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  1. High quality flip flops..lots of brands. I personally wear rainbow sandals... Or barefoot. I have also worn slip on Vans but you said the flat sole did not work for you.
  2. Fishing has taken a back seat for the past few years for me, but i am going to try and fish more this year. All my rods and reels are maybe 4 or 5 years old and of the "mid priced". Basically I have Echo EPRs, Orvis Recon V1, hardy proaxis. They always worked fine in the past. And i Have been yard casting and they work fine. My only gripe is that the EPR tips can break easy. I am not looking to buy $1k rods. But curious about the mid priced stuff... is there any real difference? Has anyone upgraded their rod recently and really noticed a big difference? Yes its fun to buy new stuff... but is it really needed? I am a better than average caster and can hit a target at 55' on the money maybe 50% and get it within 24" 100% which is usually enough to catch fish. I can throw maybe 80' with limited accuracy. As i type this i am thinking its all archer and not much arrow. Anyways anyone have a eureka gear purchase?
  3. i have 2 of these reels. Used them for years. I think they are the best in their price category.
  4. i also have a pile of flies all hand tied. I live in California now and rarely Striper fish out here. Send me a DM and i can send photos.
  5. Going to Oahu last week of March. Want to do 1 day with a guide and 1 day DIY. Anyone had good luck catching bones on Oahu? And advice apreciated. Thanks
  6. i hate to say it but sell a bunch of my equipment i no longer use and just have a couple setups. Keep it simple as i dont fish much anymore.
  7. cool i will post some here in the next couple days... its probably about a 7.5 out of 10.
  8. i have an echo epr 8wt i would sell! I live in california so shipping with insurance costs me like $30 to send to east coast. How about $240 shipped? Mine is well used but in good shape. I can post photos if you are interested.
  9. i have a galvan T8 torque in black or green $360 shipped. Will include 30lb backing if you want it.
  10. cool... this group correct? will send paypal via PM
  11. Here are 2 groups. 1 is for sight fishing the other is sort of a mixed bag for back bays. $20 per lot plus maybe $4 shipping. if you want more specific I can change out. I fished a lot of the north shore creeks and flats and I would feel pretty good taking out this selection. brown and olive were the best colors I found for sight fish in shallow water. let me know if you want either.
  12. sweet sight fishing and back bays on my paddle board was my Jam!! I will include some patterns that work for that.
  13. how is your casting? I dont want to send you anything too big or too heavy if you only have an 8wt.
  14. i have a ton i can send you... I live in california now and dont striper fish. Are you fishing bays or out front ocean or both? Let me get a batch photo together today
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