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  1. I appreciate the response and the detailed explanation. Understanding this - epoxy may be an option if it is like that self leveling stuff I recently used. The caveat is that I do not have a lure turner, so a dip and dry is optimal. The issue that I seem to be running into is the excess and where/how it builds up when it’s drip drying. Those spots seem to be thick, gummy and oil. Those are the only problem spots (2 exactly) that I am running into. All the flat and non-buildup spots are fine. I need to figure out how to remove the excess without being so messy.
  2. Hi everyone Long time reader here! Awesome forums - I cant read enough. My painter (I cant paint for the life of me) is running into priming the AYC (spar urethane/oil based) sealed baits. He uses Createx (water based) paints and doesn't know how to properly primer these baits. If you can point us in the right direction, we would appreciate it. If there is another cost effective way to dip seal (non epoxy) so that it will work directly with Createx paints - I would be very open to moving towards that. Another option would be to move to a water based (spar urethane) seal. If we do choose to go that way, what inherent issues could we run into. Thank again in advance.