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  1. that is a brook trout in the photo
  2. platte in denver is carp country... also going to be running high. best fishing close to denver for trout is waterton canyon. its a nice hike as well. Fish are smaller but plentiful. If close to boulder you could try the st vrain which i have never done great on personally.
  3. search my post over on microskiff.. We are going to Nosara and i got some good info. Overall there are not really guides it seems. You just hire a boat captain who hopefully knows the fly rod. DIY for jacks from the beach is an option if conditions are correct
  4. Blue river is a great river, but also a very tough river to fish. You will do better the lower you go. The big fish in town have seen every fly out there. Snake creek runs just outside of keystone and can be fun 3wt water. Keystone lake has giant trout that you are not supposed to fish for but can be done under the radar at night. I have got trout that are like 12lb in there. Silvertorne lake is fun to fish at dusk. Find a good cove and Throw either olive wooly bugger or a big damsel fly nymph. lots of local options... as said cutthroat is a good resource... also if you are going now the water is high so that may limit your options.
  5. I am in need of a not too expensive 9wt as a back up. maybe TFO Axiom 2 Echo EPR or something in that range / price
  6. sounds like we may be on the same wave length. We should meet up and corbina fish as they are eating now. Shoot me a text 347 - two five one -3566 . my name is kerry
  7. Where are you in LA??? I live in Redondo Beach.
  8. i practice maybe twice a week usually with my 8wt. my drill is this pick up laydown cast to about 35' a few times. pickup, 2 false casts aim for target at 40' false cast only with 30' of line plus leader, no haul finger locking the line. look at the loop and work on form and loop control. Then i put out 3 targets at 35' 55' 75' and i pretend they are fish going various directions and i just practice hitting around the targets. and i get ridiculed by dog walkers and high school students the entire time which simulates tarpon fishing pressure!
  9. any interest in a cabelas cgr 7/8 glass rod? Its a sweet smallie stick $90 shipped if you want it.
  10. these are great reels... i own 2. I use them on my 7wts.
  11. thanks all We go a house literally on the beach with the bonefish flat. We actually got it there not because of fishing but because it is one of the safest swim beaches for my 5 year old. Going to bring an 8wt and a handful of flies. Will probably look for bones a couple times. Sometimes when you are less committed you find more fish and have a generally better time. Per the smallmouth thing was it a really far hike back? Some of the pictures of the mountain rivers look beautiful and catching a bass in there would be awesome. The family would enjoy a hike with a nice river involved. I already rented a paddle board. I can cover a lot of ground on the bonefish flat with that thing. Might give me a slightly better chance as long as the wind is not too nuts. I hope for a swell on the northshore as i already rented a surfboard as well... I really want to surf everyday there.
  12. the only times i got redfish down there i either saw their tails or a wide wake that i assume is from their broad head. I would walk creeks in various state parks and just blind casted to places that looked fishy and that is where i would get the sea trout. I also would get a fair amount of flounder or fluke...not sure which one. I used to keep the flounder and cook em up for lunch and they were really good. As far as more likely i am not totally sure... this was like 12 years ago and i was a much less experienced fisherman than i am now, so it may have been dumb luck.
  13. i used to fish SC when i lived in savannah. It was really tough in my experience. Never caught anything in surf. Did Ok in the marshes and creeks around various islands around charleston. I got a lot more sea trout instead of redfish when i blind casted.
  14. very pretty area... i sure miss the east coast marshes and creeks
  15. I am considering travel insurance for the first time for a Hawaii trip in August. What company have some of you used? I want to cover the flights and housing rental in case of hurricane.