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  1. Keitech's (Easy shiner and Fat Impact), Savage shad bodies, EliasV swim shads, Zoom flukes.
  2. Thanks for the thorough info, Beachglass. I think i'm leaning towards what you're suggesting with the breathable bootfooters due to the versatility of them. Never heard of USIA, but just did a quick google and the customizing options are endless. The Caddis 5 ply you mentioned also seem great, but the warranty for them is only 1 year whereas USIA has a lifetime warranty (for seam construction).
  3. Thanks, Joe. I anticipate that I'll do most of my fishing from the surf (beach), with an occasional trip up to the Canal.
  4. Thanks. I think I would probably purchase lightweight waders first. Can you just do a lot of layering underneath to keep your warm or will the cold water eventually get to you?
  5. Thanks. Have you ever had to get a replacement or repair through Orvis? If so, how was their customer service / warranty?
  6. Looking to get more into surf fishing, and was wondering what the SOL community would recommend as a solid pair of waders. I'm looking for a durable pair of waders. I don't mind spending a little bit extra on quality, but don't need top of the line. I was hoping to spend up to $300. Would also like a solid warranty, should anything happen to the waders. Are boot foot more or less durable than stockingfoot? LL bean? Patagonia? Cabelas? Thanks much, James
  7. I've had no issues with various strength kastking braid from 6 lb - 30 lbs.
  8. When I stored my Hobie outside, I kept it upside down on two milk crates. As suggested, I also covered the kayak with a large blue tarp, which was secured using bungee cords at the front, back, and middle of the kayak. Didn't have any issues with outside storage through two NY winters. Come Spring time, I would suggest spraying the whole thing down with 303 spray, but that is regardless of indoor or outdoor storage.
  9. Corey, you carry a full extra mirage drive in the front hatch at all times? Pretty interesting. Never really thought about that, but I’m sure it feels good to have a spare when a mast snaps.
  10. To my recollection, I probably had over one season on this mast (front fin), but less than two seasons. However, around 3 weeks ago, I was fishing a new area, and accidentally went too shallow with the mirage drive and hit bottom with it. I must've bent the front mast at that point or it sustained some kind of damage then. Didn't bother to check it after the shallow water incident, but I'll make sure to do so in the future.
  11. Thanks, Jeff. I'll take a look at the broken mast. I was thinking that maybe I should just replace the mast at the end of every season. It'd be some peace of mind, but not sure if necessary.
  12. I was on the water this past weekend on my Hobie Revo 13, and after pedaling 40 minutes to my fishing spot, one of my turbo fin masts broke. I always carry some spare Hobie mirage drive parts in my dry bag, such as an extra gear chain, idler pulley and cable, extra stainless nuts, corresponding wrench, rudder pin, and a leatherman wave, but don't carry an extra turbo fin mast. I keep all these items in a ziploc bag in my drybag which is stored under the center hatch. Because I couldn't fish with a broken mast, I had to paddle back to my car to pick up a spare mirage drive. From now on, I plan to carry an extra mast pin in my kayak, but was wondering where the best place would be to store this. I can't keep this in my drybag as the size of the mast isn't conducive to keeping in my dry bag at all times. I'm thinking that I could keep this in a ziploc bag, and tape this under my front hatch or something but if anyone has any better suggestions, please let me know. Would rusting of the mast become a factor with permanent storage in the hull? Also, what else do you guys carry in terms of emergency repair that I may be missing?
  13. How do you find the thermocline based on your FF? Is it where you seem to mark the most fish? I fished Cayuga lake 2 weeks ago, and jigged lakers in 70 - 100 ft of water.
  14. I can offer $25 shipped.
  15. Respectfully offer $20 shipped.