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  1. trade an echo epr 10wt? the epr is a great... very loomis action
  2. ... i dont have a vise i can sell, but lots of tools and materials. let me know what you want to tie and i can put together some basic stuff at a cheap price. Do you need hooks as well?
  3. cant do it... just got furlowed at work
  4. rod sold to jim a
  5. to me the question is what is your goal? To cast further? If so what distance are you trying to achieve?
  6. i am gonna pass there is a loomis cc glx 6wt on the forum which is like my favorite 6wt. I would do the rod for $150 if you want it
  7. dude i want this rod.... want anything in trade plus cash? sage xi3 12wt? tfo axiom 2 7wt? Sage SP 3wt durascrim with extra tip? Galvan T8 reel? any of those of interest?
  8. reel sold!
  9. do you do right or left hand retrieve?
  10. airflo, wulff are sold 7wt gs line sold as well
  11. sorry it just sold to my buddy
  12. sure i will send you a PM
  13. airflo tarpon sold to silverhawk seakarp send ing you a PM
  14. what is the action on the ticr? I am looking for either a fast 6wt or slow 7wt. Used for carp or corbina. I am selling a tfo axiom 2 that is a bit too much rod for the size of fish i am chasing.
  15. is it cork handle or that futuristic handle? black or red?