 2 small cod fish in the morning but was lucky enough to stumble across some good structure by early afternoon. Picked two keeper tog in short order on the good bottom, and caught a handful of short tog. Decided to call it a day a little after noon as the south wind started to pick up, and I had a long pedal back. Left them biting, but don’t think I’ll be going out before year end... unless we get some really nice conditions.
  13. Respectfully offer $225 shipped for the drysuit.
  14. Ventured out this morning in the kayak, with calm seas and minimal wind. Plucked a limit of tog up to 20” and some keeper BSB. Surprised to see them still around. Also got one small cod as bycatch while togging. Beautiful morning out there. Season’s not over yet. Happy Thanksgiving all.
  15. Yes, I've heard that silk socks underneath wool socks help with the warmth. I haven't personally tried it yet, but will get a pair of silk socks to test it out.