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  1. Good points
  2. Born and raised in CT. Recently moved down to Richmond , VA. Definitely enjoy the cost of living, real estate, taxes ,etc. less traffic is nice too, easy winters. however I do miss CT and the north east in general. It’s more expensive but in general you earn a higher salary up north. So it tends to even out. Schools are definitely significantly better ( I work in education) up north. I’m one the few people hoping to move back to CT in The future. Take advantage of the horrible real estate market. Summers are tough down south as well. I find myself hiding inside, similar to how I did up north in the worst parts of winter.
  3. No issues at all. Love this rod and reel. Never had to use warranty on st croix rod but I’ve heard they are pretty good.
  4. I have that reel on a 8 ft avid inshore medium heavy. Awesome setup. Landed stripers up to about 35 lbs on it. Use it primarily for plugging and slinging eels
  5. Not from mass, so can’t help you geographically. but I broke into the game by fishing a lot of small harbors, rivers, etc. I knew there was bait present and felt safe in a small controlled environment. Did a lot of scouting. I would scout for bunker, make sure I was up early to beat any boat traffic and was usually a great way to catch fish. Some really good fish. I should prob go back to this type of fishing more often. Some of my biggest fish were caught in small harbors or rivers, just live lining a bunker at first light. from there I progressed into night fishing, jigging for holdovers, chasing albie, etc. also upgraded to a hobie
  6. I have my outback on my roof top. I have my crate prepped with all of my materials rdy to go, I have another bin in my car for clothing, life jacket, etc. so I can get dressed quick. I have another bin with rod holders, fishfinder, go pro. Rods are rigged and rdy to go. i have a process that I follow to unload every time. So at this point I can unload quickly and be on the water in 5-10 mins. On the way home I take my sweet time. If if you arrive at your launch point disorganized it will take forever to get out... I’m usually in a hurry, but that’s me.
  7. I had a 2014 crv with the factory racks.... I made sales guy throw them in when I bought it, last minute. Always a good strategy. I traded that car in, so my wife could have a larger suv. We have a small child and another on the way. anyways... I got my wife’s crv, yes we had two. And I bought a rhino rack with aero bars. It’s pricey but it doesn’t damage the car, and I feel 100 percent confident putting my hobie on it and going on the highway. if you take care of the rack you can always sell them online, make some of your money back.
  8. My favorite spook. Not a huge fan of wood. Takes a beating, great action. Only issue is the hook placement on larger model. Not a huge deal...
  9. Hey- I’ve launched a couple times from there. I’m new to va so not an expert. have been launching mostly around The fall line / upper james, but have tried deep bottom as well. Let me know if you want to meet up. Prefer to yak areas like that with a bud.
  10. Thanks guys good info
  11. Ive got the the yak attack flag/led light combo. Great product, have used for a number of years. But it’s not working at the moment. Swapped out the batteries, Im Hoping it’s just the led bulb. I have back ups coming in the mail. BUT I did notice corrosion on the battery contact within the tube. Should or has anyone ever used dialectic grease in something like this? Yakattackgear is Nice but pricey and I do not want to have to order new one. Maybe I can remove the corrosion or just replace the contact? im hoping someone much handier than me can offer some insight.
  12. Being new to VA and Richmond area, I'm trying to get dialed in to this run of fish. I've been out a few times this spring with no luck, most people saying the height, flow and staining of the water isn't right at the moment... give it another week or so.... Any advice on fishing this run of fish? Tactics? optimal conditions and tides? Is Live lining a shad effective? Are the shad visible on surface or should I be relying on my fishfinder to locate? I've been fishing under the fall line, but not too far... This feels Completely different from what I'm used to fishing in the salt and Tidal rivers of CT. But im prob overthinking it, since it's new and im out of my comfort zone. Im fishing from a Hobie Outback. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Always willing to tag along with a fellow yakker and learn.
  13. I’m in. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the great info. I have a lead on some lightly used q towers. Good to know you liked them.
  15. Gotcha. Lots of fake looking ads or poor reviews on eBay. Hopefully find a diamond in the rough. Thanks for the info