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  1. 11wt and 12wt photos
  2. this is sold thanks please close
  3. i cant find this site... got a link?
  4. Killer 10wt. In great condition probably 8 out of 10. Upgrading the quiver this year and letting this one go comes with sock and tube. $305 shipped pictures soon.
  5. who wants to crush some big fish with big rods!!! I have 2 Sage Salt rods for sale. First is a factory build Sage Salt 11wt in very good shape. I would say 8 out of 10. With sock and tube.....$360 shipped Second is a custom built with all pack bay components Sage salt 12wt. Excellent shape 9 out of 10. Nice denim sock included but no tube..... $285 shipped please reply here or PM if interested. Photos later today
  6. looking for Echo EPR 9wt-12wt thanks
  7. 70lb everglades tarpon taking off!
  8. got a good one today in the AM... By 8:30a it shut down. We switched gears and went deep in the back country for snook and baby tarpon.. which is just plain fun and way less stressful.
  9. day 1 rough winds. Found some rollers. 2 eats. both spit the hook within 4 seconds. tomorrow the winds look more forgiving.
  10. just got back from the beach chasing snook on my own. Despite the 20mph winds and 2' waves i did really well landed 3 that were all about 24" . and lost 2 big ones... one got into the backing and jumped...easily 10lb plus... 20lb tippet did not hold up
  11. I am on a plane now on the way to the Everglades for 4 days of fishing. Hopefully we get good weather for some Tarpon sight fishing. I have not seen many reports here or on other forums about the tarpon migration this year. Very few hero shots. Has it been not so good for most? Or so good that it is being kept a secret? thanks wish me luck
  12. yes everything airflo makes is nice... i can just never find it on sale for cheap so i dont use it much
  13. SA Grand slam... i use it on all my rods. It is 1/2 weight heavy. It is just a great all round taper and does not coil. I used to use the wulff lines which are good as well.
  14. well done... only problem is you got years of fishing ahead of you... and you always want to beat the personal best You seriously raised your own bar! Jokes aside good fish and good work