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  1. Sorry Jim... trying to wrap my head around this... let me ask these questions... Bodhi prototype.. can you let me know the spool size diameter? price? Ross model 3 is just going to be too big .. just to confirm you are keeping your model 2 correct? in the photo you show a lamson hard allox 3.0. is that for sale? thanks
  2. T8 is an excellent reel... i own 2!
  3. this is the vibe i am looking for on the simple side of the spectrum!... what size canoe and trolling motor is that?
  4. Hey all, I recently relocated to Oceanside, Ca. I am an avid fly fisher, and do fish gear as well on occasion. Anyone on this forum in this area looking for a fishing buddy? I fish both fresh and salt. Probably plan on hitting all the bass lakes around here soon. tight lines!
  5. oh is the cabelas made by ross? what size is it? thanks
  6. i see a 3.0 lamson reel in the photo? is that for sale? the 3.5 konic is a bit large for what i am looking for... but thank you. Where is the ross / which ross reel?
  7. Looking for a couple 6 to 7 sized reels to pair with glass rods for Large Mouth bass fishing. Dont need anything high end and does not need to be salt friendly. Not looking to spend more than $100 a reel if possible. let me know what you got
  8. Hi Team, I have been in Southern California now for 4 years and dearly miss my east coast flats. I want to get on the water more and our salt fishing here is much more of an offshore all day adventure, and i dont have an offshore boat nor do i want to go down the road. THIS WILL BE MY FIRST BOAT OTHER THAN KAYAKS, CANOES, and SUPS. I have 2 SUPS that i fish off when alone and they work great, but they have a very limited range and only are for solo. I want to start exploring the the bass lakes with my 7 year old son. We have 5 very good bass reservoirs within 45 minutes from my house. Car wise i have subaru forester so i cant tow anything very heavy. Looking for advice ( or if there is a thread about this already please share) on a boat for the 2 of us. my needs: Keep it somewhat simple light enough to tow with my current car fits 2 people can stand in it to cast when alone figure with the size of the lakes i would want to be able to cover about 4 or miles max in a day. Do i need a trolling motor? Budget wise i believe in buy nice or buy twice so i dont mind spending a bit. I know most boats dont do it all, but if this boat could be taken in the shallow salt flats maybe in texas which we travel to quite a bit for family. The 3 designs i am so far exploring are: gheenoe / big canoe microskiff john boat type thing.. open to all advice as i am new to this "real boat" thing. thanks
  9. wife surfs a bit... basically my weekdays go like this.. I just make the daily surfing part of my set schedule. up 5am 5a-6a coffee.. kids up around 530ish 6am-745a get kids fed and school ready.. answer a few work emails 745a-815a take kid to school ( 3 minutes from good surf beach) 830a-940a surfing 940a-955a drive home 10a log into work 1p pickup kids from school 5pish log out work 5p -8p dinner family time 8p kids bedtime 9p asleep weekends are non structured.. but generally i cant get away more than an hour or 2 at most... which again is a good window for surfing but not enough time to get to a good fishing spot. I can fish the beach here, but its nowhere near as exciting as striped bass out east. Corn=bina run the beach in summer.. but i personally dont really enjoy fishing for them. basically i need at least a 4 hour + window at least to get some good fishing in... and that is almost impossible right now Good LM bass fishing 75 minute drive Good inshore salt fishing from sup 60 minute drive good trout 3.5 hour drive really good trout fishing 6 hour drive offshore trip with guide bluewater ( best salt option here) all day adventure
  10. 2020 a tough one for me fishy wise. Had a new baby in May. Cancelled spring tarpon trip, summer trout trip, fall everglades trip. Fished locally maybe 4 times. Our newborn is considered Covid high risk for the first year so planes are out for travel. Long drives with a newborn and a 6 year old are a challenge so going cross country to find flats is not realistic unless we drop a ton of cash on a mini RV sprinter. Luckily i go surfing 4 days a week which fills the hole in my heart and keeps me salty. I know its first world problems and i am so lucky that no one in my family got sick. Anyone else figure out a way to navigate this year with kids? I dont have the LI sound in my backyard anymore.. And getting away for a full day is tough right now.
  11. i have fished all of those places you listed. To me the best overall fishery is the LLM in South Padre. Beautiful water, lots of access, tons of medium sized redfish, trout and snook. Tarpon in the summer if conditions are magical... but you really need a boat / kayak or paddleboard... there is jus so much water to cover there. Port Aransas is a subpar version of the LLM, its fun to fish but if i traveled a long distance to TX i would skip P.A. and go straight to LLM. I have fished the Mosquito lagoon twice... and been surfing down there as well. There are lots of baby tarpon around. At once it was a great redfish spot but i think the algae has killed the visibility for that. I thought overall it was mediocre... there are some baby tarpon ditches to fish on foot, but again you need a boat to fish it well. I think i spoke with you at one point.. if you go to florida i suggest Marco Island and the everglades area over all the spots above for DIY.
  12. Looking at the Boulder Mountain area of Southern Utah for maybe a last minute fall trout trip. Anyone fished there or have any information on the area? Thanks Kerry