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  1. huh.. i wonder who makes the blank? How was the build quality?
  2. sadly i live in southern california now so no cabelas nor fly show
  3. My wife really enjoyed staying with me at the West Branch Angler in NY in the Catskills. Great cabins. The food was mediocre but there are restaurants near by. Is this trip only fresh water? We also used to go out to Greenport every year. Lots of good DIY bass places. Hire a guide for day and sighfish the flats. I bet one of the guides could setup a casting lesson.
  4. yes sad... he actually passed in late december... suprised there was not more news about it.
  5. I am looking at the new Cabelas Atoll rods. They are on sale for $209. They look pretty nice. Any users out there? The specs look good as far as weight and it has the nano resin stuff so i assume it is strong. I want 9wt for sinking lines so dont want to pay top dollar for a precise casting machine. thanks
  6. will send you PM for sure!
  7. what is a blue?? blue marlin?
  8. wow... i will send you a pm for sure
  9. thanks all super helpful
  10. probably planning 7-9 days. We would like to stay in one area and do day trips as this is much easier with a 5 year old wild child.
  11. that place looks really nice. Is it child family focused at all? or is it hardcore fishing lodge
  12. I talked to 2 people and got 2 different stories. One said Pavones is always surfable in some form, but yes I would need to charter a boat across the bay to surf there which would get pricey. This same person said there is zero surf on the osa peninsula side, but i know that is not true, i think it is generally smaller and finicky. I am good with small if it has a nice shape. Yellowdog said they fished that beach and did well and saw surfers everyday there, but could not comment on the quality and said they would ask more about it. With the north swell i assume i need to make sure the beach is somewhat facing that direction.
  13. what area you going to? where are you staying? I am still in research mode. do you surf?
  14. the 40+ line is really heavy right? I need an intermediate for my 10wt loomis cc glx. The grain wt. looks like its a 12wt line? thanks