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  1. killer line. I use 9wt on my 9wt sage xi3
  2. I have fished the 8wt gamma beta. I liked it. Its more on the heavier side for 8wts. But a good solid rod. Reminded me of my loom cc glx a bit. Did they drop the price? They were like $850 which was too expensive to compete in the market in my opinion.
  3. cool going to call the dogwood today i use bailey short as a guide. He is a great local guide.
  4. I have my Redfish trip next month. I usually stay at the Best Western about 30 minutes away from Hopedale, but it kind of sucks. Anyone find a cool place to stay near hopedale? Is the DOgwood lodge worth the expense? What about the Delacroix lodge? thanks
  5. would you do $25 for the tarpon line?
  6. Anyone here try out the new Loomis-IMX pro rods? Particularly looking at the 7wt. Looking for a mid priced rod for sight fishing smaller species. I like the Loomis action of the NRX and CC GLX. Wondering if they compare or not. thanks
  7. Dont know anyone in Galveston. I know a guide in Port Aransas over by Corpus Christi. His name is Ken Jones. There are quite a few operations out of Rockport as well. I would call the fly shop in Rockport and ask about guides closer to Galveston. good luck
  8. In Texas again for a wedding / in-law visits. Fishing the lower laguna madre for a few days. Full report to come. Standard Texas redfish and my first sheephead on the fly.
  9. I use the cc glx 10wt regularly. I have not used the NRX 10wt. I throw a 475gr sink line with 3/0 flies for local California offshore palegics. It is a heavier rod, but it is a canon throwing the line and when I hook into larger fish than expected ( 30lb plus yellowtail) I know I actually have a chance to land with this rod. I also have used this rod for medium tarpon with good results. If I was paying full price I am guessing the NRX is the better buy but on the used market a GLX CC is usually $325 where as the NRX is Around $600. For me the used price makes it a better buy. But if money is no option... NRX.
  10. I was never able to catch a Bonito on the east coast.. got plenty of albies. Here in the pacific we have tons of Bonito and they get big to 10lb, I had a couple days where we caught maybe 50 or more. They are almost a nuisance when targeting yellowtail. They are strong fish pound for pound and fun on an 8wt. I If you really want to target them come to Los Angeles!
  11. where is this? What country? thanks
  12. the recon 8wt is my go to sight fishing rod. It does everything i want it to do for that. I owned the 10wt recon and in my opinion was probably the perfect permit rod. In my hand it was more of a modern 9wt in action and butt strength. It weighs less than most 9wts out there as well. Or maybe its a true 10wt before rods got super fast and stiff for the salt. I never tried the 9wt but i bet it is a good stick.
  13. and problem solved i just called orvis pasadena and they will replace it. sweet!
  14. Basically i just noticed this last night, And i leave for a trip on Sunday. I dont think there is an orvis fly shop where i live. So i was hoping for a quick fix and then return to orvis in the mail.
  15. where do i get / what type of syringe do i need to inject the glue?