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  1. wow!! that place is towards the top of my exotic wish list.
  2. too many rods... though i guess not crazy compared to some threads i have read. I feel like i have it covered with 11 rods. 3wt 8'8" sage durascrim 5wt 9' sage z-axis 6wt 9' sage xi3 7wt 9' tfo axiom 2 Sage bass ll 290grain 7'11" smallmouth model 7/8wt 7' cabelas CGR fiberglass 8wt 9'orvis recon 8wt 9' echo epr 10wt 9' Loomis CC GLX 11wt Sage Salt 12wt Sage Salt
  3. most salt you can handle with an 8wt and a 10wt like Seadogg. I went years in the salt with just those 2 rods.
  4. I dont fish for sharks. I just think its bad karma if you spend anytime swimming in the ocean.
  5. Here in Orlando on a "work" trip. Hired a great guy to take me down Shingle creek in a canoe. Great wild experience in the headwaters of the everglades. Got lots of good bass on poppers. Lost a real giant that may have been 9lb +. One in the photo is probably 6lb or so.
  6. that indeed is a Calico!
  7. california night bassn
  8. well yes and no. Its a specialty system. The line is heavier than a traditional setup. The rod really loads up and just zings big flies out there. Its not made for lots of false casts. Cast it out...pop 5 times... pick it up up and shoot it 50' back out there...over and over.
  9. Looking for an 11wt tarpon line. prefer SA tarpon Cortland Liquid crystal or tropic plus Airflo tarpon thanks
  10. dude i use the sage smallmouth 290 and love it. Its actually got very good backbone as i have landed 10lb snook and tarpon with it. It is just a fun rod to fish. Try and find one used on ebay.
  11. for inexpensive check out the danvise. I used one for years. I now use a dyna king...which if you buy one will last forever.
  12. i use solarez for surfboard repair. It is seriously strong stuff. Smelly when it cures fyi.
  13. actually i will pass i just checked the grain weight of this line at 417g which is too much for my sage salt 11wt xp800 its all yours
  14. how used is the 11wt wulff? Multiple seasons? Or a few outings? I need a floater for my tarpon rig 11wt and its a good deal you are offering I just dont want to shoot myself in the foot with too used of a line...because with tarpon anything that can go wrong will go wrong. thanks
  15. if you want to go glass i have a cabelas cgr 7/8. $80 shipped.